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File: 1513617726369.jpg (152.71 KB, 748x1000, 121817cctrainwashingtonimg….jpg)


An Amtrak Cascades train has derailed onto the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 near Olympia, closing all southbound lanes closed and partial closure northbound.

A train can be seen dangling from an overpass onto the traffic lanes. The 7:30 a.m. crash was on the outskirts of DuPont, Washington, in Pierce County.


yup am watching it LIVE right now
3 deaths reported so far
I'd say train was going TOO fast for the curve


6 now & just gonna go up


File: 1513622191119.jpg (225.14 KB, 900x1200, amtrak derail.jpg)

Gonna be posting some photos taken by the Sheriff's Office from Twitter.


File: 1513622214631.jpg (184.04 KB, 1200x900, amtrak derail 2.jpg)


File: 1513622253529.jpg (201.31 KB, 1200x900, amtrak derail 3.jpg)


File: 1513622298512.jpg (197.14 KB, 1200x900, amtrak derail 4.jpg)


File: 1513622428891.jpg (141.46 KB, 900x1200, first day derail.jpg)

First day on a new inland route to boot. Was supposed to be faster.


This saddened me greatly.



I was on the train. This car you see upside down is the car I was in. I was aboyt 4 feet imside that door on the end when the world stopped crashing. I was bounced there from my spot midway in tbe car.

-5/10 would not recommend. I went to the hospital and had some xrays but nothing was broken, it sure hurts like hell.


I was just out and about when my mom called asking if I was alright because a train derailed and knows I'm in the pnw. I didn't know it was Amtrak til right now.


Holy crap! glad to see you're ok.


Jesus H tapdancing christ. I figured I'd post the story here because I thought of all the 1chan users in the PNW someone might have an inside scoop…but not like LITERALLY IN THE DERAILMENT


Shit man, I'm glad you're alright. Did you notice anything about the ride before it happened? They said on the news last night that before the line was opened, people were concerned about whether or not that line could handle high speed passenger traffic.


Faith and begorrah Thaddeh, I'm glad you're okay.

The NTSB announced today that the black box showed the train going 80 just a few moments before the curve. That engineer is gonna be in some deep shit.


File: 1513707687432.png (2.03 MB, 1280x960, cascades_accident.png)


Glad your OK and nothing's broken.

I can't imagine what that would have been like and I hope I never will.

80 in a 30 zone. Holy shit.


File: 1513754665022.png (40.57 KB, 302x278, 1427075273865.png)


Holy shit, dude! Glad you're okay.




They died doing what they loved. Awful.


File: 1513791814323.jpg (2.87 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20161216_091637.jpg)

It is very good to see that you don't have anything broken, but talk to a lawyer before signing ANYTHING. And make sure that lawyer understands that the lawyers for the railroad DON'T play fair. Please be careful out there.

Picture related, Snail had an accident literally a year ago, no lawyer needed, but still…


File: 1513792041450.jpg (2.27 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20161216_091656.jpg)

but as you can see, my conductor did…

Please be safe out there.


Honestly I can't think of a better way to go, to die doing what you love, but that's just my personal belief.


File: 1513798645905.jpg (2.72 MB, 4160x3120, 1513798539555469833817.jpg)

Even MSI got into the act.



Sorry, but no. I'd rather not be killed by what I love. I don't think it was instant, more like absolute terror for a couple of seconds then Death's cloak.

Even worse will be if they did suffer, even as much as a minute.


That's tasteless and tacky as hell, dude.


Rest up. I think Christmas will have a little extra meaning for you this year.

Is the NTSB going to interview you?


Who gets the bill for the x-rays? Somebody I knew at the Trolley Museum was in a Amtrak train that had a little accident, a lawyer for Amtrak called up and gave his contact information for the lawsuit when the guy informed him that he wasn't suing there was a long pause, the lawyer asked what he did want so he mentioned more Amtrak vouchers, the lawyer said he would call back and when he did he agreed but also said they had to give him $250 since about vouchers. had no monetary value. TL;DR guy got a ton of Amtrak vouchers and $250.



rypn called it first


File: 1513939926492.png (111.4 KB, 354x274, chito.png)

>She told the station he had turned his life around after the conviction and sentence and she blamed the crime on his "severe autism."



