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File: 1572305369171.jpg–(519.60KB, 1600x1200, DSCN2661.JPG)
I'll just leave this here
¨ No.580
I know they did a tour of the UP lines. How's the reliability? Have there been any problems?
¨ No.641
1573575515082.jpg–(368.60KB, 1510x1124, BLOG_Info-Graphic.jpg)
Just to add.
¨ No.643
It's still on tour right now. It passed me headed eastbound at Fulton, AR, about twenty minutes ago. It definitely sounded pretty good. I'll try to get photos and videos up ASAP when I get home in about four hours.
¨ No.645
1573609385813.jpg–(322.43KB, 1400x934, 59879789_10215131176934947_128801684045430784_o.jp)

Haven't heard of any major failures. They stop in a lot of small towns in between the big cities for like 15-30 minutes each so folks can get a good look close-up, which means they have plenty of opportunities to do a bit of servicing.
¨ No.646
1573615870504.jpg–(2.33MB, 1920x1296, Sharing-1920w-E2-00807.jpg)
Guys, shooting a train headed northeast while the sun is in the southwest is a major pain in the ass and you have to do a metric tonne of touching up in Lightroom to make it work. I highly recommend you don't try it yourself.

The rules of good photography are, of course, thrown out the damn window when it comes to something this cool, though.

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