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As if hiding in the weeds with binoculars wasn't enough, Union Pacific is now beginning to monitor their train crews with drones.


Unfucking believable. I've never before seen an industry so dedicated to firing and disciplining its employees.


What's the pay scale for the guys who paint themselves minion yellow, and hide against the hood?


So all the crew has to do is look up and they become distracted and the manager must land the craft.


Pretty much. I suggested stopping and pointing at it to a BNSF union rep.


Maybe report the drones as a possible terrorist activity? It’s a (mega)bit hard to tell the difference, after all.


Infrastructure would be a target, and we know some of the more radical folk in the Middle East have used drones both for surveillance and as improvised bombers. (Ghetto drone strikes, if you will.) Drop anchors and get on the dog to DHS.

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