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Hello, i live in alaska. Therefore, i have ridden on this train. What would you rate this locomotive? I think its very beautiful in and of it self. However, its true value is in the scenery that it passes through. Truly elegant. Thoughts?


One thing I really admire about this locomotive is that the colors, blue and yellow, are very soft on the eyes and don’t clash garishly with the natural environment surrounding the train. Also They are the Alaska state flag’s colors, so it is also reflects on the train’s importance in Alaska culture. Just the train being able to cruise through the Alaskan wilderness is impressive in itself as well. I would rate it a solid 8.7 in train aesthetics.


File: 1511071527471.jpg (182.63 KB, 1280x960, 2016-alaska-railroad-hurri….jpg)

Thats a nice way to put it. A nice name for it would be: Spirit of Alaska. Here is another pic but this time during the brief autumn season.


File: 1511793169908.jpg (321.92 KB, 1280x960, 11.JPG)

Big fan of Alaskan trains. The trains themselves are impressive, and then you add the spectacular scenery and wow!

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