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The creators of Thomas the Tank Engine will introduce more diversity into the show by introducing a character with special needs. Soon you can say hello to Charles the disabled Green Line train.


File: 1522280806376.jpg (8.93 KB, 500x275, newbait.jpg)

Ham this strategy where you post a picture of yourself and coincidentally talk about disabilities in your post body isn't going to get people to come streaming out of the woodwork to say "Hurrhurr you've got special needs hamster xddd"

Accept your irrelevance and move on. This thread has so little /rail/ content that we'd get more scrap iron out of a bowl of cornflakes.


File: 1522357143944.jpg (148.56 KB, 1235x926, unnamed.jpg)

Exposed thread? What evs, urs truly in 2010.

It's in Kauhava, for what ever reason the guy who sold this projector to me saw it fit to take a picture. The conductor in Tampere station was not happy about lifting this serious piece of hardware into the conductor car through the "big door" to the regional train to Pori. When lugging this thing back to home through the city, the police stopped by to take my info just in case it would turn out I had stolen it.


Is that a Movie Theater Projector?!


File: 1522482892976.png (385.25 KB, 634x372, whistlesandsneezes5.png)

Nickelodeon bought TTTE. Yes, the cartoon channel that turned down Adventure Time twice, and has failed to produce anything new and GOOD in years, and still relies on hatefucking the audience with Spongebob… bought TTTE. Probably because the #1 tank engine is a super-safe bet.

Inb4 Nickelodeon causes confusion and delay.


CRT projector?


File: 1522507785363.jpg (28.63 KB, 800x600, cannon.jpg)

Aye, 1270 QM :)

Still have it, but it doesn't quite fit into my new den. Loud AF, by the way.


I used to have one of those. Man are they a pain to get set up properly and focus and converge all 3 guns. Then hope to god nobody looks at it or it will be all out of whack again! But at the time it was a great projector.

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