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All of the drivers who did an excellent job in breaking the existing World Record of 269 kms travelled in 24 hours, and setting a new World Record of 330 kms and 669 m in twenty four hours (881 laps and 294m). A great tribute to an excellent locomotive designed and built by Andries Keyser. Also a sincere thanks to the drivers who came from far and wide to help with this fantastic feat!!


File: 1512925129951.jpg (155.06 KB, 960x720, 25289310_1546336008792082_….jpg)

We have just hit the current record! Over 4 hours still left on the clock!!!!


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Images from this weekends World Long Distance Record attempt in Pietermaritzburg. The record was broken and a new record set at 330.669 km.


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World Record of 330 kms and 669 m in twenty four hours


So how's the garden gauge scene in South Africa outside of this?


File: 1513343636442.jpg (214.66 KB, 1280x853, 2.jpg)

Back in January 1961 some like minded gentlemen formed a club called “Pretoria Live steam Club/Pretoria stoomtrekkragklub” which operated from their garages, building trains.

Many years later i.e. 1985 it was announced that a site was made available by the then, Verwoerdburg Municipality for the enthusiasts to exercise their hobby and attracting public interest.

The club announced it's official opening as "Meerpark" on 12 June 1993. The club now known as Centurion Society of Model Engineers boasts an attractive site with a track of just under 900m where trains trail through a beautiful landscape including tunnels, bridges and over lakes.


File: 1513344127542.jpg (158.83 KB, 800x313, title (1).jpg)

The track consists of multigauge ground level track of 3.5", 5" and 7.25" tracks. The track comprises two circular loops, the shorter of the two is about 450 metres long, while the longer is about 850 metres long. The total running surface of the track is almost 1,6 km's. The vertical height difference between the highest and lowest points in the track work is 5 metres. The average ruling gradient/s is 1:100 to 1:80, although there is a section of track which is graded to 1:50 for approx 60 metres.


It is called model steam clubs… but yes we have a few clubs in every major city … google


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I misread kms as kmh at first. I was thinking "how they heck do they hold on if it's kmh?"

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