File: 1514000981573.png (560.62 KB, 970x543, Screen-Shot-2014-07-16-at-….png)

There are shops for both Amtrak and Talgo up in Seattle's SoDo District (in the shadow of Starbucks HQ, no less). Sounds kinda hinky that the NTSB is sending the wreckage to an active military installation (ie: Joint Base Lewis-McChord). I've seen enough conspiracy theories surrounding this catastrophe. This development doesn't help things.



JBLM basically surrounds that area and has a shitload of wide open area. Sure the shops are in Seattle but there isn't much in the way of open space like they need.

Do tell of the conspiracies…



They probably still want to inspect it and such in the wake of the accident, not fix it right away.


TL;DR = conservatives blaming hippies/antifa/isis/etc for sabotaging the train.


File: 1514071961564.jpg (413.72 KB, 1024x768, tinfoilhat.jpg)


Antifa sabotage theory:


File: 1514079565644.jpg (24.75 KB, 554x416, aewnxs.jpg)

Transit blogger gives first-person account of Amtrak 501, tries to clear misconceptions, then goes into a political rant.




There's no fixing this one. They'll scrap it for sure once the investigation is complete.

The Antifa stuff is bullshit. There was nothing on the tracks, just too fast around the curve. They would LOVE to take credit for it but no, sorry, it's too cut and dry on tbe physics side. The only thing to be determined is WHY there was never a brake application.


File: 1514157360726.jpeg (113.3 KB, 640x617, image.jpeg)

They wouldn't in fact like to take credit for it, it's being shared around left book with the common caption "who the hell would believe this?" I think blaming the environmentalists would have been more believable since they commonly blockade tracks but yeah it was just too fast on a curve I agree.


That could be a link to

Biggie Cheese

for all I know. Pls no short links; this it the link your link points to:



File: 1514163477208.jpg (41.97 KB, 300x235, JUN12-TImEyman-Grins-Gives….jpg)


The locomotive (if not the train itself) being fucked beyond repair would then upset those with the mentality of "why are taxpayer dollars being sunk into Amtrak?". On top of that, the line is owned by Sound Transit, and they're one of the reasons why sales taxes in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties are around ten percent. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Eyman wasn't already all over this like a fly on a dog turd.


The deal-breaker for the conspiracy for me is if Antifa did set up a block on the Port of Olympia spur and then warn the railroad so as to not bring harm to the workers on a train hauling whatever they didn't like earlier in the year, why wouldn't Antifa do the same for a train full of passengers? If they knowingly sabotaged a track that an Amtrak train was traveling on, and people died, that would escalate them from protesters to murderers. I don't think they want that kind of drama in their lives.


Also, this crash isn't without precedent. A wreck of a Talgo train in Spain happened when the driver was going too fast on a curve. Talgo sets have limits as much as any other rolling stock. https://youtu.be/ewHNYOVup9Q (NSFW)



Also Amtrak 188. Too fast around a curve.


File: 1514236415746.jpg (99.79 KB, 720x540, _555_blok_-_algoritm_i_eks….jpg)

> Not having local speed limits set into train safety system with no possible override on a line with passenger traffic in 2017

Damn, and some even claim Russian railways are unsafe…



Apparently PTC is installed, or nearly installed, on this line, but it's not fully functional yet.



Apparently PTC is installed, or nearly installed, on this line, but it's not fully functional yet.


You can say that, again


File: 1514308015212.jpg (265.08 KB, 1187x891, image416.jpg)

Yeah, It's not specifically about your railways, Spanish accident is even more strange: you could think a high-speed train would get safety electronics even superior to such on a regular passenger trains.

It's not an insult towards NA's or other railways, I'm mostly just fascinated with an abundance of people across the Internet (not counting 1chan obviously, this site is such polite and appropriate it almost makes me uncomfortable) claiming that Russian railways are pretty much as inferior as some Indian or Chilean railway. And they keep saying about Russian bias being everywhere:)
Mind you, we have KLUB-U system with permanent and temporary speed limits defined by satellite navigation and other stuff (KLUB-U with SAUT is auto-driving ready even) on many of our lines since early 2000s. Nobody is insured of course and safety systems aren't almighty but still…
P. S. Apologies if it sounded a bit inappropriate.



