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I hope y'all didn't really want to see mainline steam excursions, private car moves, or generally anything else besides regularly scheduled Amtrak trains anytime soon. Amtrak just announced that they're nixing all special movements.


Does this mean no more hitching your private car onto a train?


Amtrak remain a bag of dicks, film at 11.

The only remotely cool guy they have on staff is their social media guy, and he's got a colossal rod up his ass too.


It means no more hitching PVs on the rear of regularly scheduled trains, no special charter trains, no special excursions (steam or diesel, since Class 1s require them to operate with an Amtrak crew and under their insurance), and basically nothing fun anymore.


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Supposedly they'll still allow PV's to be hitched on at terminals where regularly scheduled trains dwell for more than 30 minutes. But no intermediate stops like Huntington (Dearing, Braddock Inn, etc) or Cincinnati (Moonlight Dome) because it delays trains for "paying customers"… which is bullshit, because PV owners are paying customers too.

Currently PV owners have until the end of April to move their cars to wherever they're going to live, whether that brings them home, or they start paying a premium for track space at a major terminal to keep their cars out there trying to make money.

This will kill the New River Train (used Amtrak crews) and cause much difficulty for mainline steam programs that were going to use the Amtrak umbrella for operational security and insurance. Mr Bennett Levin's E units will still run (for the last time, thanks to PTC) in May though.

A railfan wiser than me said some time ago that the pendulum for this sort of thing is always swinging. It swung way out to one side during the NS 21st century steam program, and now it's swinging back the other way. Buckle up and pray for that return swing, folks.



He should put PTC into the E units


File: 1523675417352.jpg (1.15 MB, 1024x747, 0363.IMG_46782.jpg)


He should, but apparently he's not going to because it's too expensive for something that only runs on the mainline less than once a year.

On a brighter note, apparently Amtrak is willing to work with the state of West Virginia to continue the operation of the New River Train, since that brings in several million dollars of tourism money in two weekends. The WV congressfolk had a word with Mr. former-airline-exec about it. I'm glad, I was already planning on chasing the thing this year.


File: 1524190939446.png (114.19 KB, 941x825, amtrakPVrates.png)


New guidelines are officially out. Some of the language is a bit murky, but the list of stations where PVs can be added/removed is longer than I thought it would be.

Rates went up tho, hoo boy. For a couple of comparisons, car rate per mile is currently $2.90, and "Special Terminal Switching" more than doubled.


The new guidelines seem to make sense to me if that's all there is to it. But man, those rates are nuts. I know a guy who's been pouring money into refurbishing a PV for the last couple of years and is really close to the point of having it Amtrak certified again. I'm wondering how he's going to take this.


You should see the switching and storage rates on Class Is.
>$1500 per day for an empty, last contained poison inhalation hazard, car.


Anyone know how this would effect Amtrak California, do they follow the same guidelines or can they eschew the rules?


Probably Not, I think they operate under Amtrak's rules.

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