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OK, maybe I’m holding a baka-ball, but how the Woodbine does one forget an entire rail out there?


I've never really thought that rails themselves were that important and necessary aside from a few fanatics.


You leave old and new rail laying out *ALL* the time in the US. You'll lay the new rail beside the track and when you finally swap it in, you just roll the old rail to the side until the time comes to pick it up with a rail train. It's not unusual at all. What is less common is leaving it within the gauge, but I've seen it done.

What on earth are you talking about?


I was re-watching this comfy vid tonight while nursing a couple of beers and realized there are rails left between the gauge as well. Seems like an unusual thing to do but I guess it's safe.


Rails outside 4m5s -> 4m13s
Rails inside 4m34s -> 5m21s

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