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File: 1510762246216.jpg (90 KB, 800x533, 23622217_2053616991581497_….jpg)


South African Railways (SAR) GMA class Garratt heads a freight north of Vryburg on the line from Warrenton to Mafeking in August 1982. At this time GMA's were replacing 19D's on most of the traffic avoiding the need for double heading. Class 25's were also seeing their first regular work on the line. More South Africa images at www.world-railways.co.uk/railways-south-africa


File: 1510762318697.jpg (67.32 KB, 800x533, 23172663_2046734552269741_….jpg)

A pair of South African Railways class 25 4-8-4's head an eastbound freight on the single track mainline from Kimberley to Bloemfontein near Petrusburg in August 1982. This line had been very busy all day with trains passing at all the major loops with some congestion causing problems with timekeeping. More photos at www.world-railways.co.uk


File: 1510762369587.jpg (94.39 KB, 800x533, 22852034_2043236812619515_….jpg)

Zimbabwe Railways (NRZ) 14A class Garratt no.510 and South African Railways (SAR) class 14R 4-8-2 no.1731 were both on carriage shunting duties at Bulawayo in June 1981. The SAR 14R's, together with some GMA Garratts, were on hire to cover a loco shortage in Zimbabwe. More images at www.world-railways.co.uk


File: 1510762453123.jpg (78.55 KB, 800x533, 22406537_2036016726674857_….jpg)

South African Railways (SAR) 15CA class 4-8-2 no.2075 is seen at Breyten loco shed in July 1979. Eventually the class numbered ninety-six examples with this engine built by Baldwin in 1929. By this time the class was mostly located in the Transvaal and were the noisiest steam locos in South Africa. This probably explains why the 15CA's were always a personal favourite. More of my South Africa images at www.world-railways.co.uk/railways-south-africa


File: 1510762578678.jpg (80.36 KB, 960x637, 21728528_2021528294790367_….jpg)

One Sunday afternoon in 1984. Steam age atmosphere inside Germiston shed, South Africa.


South African Railways (SAR) class 19D no.2644 "Irene" and class 26 no.3450 "L D Porta" head an eastbound freight from Kimberley to Bloemfontein over the Modder River just east of Perdeberg on 22nd May 1982. These two "experimental" developments gave a glimmer of hope for steam traction with their increased efficiency and tractive effort. Sadly, this was just a dream. More images at www.world-railways.co.uk


File: 1510762799234.jpg (74.16 KB, 800x533, 20994321_2010991665844030_….jpg)


File: 1510762940740.jpg (90.11 KB, 800x533, 20767957_2003920566551140_….jpg)

Immaculate South African Railways (SAR) two-foot gauge NGG13 class Garratt no.78 is seen doing some shunting at Weenen Station in preparation to head the daily mixed train down to the mainline at Estcourt in June 1978. The line closed to traffic in 1983. More South Africa images at www.world-railways.co.uk/railways-south-africa


Thanks for all your pics of the old SA steam.
I see some of the Western Cape pictures and you could swear it was somewhere in NZ.


File: 1510830632860.jpg (121.21 KB, 800x533, 19225567_1969260230017174_….jpg)

South African Railways (SAR) GMAM class Garratt 4059 storms uphill with the Johannesburg to Mosselbaai passenger between Erin and Dwarsvlei on the northern approach to the Lootsberg Pass. Taken in June 1978 Garratts had only recently taken over these duties from 19B and 19D class 4-8-2’s. Note the twin dining cars with low arc roofs half way down the train where a good meal was always available. More South Africa images at www.world-railways.co.uk/railways-south-africa


File: 1512039046246.jpg (96.32 KB, 960x535, 12295513_1179501728745049_….jpg)

The Wadeville shunt returning to Germiston, in the late 1980's, with 2X 15F's in charge..


File: 1512039150462.jpg (104.16 KB, 960x499, 12241794_1175932439101978_….jpg)

16E 4-6-2 No;858 and 25 4-8-4 No; 3511 head North out of Modder River in the NC of SA in 1989..


File: 1512391629422.jpg (120.56 KB, 800x533, 24293887_2063965603879969_….jpg)

South African Railways (SAR) class 25 4-8-4 approaches Kraankuil with the southbound Orange Express in August 1982. Loaded to 17 coaches the train is near the top of the long climb from Orange River. Always a master of the job, this class 25 was probably touching 80 km/h despite the grade and would accelerate on the easier section south to De Aar. More photos at www.world-railways.co.uk


File: 1512771869910.jpg (324.2 KB, 1280x960, DSCF0012.JPG)

Ex-South African Garrett preserved at Summerlee museum in Coatbridge, Scotland. These are very impressive machines!


