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what do you think of graffiti on trains are art or vandalism
¨ No.500
1571014351612.jpg–(87.48KB, 600x396, 24BygoneJp.span_.jpg)

¨ No.506
1571093974411.jpg–(106.51KB, 850x567, nelson.jpg)
Unquestionably vandalism. In my region you'll find they all fall under one of two groups. One is a man-child in their 20's who still lives at home. Second, they're squatters and thieves embedded in the drug world and property theft. No matter which, they're cowards deep down.
¨ No.507
1571108318323.jpg–(53.48KB, 466x275, WiWMRsV1_vTOuJNN49r172SfGTfaeLBWG8SPVy8NcZo.jpg)
Every so often, but very rarely, you'll see a piece of graffiti that could actually be considered "art" in a conventional sense. The rest of it is just "tagging" with random letters and phrases and so on, basically just scribbles with little artistic merit.

Also, I WISH I could find the damn article, but I read a piece about how when the MTA cracked down on graffiti on their subway trains, some vandals figured out it was MUCH easier to tag freight cars. That was around 1989, and ever since then graffiti has been a nightmare for the railroads.
¨ No.511
1571317953958.jpg–(32.74KB, 804x330, sonic_car.jpg)
Vandalism 99% of the time, including pic related.
¨ No.519
Never fails to make me laugh, though.
¨ No.531
The amount of real art done via grafiti seems to have dropped, at least compared to the amount of tagging.

My theory would be that as graffiti has become more popular, artists seem to have their work protected when painting in cities, maybe this makes it more attractive?
¨ No.532
1571718866153.jpg–(337.75KB, 1200x800, 1268830.jpg)
Vandalism, except for a very specific case when it is actually approved by the vehicle's operator. Then it usually looks really good and you can see there's some actual work put into it. Like this Tatra KT4SU tram in Kaliningrad, Russia. Absolutely superb job, a true eye candy.

BTW in Russia instances of rolling stock vandalizing are quite rare, despite the culture of writing on fences, especially on the railway is really common (which I actually see as a win for everyone, since fences do actually look very plain and boring and the graffiti here, unlike on vehicles, don't hurt anyone, unless it is something offensive).
¨ No.930
As long as they preserve the reporting marks, who gives a shit?

Always gives me a thrill to see the same hobo tag over and over on different cars.

Wildstyle? Hell yeah, more of that.

Fill-ins, zaps, throwups, eeeeh.
¨ No.1745
1589291377328.jpg–(70.73KB, 720x960, 91287600_3643496012392281_2844380733596762112_n.jp)
It's not often that they put any artistic thought into it, seems like most graffiti artists can only do a tag with varying degrees of effort put into it. Ugly. Though rarely you come across a small, non-obstructive piece that actually resembles something and that's better but it's still vandalism.
¨ No.1748
>Vandalism, except for a very specific case when it is actually approved by the vehicle's operator.

If it was done with permission then by the very definition of the word it is not "graffiti".

>No matter which, they're cowards deep down.
Oh... relax, you.
¨ No.1775
1589617331095.jpg–(705.63KB, 2048x1536, Db816BNW0AAB7jW.jpg)
Here is some train graffiti that captures the cultural zeitgeist.
¨ No.1778
I love AVGN!
¨ No.1781
Based and redpilled

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