I think that Russian railways are certainly not behind Chile or India or wherever. And I dont think it is inappropriate, rather I think it is central to the discussion. Longer post when I get to my keyboard…


File: 1514426172069.jpg (89.07 KB, 785x403, One-of-the-derailed-cars-o….jpg)


So this whole thing is utter bullshit. Just absolute steaming fresh-out-of-the-bull bullshit. And it pisses me off.

As I said before, I was on the train. I was in that car that flipped onto its roof as we went on the ground. I was 4 feet from being ejected from this. My only over-riding instinct was that I need to stay inside the car or I will die. My left leg was bent all the way up, like I could look to my left and see my calf. Not comfortable. I have two weeks of massage and chiropractic lined up to sort me out. I have a picture of my back that shows a nice beautiful smack-mark, and I can barely breathe for what feels like a broken rib on my left side.


File: 1514426326637.jpg (50.7 KB, 640x359, chopper 1_1499039619202_85….JPG)


What really pisses me off though is that this did not have to happen. It is part of a larger systemic problem and fits the pattern EXACTLY.

Santiago de Compostela July 2013
Spuyten Duyvil December 2013
Amtrak 188 May 2015
Amtrak 506 July 2017

ALL of these wrecks did not have to happen. 506 only derailed a locomotive and a couple Talgo axles, but I'm including it on purpose here. That is because they could have been prevented by Positive Train Control.

Why don't we have PTC in the US? Well, we do. Sort of. On some trains. And it is way too late. That's what pisses me off.

I boarded this train with my girlfriend at 6:30am at Tukwila Station with plans to go to Portland for the day and go do some shopping and have a good time and take the train back. I boarded thinking that they must have PTC up on the Amtrak trains by now, surely. This is new track. This should be the smoothest ride I've ever been on a Talgo at 79mph (admittedly, it was through South Tacoma, then it was also the roughest ride ever).

It boils down to money. Nobody wants to pay for anything. The Feds will mandate it, but then push it back and push it back. Chatsworth was an impetus for getting the legislation passed, but this should have all been done 2 years ago. Why does Russia have the largest railway in the world and yet they can do it?

So no, in this instance, I think the US has a pretty shitty rail system not much better than a third-world country and we are getting left in the dust. We just spent 181 MILLION DOLLARS on this and yet we can't get a train all the way through it on day 1.



Sad but true. As far as I can work out (I haven't been paying much attention to the whole PTC thing) but it seemed that the railroads dragged their feet a bit at first, then the deadline loomed and they weren't ready (they claimed the technology wasn't ready, which I suppose was technically true; hadn't been perfected) and now they're scrambling to implement it with mixed results.


The real problem is poorly trained and disciplined passenger crews.


And all the railroad are spending money on new signals that didn't need to be spent. Hell some 10 year old signals have been taken down and replaced with the same thing. WHY spend all that money on stuff when you could be putting it towards PTC? Granted some it probably is upgrading the hardware in the huts but most the bridges and mast didn't need replacing.


File: 1514511650478.jpg (146.07 KB, 800x536, p70_src_3.jpg)

> Why does Russia have the largest railway in the world and yet they can do it?

This is actually the question I ask myself sometimes. You see, modern RZD had been reformed in more or less American style (in general) being shattered by couple of dozens of subdivisions managing their own expenses. While this has huge positive side in RZD starting to return considerable profit (probably first precedent in their entire history) the downsides of it are that these divisions sometimes struggle to properly cooperate with each other AND sometimes their excessive urge to save some expenses even if it is possible long term benefit. And you know, I don't even think they are as corrupted as (on average) everyone else here, they just hard to see the picture sometimes.
In other words, I can see if they were to save money on proper safety.

BUT they do get the job done by the signal "from above", so it might be such a signal. More likely, when the KLUB-U was massively implemented, MPS/RZD was still a unified management so maybe this provided additional lubrication.
Another factor, that Russian railroads had outstanding (at least far better than average) safety systems since literally Uncle Joe and maybe (hopefully) modern RZD was raised on the understanding that in such country as Russia proper fool protection is needed more than anywhere else. We actually do have pretty good fool protection mostly everywhere. The hardest lesson the life could inflict was the Chernobyl…

P. S. Man, I love BLOK's (KLUB-U's modernized version) sleek austere industrial design. The Izhevsk radio works certainly can get things done.



