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File: 1570921301346.jpg–(134.92KB, 1333x750, 68D8A934-4D96-4C9B-8D6A-E705D121A55F.jpeg)
Bullet trains submerged by typhoon-related flooding at Nagano Shinkansen maintenance depot

¨ No.490
Sheeeeyyyiiittt. I know when conventional locomotives get submerged, the #1 issue is traction motors needing to be replaced... and IIRC, the bullet trains have traction motors on EVERY AXLE... so, yeah, $$$$$
¨ No.492
/r/ is of course full of flood pix and discussions, with one poster predicting that the Hokuhoku Snow Hare will sprint again.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SL1d7Qg7zHQ – One of the Snow Turtles currently found on the Hokuhoku line.
¨ No.493
They just need to put a big laser on the front and run the trains inside a bubble of temporarily evaporated water.
¨ No.526
The way Japan seems to operate, they'll instead add robotic legs to have it rise above the incoming Tsunami.
¨ No.527
Looks like it will be expensive, indeed. The last estimate I saw was that they will have to scrap ten entire trains.
¨ No.616
update if i'm reading this right: 8 trainsets will be scrapped


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