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File: 1567259470927.jpg–(943.76KB, 1300x832, 54.jpg)
Get thread.

As we are in the low tens still, getting is easy for a streetcar buff!
¨ No.55
1567260248574.jpg–(144.73KB, 1000x667, Dsc_2250.jpg)
Class get?
¨ No.58
At least someone managed to get this right... *sob*
¨ No.89
1567523857786.jpg–(252.93KB, 1280x960, 89001_at_Barrowhill.jpg)
¨ No.90
1567608812272.jpg–(198.50KB, 1024x683, 7332013414_913886e2cf_b.jpg)
90 get
¨ No.91
1567611562879.jpg–(132.24KB, 1000x662, 91.jpg)

Thanks for the idea. I also stole your old name ;)
¨ No.265
1569591628167.jpg–(1.92MB, 2124x1444, V_65_011_(08.10.1985).jpg)
A German class 265 siderodder. 750 hp on four axles.
¨ No.423
1570424154309.jpg–(127.21KB, 800x533, 1420612392076.jpg)
¨ No.424
1570424327607.jpg–(55.62KB, 700x456, 71.jpg)
Mack Rail bus
¨ No.425
1570424509226.jpg–(65.31KB, 750x500, a005_08.jpg)
Montreal PCC Streetcar
¨ No.426
1570424793156.jpg–(27.62KB, 598x424, clrv.jpg)
Prototype Canadian Light Rail vehical
¨ No.427
1570424890754.jpg–(39.82KB, 590x396, 20130114-CLRV-3.jpg)
model of CLRV as imagined
¨ No.428
1570425068512.jpg–(143.02KB, 951x768, clrvwithpantographrfc.jpg)
Clrv as built by SIG the Swiss gun manufacturer
¨ No.429
1570425231428.jpg–(97.12KB, 582x387, IMG_2324.jpg)
CLRV as delivered to the TTC
¨ No.431
1570425706379.jpg–(202.92KB, 1024x667, 1463623023992.jpg)
¨ No.432
1570426189922.jpg–(115.67KB, 500x332, Road-Rail vehicles 08.jpg)
A Toronto made [from knock down parts] Morris Mini for CN rail-

The also had a delivery van type
¨ No.433
1570444517961.jpg–(140.52KB, 1024x813, 2700_PTC_1947_10.jpg)
ppc being built
¨ No.434
1570444693170.jpg–(826.37KB, 2992x2400, gm train.jpg)
The Train of Tomorrow
¨ No.443
1570497605859.jpg–(193.64KB, 1024x674, BCER424onRt14atHastingsStandHamiltonJohnWigtScanCo)
Vancouver BC
¨ No.444
1570497923008.png–(250.49KB, 512x512, FolderTemplate 2.png)

¨ No.445
1570497991475.jpg–(106.50KB, 621x573, 2846008807_250ffa5e8b_o.jpg)
so many PCC's
¨ No.446
1570498363399.jpg–(97.60KB, 1000x711, wdct1286dsa.jpg)
DC street car
¨ No.447
1570568085459.jpg–(508.91KB, 1024x683, 447_en_Vilajuiga.jpg)
447 get
¨ No.458
1570603098587.jpg–(560.13KB, 1200x900, 458 Italia.jpg)
Well great job botching the 444 get... in a GET THREAD. *smh*

Since I don't have anything particularly interesting for the number 458... (and yes, I do realize gets ARE NOT just any random number paired with a subject on a pic having something to do with the same number, at the very least this number should be unusual or somehow notable)
¨ No.460
1570646240722.jpg–(215.36KB, 1099x599, 40-with-bill-mark-bassett-u1v9bf.jpg)


>just kidding, I love you paravoz

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