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File: 1514960761612.jpg (448.56 KB, 2048x1365, 017A3320 12th street switc….jpg)


Good thing the switch heaters are still working. Brr.


File: 1514965962959.jpg (55.72 KB, 600x450, Alyth_Yard_from_12st_tower.jpg)

Hey, I know where that is. I remember when the whole area to the right (east) of the wye was the old Burns Meats cattle yards. And I drank at the Shamrock once when it was really divey looking. I was slightly underaged too. heh.

Hate to be "that guy" but I don't think that switch has a heater. It looks like it was swept. I recall standing next to one of those propane switch heaters I think was at Stephen or somewhere when it automatically ignited. The "foomf!! noise startled us.

So they tore the 12 St East tower down. I spent many hours up there as a teen in the mid-80s watching and talking with the guy on duty. Sometimes I had to duck out of sight as a white-hat was going by or a CP Police guy checking in. A few years later one of my railfan friends got a job working 12th St before finally ending up at RTC on the 20th floor at Palliser Square. Used to hear him on the scanner & could tell if it was safe to drop in for a visit. Attached pic (not mine) taken from 12th St East tower was the view I had of the yard in 1985.


File: 1514994921628.jpg (6.49 MB, 5490x3660, IMG_3315.jpg)

You know what? I think you're right.
They tore down the tower a few years ago, and I have some worse news…they tore down the Shamrock last month. I live in the neighbourhood now, should be interesting to watch the new LRT go in. Of course, all of the old Burns yards are now warehouses - interestingly enough, a lot of Fargo was filmed in them and in Inglewood.


File: 1515068362756.jpg (34.62 KB, 308x178, cpr-macleod-sub-south-swit….jpg)

Boy o boy, so much has changed, i'm starting to feel old. Tower gone, intermodal yard moved, roundhouse gone. I got to see the wheel turning lathe & drop table during a tour of the roundhouse in summer of 1985. It was originally installed at the Nelson diesel shops and used on the F-M units.

I remember exploring all the old CNR trackage that went up to the former Dominion Bridge site between Blackfoot & 26th Ave. Their last contract before closing down the plant was fabricating the bridge sections for the John Fox viaduct for the Rogers Pass Project.

My Mom lived briefly near 18th Ave - 9th St SE about 30 yrs ago. Not sorry to see the Shamrock go, it was pretty seedy, and I've been in the Cecil a few times. heh I've been told the Shamrock was a popular place in the 60's for railroaders and stockmen to get drinks.

I was looking closer at your 1st pic, I've never seen a guard rail off to the outside of the rail like that before.


You've really never seen a guard rail like that?

They're pretty common in my experience.


Actually, I haven't before and I don't recall seeing it there a couple of decades ago when I was there.. (trust me, I would have noticed heh). And it seems odd to me as I can't figure out how it would function on the outside of the rail like that. Also, irc that switch is an even "Y", meaning it curves off both directions evenly rather than say a RH or a LH switch. So why a short guard rail on one side and not both?


I wish I could tell you why, but I don't know. They're never on mainline switches from memory. In fact, I know there's one at the coal terminal I'm about to go to because the cow catcher 'bout nearly ripped it off.


I have an answer for you now! They're *suppossed* to push the axle back down if it tries to climb the point, but in actuality they generally just fuck up cow catchers.


I can't wrap my brain around the physics on how that does anything. Does it move with the points? If so does it help push the side of the wheel over to keep it from picking the switch?


When you're making a TRAILING point move and the cars/engine are hitting into the side of the curve they'll tend to rise up. This particular guard hits the flange and throws it back down.

You're probably thinking of it backwards to most guard rails.


I'm not seeing it myself, either. If the flange is in there, isn't it already past the point of no return and will fall outside of the gauge once it's moved past? Or is the flange of the guardrail above the railhead, in which case it would hit the outside of the wheel, not the flange?

I suppose I could just walk down the street and take a look at it…


I can't see it either.


I guess it doesn't hit the flange but more of the wheel edge, but that's the way I see it working. You'll absolutely see a shiny face on them from wear. At least the ones in my yard.


I asked a retired CPR railroader about it and sent him the picture so he could see it. He responded with; "The thing on the right hand rail is called a Flange Guard and it forces the wheel to the left by rubbing on the outside of the wheel face, thus keeps flange from cutting and riding up the switch point, saving wear and tear on moveable point face where it is narrowed."


Yeah I can understand that and it makes sense.

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