Crew Resource Management comes to mind also, even if the guy is a trainee he still has a set of eyeballs that can be scanning for speed signs.


>Speed signs
There are no speed signs anywhere on the CN and there may not have been any there. It doesn't really matter, though. All crew members should know the territory, know the restrictions, and know where any temporary slow orders will be.


File: 1514572540901.jpg (125.44 KB, 998x781, image066.jpg)

> I boarded this train with my girlfriend at 6:30am at Tukwila Station

Oh and yes, is your GF okay? I hope she didn't blame it all on you (because you know, you like trains after all) like in this Hollywood cliché.


File: 1514598492961.jpg (98.91 KB, 1024x721, 492762_Ridgefield_rail__23….jpg)


We have three types of speed sign on the Seattle Subdivision/Pt Defiance Bypass:
T for Talgo
P for Passenger
F for Freight


That's pathetic to miss a slow order then.



Not even a slow order, a Permanent Speed Restriction.


That's garbage. I'm serious. Training standards are far too lax. If you don't know all of the permanent speed restrictions on a subdivision by heart, you have no business being qualified on it.

I was with a moron engineer one day that swore up and down the permanent slow order we were on was a HER only as he started notching up. I slap the time table in front of him as we're about to go 5 over and he grabs like 15 lbs.

The even sadder part is that before he came to work with us he allegedly worked for Amtrak and ran on the same sub. Fucking garbage.



I agree.



Hey man, I'm glad you're okay. It astounds me that PTC wasn't on for a brand new stretch of railway.


Well Finnish drivers have an yearly exam on operational policy. In us they don't?



Yes I believe they do check rides here to keep certified but this was the first run on the first day of a new track. I would imagine that the engineer of my train had 'qualified' a coupler of weeks before the accident then didnt use what he learned (or hadn't) until that morning.

This is all conjecture of course.


A once annual check ride with written exams every three years, but I know of nobody to have ever been fired, disciplined, or even failed one of them.


File: 1514767284882.jpg (996.12 KB, 1536x2048, 2014-04-01 14.33.55.jpg)

The Tacoma stop for Amtrak Cascades and the Coast Starlight has been moved back the old station on 1001 Puyallup Avenue until things get straightened up on the Point Defiance Bypass. Pic related; Tacoma's platform from one of my many trips to Portland.


The VIA Rail crash a few years ago was likely for the same reason. Its crazy that Canada runs passenger trains at >90mph without any sort of train protection.


File: 1515216797452.jpg (512.69 KB, 1024x683, 157424944.jpg)

NTSB released a preliminary report on Amtrak 501.

Total damage from the wreck has been reported at $40.4 million.

NTSB stated that the incident could have been prevented if PTC were installed.

While inspectors do believe that excessive speed was the cause, they have not been able to take statements from the operating crew members due to their injuries.

USDOT Secretary Chao released a statement to railroads across the country that was basically all like "C'mon guys. Install PTC. We're super cereal here, you guys."

Meanwhile, officials in Olympia insisted that PTC was installed and tested on the Point Defiance Bypass, but was not yet operational.

Tombstone mentality.



File: 1515218386642.jpg (46.6 KB, 600x732, 2d0.jpg)

Seems that the conductor of Amtrak 501, while he was "too injured" to talk to government inspectors, wasn't too injured to talk to a lawyer. He plans on suing Amtrak, and won't be the only one.




To clarify: This was the guy on the head end, NOT the conductor of the train. He was doing a familiarization trip.


Since when do conductors drive trains? I wonderThaddeh has been contacted by a lawyer.


If he has, he may have been instructed to not talk about it in public anymore.



I would hope we're special enough that Thaddy would ignore a nondisclosure agreement just to keep us in the loop.


File: 1516600366283.jpeg (987.58 KB, 1632x918, 20180120_115111.jpeg)


I am under no NDA as of yet. There is simply nothing new to report.

Pic related: a view of the wreckage as it lies in situ on JBLM.


By the way, what would be the consequences of you violating an NDA in such case. Just that you won't get your compensation or some actual trouble with the law? We do not have such an overcomplicated jurisdiction (I think few countries have, lol) so I'm not really familiar with this stuff.
Anyway, hope you're doing well already.


