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Does anyone here use this?
I just signed up yesterday afternoon and was wondering if it takes a few days to be approved?


So what is this? Some people try to update the position of trains in real time?



Basically it picks up on the real railroad transmissions on train locations, signal positions and routes lined up, makes it easier to railfan when you can see exactly where the trains are.


File: 1514696396561.png (186.22 KB, 1693x1174, NW Indiana.png)

OP here.

There are people who run servers that send the data to you so you don't need to have your own onsite radio. You can use a radio to receive when in the field and send the data to the laptop to show up on the display.

Its neat being able to see whats going on in NW Indiana in real time.

There are also Rules you can assign to do things when say a block is occupied or a signal is given.

I have some rules that mimics the 3 different approach bells that used to be in State Line Tower.


Will this work with an RTL-SDR?

I've always wanted to do this but I don't want to hack my scanner up to install a discriminator tap.

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