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Well lets see where this goes…


File: 1517778863069.jpg (89.36 KB, 750x500, train-crash-south-carolina.jpg)

Oh damn.

>too early to say but appears someone didn't obey a signal.

>CSX train said to be on correct track, Amtrak not
>CSX crew had time to bail out

Hmm.. looking at that drone footage it shows the Amtrak train went into the siding & head-on into the CSX train. Why was the switch on the main set for the siding? Was the CSX train supposed to pull out onto the main & Amtrak parked somewhere further back down the line? Strange to see the switch aligned for the siding if Amtrak was scheduled to pass the freight. As I interpret what I see i'd say this was a dispatching error, but the Amtrak crew should have seen the signal for the siding showing a 'Stop' aspect… unless the switch was thrown for the siding at the last moment.

Arm chair NTSB conjecture


> someone didn't obey a signal
Didn't they have at least basic auto-stop system?


Signal system was apparently suspended. You're going to have to wait for a full report.




>CSX crew had time to bail out

According to other posts I've seen, the CSX crew had parked their train there many hours before the collision.


This is fucking stupid.


I call bullshit on this. You can't claim something was responsible when it wasn't even functional yet. That blogger needs to get his head out of his ass.


As a result of it being installed the regular signals had been suspended. If they had been working this could have been avoided.


There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of territories in the US that run "dark" with no signals even installed. The CSX dispatcher was issuing their equivalent of track warrants, and had proper blocks set up to separate trains. It was solely the failure of a crew on the ground to make sure that the switch wasn't left open. Depending on the type of signals they had, it might not have even made a difference regardless.



If they had been running regular CTC, I would imagine that that switch being open would have dropped the signal and Amtrak would have been talked by, and run at restricted speed until they saw the bad iron.

Even with ABS that would have been the case. A red there would be stop and proceed at restricted speed, and then they would have found the bad iron.


File: 1518487492275.png (450.95 KB, 759x313, Train-wreck.png)

Yeah, Murphy's Law that this happened during a signal outage in support of a PTC signal cutover. Still though every incident has multiple failures contributing to it. Will be interesting to see the final NTSB report in a few years.

Also will be interesting to see what happens to the Amfleet II cafe fleet. These are some of the highest millage cars Amtrak has on the east coast. Wondering if material fatigue is beginning to set in for these cars.


File: 1518529354917.png (167.6 KB, 1200x808, Swiss_cheese_model_of_acci….png)

>Still though every incident has multiple failures contributing to it.
True enough. They call this the Swiss cheese model.

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