File: 1516666758751.jpg (7.34 MB, 3750x2500, ЭП20-008,_поезд_Нижний_Нов….jpg)


Violating a Non-Disclosure Agreement would, in my case, nullify any award I received in court.

Keep the Russian content going, have you ridden the Talgo there?


Real Talgo or copied design?


File: 1516686418154.jpg (498.81 KB, 1200x721, 210373.jpg)

Of course. I'll create a new thread some day this week (maybe even today). As for Talgo, I did multiple times between Moscow and NN. A bit cramped compared to our own made cars but it's okay in general.

Why would we even bother copy this unpractical garbage (and for our specifics of use - apart from 1435+1520 version - it is exactly that, I don't actually hate Talgo) when we have our own and much more rational solutions of loco-hauled 200 km/h rolling stock? At least they do not consume diesel fuel when working only with electric loco with 1200 kW dedicated for train electric supply.

Or is it
>oh, those freakin commies only have brains to copy something
And by the way, fun fact, most of our "copied" designs are in fact just exploiting the same CONCEPT, thus similar looks, but usually going further in their complexity.

Sorry, I think I was a little triggered. No butthurt though.



I don't blame the Soviets at all for copying the RS-1, it was a good design. Why re-invent the wheel if you can just do some copypasta?

Is the Strizh a strictly 1520mm service or does it do some 1435mm running at some point?


File: 1516799849940.jpg (240.06 KB, 1200x702, CwYLujoWQAAFjnb[1].jpg)

Runs through to Berlin, switches gauge at the Poland/Ukraine border.


File: 1516816970926.jpg (377.13 KB, 1628x1057, gub3-7.jpg)

Again, this is not straight-up copypasta, this is re-using the same concept in most cases. Sometimes it has little to do with copying at all just having similar looks (more like similar approach to the same problem). I mean, if all modern smartphones look in general like iPhone 1, are they all iPhone rip-offs? Well, Apple fanboy would say yes, but really… Yet the unstoppable gossip machine is working at its full power.
I'm mostly talking in general though. Like Tu-144, Tu-160, Buran, AK-47 etc - in all these alleged "copies" basically the looks is the only significant thing connecting them to their Western analogs. Like seriously, Buran could land itself and only used another rocket to get to space while the Shuttle was essentially the rocket itself! Tu-144 had an APU Concorde hadn't and had TOTALLY different approach to subsonic maneuverability. And oh… AK and STG, fucking seriously?! Did they even looked at HOW THEY FUCKING WORK?! Did they even glanced at their mechanics? AR15s are even closer to STG's actual design than AKs, why they are not considered rip-offs too? I mean, sometimes it has some truth to it but often these claims sound like a blatant trolling.

Well yes, TE1, on the other hand, was a proper copy of RSD-1 but a rather unsuccessful one. They screwed up modifying the traction drive so it wasn't working properly on the mainline dynamics. TE1s ended up working as shunters… see where I'm going?
Although TE2 wasn't actually a descendant of TE1, it was using mostly pre-WWII developments as well as some experience from TE1 and some fresh ideas. So it's actually unfair to call all Soviet mainline diesels a descendants of ALCO, although many shunters (road switchers) in fact are.


File: 1516821241117.jpg (463.01 KB, 1260x836, 20170127_582408.jpg)

Moscow - Berlin version has variable gauge. And the 1520 only (Moscow - NN) version is an unjustified garbage, which breaks a lot by the way.

> Poland/Ukraine border

Uhhh… I know we have fairly different concepts of what is and is not a Ukraine territory but since when South-West Belarus became Ukraine?


File: 1516971312856-0.jpg (321.64 KB, 1024x683, first-russian-talgo-in-mos….jpg)

That specific photo seems to be of a delivery run. The company Railadventure specializes in these, never heard of them do actual frequented revenue service.

Meanwhile the 1520 only-versions were delivered on flatcars.


File: 1516971762034-0.jpg (635.57 KB, 990x582, view_2_work_picture_copy_3….jpg)

Though they also deliver wide gauge rolling stock by rail, using replacement trucks. Which likely didn't work with a Talgo's wheel arrangement.


Anybody know anything about the congressional charter train that hit a garbage truck the other night?


Haven’t even bothered to look up the Wikipage on it.



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