File: 1514112565931.jpg (60.68 KB, 564x846, 25591903_349955872144055_8….jpg)

Just because …


File: 1514112670881.jpg (95.8 KB, 538x960, 25594213_1775565399144110_….jpg)

Summer Time fun..


File: 1514164304661.gif (113.33 KB, 310x233, yay.gif)


I like those steam passenger trains.


File: 1517500111723.jpg (73.72 KB, 960x298, 27331786_10155524942372408….jpg)

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways, ex South Africa NGG 16 classes No.138, No.143, No.87…


File: 1517500211061.jpg (114.12 KB, 960x720, 27332248_10155485452048458….jpg)

At Caernarvon


File: 1517500289300.jpg (117.58 KB, 960x608, 27459935_10155485459363458….jpg)



File: 1517500515029.jpg (44.2 KB, 960x463, 27066939_10155050515907204….jpg)


File: 1517761134641.jpg (228.41 KB, 960x640, 1918977_1158770720808682_2….jpg)


File: 1517761179541.jpg (230.81 KB, 960x640, 13880406_1306130929405993_….jpg)


File: 1517761333089.jpg (73.39 KB, 960x292, 27540496_1933001040052309_….jpg)


File: 1518362902469.jpg (74.52 KB, 960x628, 27657494_10211098826408497….jpg)


File: 1518730567718.jpg (298.29 KB, 1280x960, qmDqd3m.jpg)

I couldn't find another steam thread so here's some steam locomotive in regular work in January, 2018. The place is Saint-Petersburg, North Africa. Sorry, I had to use the digital zoom


File: 1518730972337.jpg (216.7 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20180117_132432_HDR.jpg)

Sorry I meant Northwest Russia.

I also filmed it (no idea how to embed here)


File: 1518734162627.jpg (667.34 KB, 1280x853, 214472.jpg)

Turns out someone took way more decent pics of presumably the same loco, and almost the same time as me.

The number is Эр766-41 built in 1949 at MÁVAG, Hungary.


File: 1518734622851.jpg (625.91 KB, 1280x854, 214092.jpg)

It could also be this one, Эр786-19, built in 1950.

Good thing they get them running, you can see the state this locomotive have been in just a year ago: https://trainpix.org/photo/149972/


I don't normally care for your Russian trains at all, but that's actually REALLY cool to see an engine like that still running.


File: 1518779706304.jpg (499.5 KB, 1200x754, 192457.jpg)

It appears they have a whole bunch of them. All hail the not-free market!


File: 1518781972693.jpg (487.51 KB, 1280x832, 20170223_584599.jpg)

> All hail the not-free market!
Wait, what? Do you know how costly it is to operate steam locos in small numbers? This is completely a heritage fleet to cover touristic trains and thematic events like veteran trains and locomotive parades, sometimes renting the engines for filmmakers.

Steam engines at the light freight work or shunting are usually just to prevent them and the personnel from being too underemployed.


So what's wrong with my statement? I meant profits from touristic trains clearly can't cover all costs.
Here's the operator, btw


File: 1518894092535.jpg (410.93 KB, 1200x827, 20170131_582796.jpg)

Nothing, I was thinking of another thing apparently.

Still not sure if they really can't cover all costs just with tours and filmmakers or the actual train work is here just to squeeze more money. If first, clearly there have to be some subsidies from RZD or some state institution. I doubt it all can recoup the cost of rebuilding each of these engines basically from just a frame.


File: 1518969059843.jpg (216.05 KB, 1024x676, 85_AAJ-Bought-Minolta-19-d….jpg)


File: 1518970064709.jpg (152.76 KB, 1024x814, 33_Blue-Train-dep-JHD-clas….jpg)


File: 1523023633425.jpg (110.89 KB, 800x533, 30128055_2138422843100911_….jpg)

Zimbabwe Railways (NRZ) 20A class Garratt 745 heads a heavy coal train from Thomson Junction to Bulawayo in July 1984. The train is seen just below the Baobab Hotel, Wankie, which was a popular resting pace for enthusiasts. 745 was one of a number of these wonderful locos to receive a major refurbishment in the 1980's and was originally numbered 738. It was built by Beyer Peacock in 1957.

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