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File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
¨ No.55
1567260248574.jpg–(144.73KB, 1000x667, Dsc_2250.jpg)
Class get?
¨ No.58
At least someone managed to get this right... *sob*
¨ No.89
1567523857786.jpg–(252.93KB, 1280x960, 89001_at_Barrowhill.jpg)
¨ No.90
1567608812272.jpg–(198.50KB, 1024x683, 7332013414_913886e2cf_b.jpg)
90 get
¨ No.91
1567611562879.jpg–(132.24KB, 1000x662, 91.jpg)

Thanks for the idea. I also stole your old name ;)
¨ No.265
1569591628167.jpg–(1.92MB, 2124x1444, V_65_011_(08.10.1985).jpg)
A German class 265 siderodder. 750 hp on four axles.
¨ No.423
1570424154309.jpg–(127.21KB, 800x533, 1420612392076.jpg)
¨ No.424
1570424327607.jpg–(55.62KB, 700x456, 71.jpg)
Mack Rail bus
¨ No.425
1570424509226.jpg–(65.31KB, 750x500, a005_08.jpg)
Montreal PCC Streetcar
¨ No.426
1570424793156.jpg–(27.62KB, 598x424, clrv.jpg)
Prototype Canadian Light Rail vehical
¨ No.427
1570424890754.jpg–(39.82KB, 590x396, 20130114-CLRV-3.jpg)
model of CLRV as imagined
¨ No.428
1570425068512.jpg–(143.02KB, 951x768, clrvwithpantographrfc.jpg)
Clrv as built by SIG the Swiss gun manufacturer
¨ No.429
1570425231428.jpg–(97.12KB, 582x387, IMG_2324.jpg)
CLRV as delivered to the TTC
¨ No.431
1570425706379.jpg–(202.92KB, 1024x667, 1463623023992.jpg)
¨ No.432
1570426189922.jpg–(115.67KB, 500x332, Road-Rail vehicles 08.jpg)
A Toronto made [from knock down parts] Morris Mini for CN rail-

The also had a delivery van type
¨ No.433
1570444517961.jpg–(140.52KB, 1024x813, 2700_PTC_1947_10.jpg)
ppc being built
¨ No.434
1570444693170.jpg–(826.37KB, 2992x2400, gm train.jpg)
The Train of Tomorrow
¨ No.443
1570497605859.jpg–(193.64KB, 1024x674, BCER424onRt14atHastingsStandHamiltonJohnWigtScanCo)
Vancouver BC
¨ No.444
1570497923008.png–(250.49KB, 512x512, FolderTemplate 2.png)

¨ No.445
1570497991475.jpg–(106.50KB, 621x573, 2846008807_250ffa5e8b_o.jpg)
so many PCC's
¨ No.446
1570498363399.jpg–(97.60KB, 1000x711, wdct1286dsa.jpg)
DC street car
¨ No.447
1570568085459.jpg–(508.91KB, 1024x683, 447_en_Vilajuiga.jpg)
447 get
¨ No.458
1570603098587.jpg–(560.13KB, 1200x900, 458 Italia.jpg)
Well great job botching the 444 get... in a GET THREAD. *smh*

Since I don't have anything particularly interesting for the number 458... (and yes, I do realize gets ARE NOT just any random number paired with a subject on a pic having something to do with the same number, at the very least this number should be unusual or somehow notable)
¨ No.460
1570646240722.jpg–(215.36KB, 1099x599, 40-with-bill-mark-bassett-u1v9bf.jpg)


>just kidding, I love you paravoz
¨ No.600
1572784283650.jpg–(124.81KB, 750x496, eu20-24_warszawaZach_07-07-94.jpg)
Spooky derelict EU20-24 captured in 1994 at storage tracks near Warsaw West station, Poland. Built in 1957 by LEW (eastern Germany), withdrawn in early 80's. Somehow survived and was moved to a museum in 1995.
¨ No.601
No, no, no. That's not right at all! On rails, we get a little bit differently. On rails, all your gets and equipment numbers have to match!
¨ No.602
1572788531553.jpg–(453.38KB, 900x600, et22.jpg)
Shame on me, haven't been to 1chan in years and I forgot! Let's pretend 00 was a wildcard.
¨ No.615
1572998787462.jpg–(468.88KB, 1536x1024, asea trailer.jpg)
This 1916 ASEA trailer is waiting restoration for heritage service.

It belongs to "Oy Stadin ratikat Ab", which already operates an ASEA (it hink it's) model 4 "little Swede" from 1909 along with an open trailer from 1916 (Made domestically by Hietalahti shipyard).

This is about as far as the Helsinki equipment numbering goes, long dry season in getting ahead... Locomotives start in somewhere like in 23xx (excluding 1009, our "big boy" of course).
¨ No.622
1573395315366.jpg–(251.99KB, 1280x853, DBAG_622009_Euskirchen.JPG)
Another class match.

The Alstom Coradia LINT 54 has the class number 622 with Deutsche Bahn.
¨ No.1087
1577829361195.jpg–(364.17KB, 1000x750, 700c977a6599b6653b1a7fc440679c2d.jpg)
Happy 2020, 1chan!
¨ No.1088
1577834442534.jpg–(414.79KB, 1200x682, 50442.jpg)
Happy 2020!
¨ No.1111
1578746674761.jpg–(688.86KB, 1200x750, 257651.jpg)
Unable to pass up the opportunity, the most epic get so far - with the iconic VL80S.

Oh, and happy New Year everyone!
¨ No.1112
1578811760961.jpg–(1.10MB, 2256x1500, DSC_0287_.jpg)
A few days before the last day of service, unfortunately I couldn't go on the last day due to work obligations.
¨ No.1113
1578811849917.jpg–(1.13MB, 2256x1500, DSC_0292_.jpg)
Bonus Flexity pantograph arcing
¨ No.1117
So the CLRVs are ded?
Also how long will the ALRVs last until they're gone as well?
¨ No.1143
The last ALRVs went out in September.
¨ No.1325
1581623677102.jpg–(63.34KB, 640x512, ttc crash2.jpg)
some CLRV gore
¨ No.1326
1581623737478.jpg–(65.06KB, 640x512, ttc crash3.jpg)

¨ No.1327
1581623839772.jpg–(442.68KB, 1504x1000, DSC_0481.JPG)
China Town
¨ No.1351
>bean truck
Where in Japan is this?
¨ No.1404
That was Toronto At Dundas and Bloor how the driver managed to pull that off beats me. >>1351
¨ No.1415
>tfw I missed the chance to see Toronto with CLRVs/ALRVs
it hurts bros
¨ No.1435
1583088186079.jpg–(355.78KB, 1292x969, hannover 6148.jpg)
1435 get!

This is the first proper rail vehicle in Tampere, if the draggable rail grinder is excluded. Hannover TW 6000 number 6148 made in 1981.

Hah. Now I will shut up!

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