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Damn I just found this site is it just rail fans or are there train hoppers up here too


We've got some hoppers here, too. The board is really slow so if you go back a few pages you should be able to find some posts by DirtyKid.


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We don't encourage freight-hopping, but we don't begrudge anyone who does. With that, a user here who posts as Dirtykid always posts about his adventures as a train-hopper. Complete with pictures.


Are Dirtykids threads archived anywhere?
I head about them when I occasionally come here, but I have yet to ever see one.


There's one. Just dig back a few pages and I'm sure you'll find one. This board moves slow enough to keep things from disappearing quickly.


Hello it is I! I've been busy riding and not really online a lot unless I was checking google maps. I am currently in Las Vegas NV. And will be til the 21st when I will continue east, making a few stops but not many, and will try not to freeze to death on my way to the Midwest. Word on the rails is a body was pulled from under a tofc in Amarillo, train was coming from Kansas City, no one knows who it was yet, it could just be hearsay but we're all doing check ins with friends just to be safe.


The incident is "reported" to have happened Sunday the 14th in the morning. Again this is just what people said, the main person involved says all they know is the person was found dead on the train & that they had an Alice pack (old school military pack). No one knows how true or who it was if it is true.


Sorry to do this in three pieces, I kept remembering things after posting. If you want a forum style site for hobo's you should try squat the planet, I haven't been on since I was a teen but they have train hopping 101 stuff on there.

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