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File: 1510704083667.gif (38.21 KB, 580x371, BW002.GIF)


It’s a crappy image, dragged out of the bowels of the Internet, but one can still read this as the Colorado&Southern #9.


File: 1511190840450.jpg (87.49 KB, 500x377, benutze-internet.jpg)

This, too, is from some dank corner. Plus, someone either forgot or decided to ignore (then likely due to lack of cab pics) that BR does not always mean Baureihe.


More problematic is why Der Führer would ever drive from the no.2 end. At least that loco did go on to invade the Netherlands.


File: 1511842342564.jpeg (127.12 KB, 640x440, Traction Power Corporatio….jpeg)

Not sure where to put this but it's ADORABLE.


Can’t think of an image to go with it right now, but here is…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl4pJwcE7JI — “Snow” by Geoffrey Jones.


File: 1511883206140.jpg (174.39 KB, 1200x675, DPUbWDrVwAAhzHj.jpg)


Now imagine the pain if that was scrambled. Funny though how 500 km away over in Tokyo, JR East believes there's enough iron in the rest of the ticket to consider recycling.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-jzVjFpqjs – Abandoned stock and power in the US.


File: 1512392460431.jpg (730.47 KB, 1380x920, 198021.jpg)

> Small loco using single 3-axle truck from a 6-axle locomotive.

NICE! Always wondered why we have never pulled this simple trick. Probably because our 3-axle locos have hydrotransmission which requires somewhat different design of the running gear. Although some 2-axle locos use axlebox units identical to the mega-popular on S1520 2TE116-like trucks.


File: 1512648409955.jpg (429.25 KB, 1500x844, ab0a17440b56c1e0c47d1b3617….jpg)

It was the independence day yesterday, centennial. This little railway in Frum Humppila to Jokioinen was the only one to run under steam. 750 mm gauge, 14 km of track. Used to be 22 and reach to Forssa.


File: 1512648612736.jpg (400.85 KB, 1500x844, 24f82c6577293ffcde197ed62f….jpg)

The weather was nice. The snow on the above picture is different snow than in this one, that was taken yesterday, 6th. The picture of Jokioinen Nr5 was taken 2nd.

Such is life, it's like 6 hours light in decenber even in relatively south like Turku. Depressing. Studying from bachelors to masters as such is work market.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A7H-rKMQh4 – A short clip from Rhein-Neckar Verkehr explaining (albeit in German) their Ice Runs. Basically, RNV has equipped some old trams to clear ice off wires and rails.


Someone made an animation diagramming the morning rush hour on Yamanote and related lines in Tokyo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_M3xNTaBa8


File: 1512830428142.jpg (292.36 KB, 1024x673, 766db78fcf069e08132c270459….jpg)

Jesus the music…

But speaking videos, someone has painstakingly made progression animations of:

>Finnish railways - now I know why they are that shape!

>Helsinki tramways.

>Turku tramways RIP.


File: 1513252159965.png (3.63 KB, 640x400, icondemo_011.png)

This image comes from yet another far-out spot on the net. It was originally drawn in the very mysterious and secret 160×100 16-colour mode of the CGA (Color Graphics Adapter).


I can’t remember if these links have been posted anytime recently, but here are the Manifold Menus cookbooks:

Book 1: http://www.nebraska-locksmiths.org/articles/ManifoldM.pdf
Book 2: http://www.nebraska-locksmiths.org/articles/ManifoldMP2.pdf


File: 1514127802318.jpg (397.65 KB, 800x554, drift-2.jpg)

Perhaps, at 600km/370mi north of the arctic circle, this is the northernmost mining railway in the world.


File: 1514573234770.jpg (200.85 KB, 800x521, 1408300973455.jpg)

Dunno if anybody cares now, but here is a film of the Tsubame back in the 1950s, focusing more or less on the people that keep the trains running:



There is a whole bunch of German railway magazines (incl. model rail ones) on the Internet Archive.

Here is but one: https://archive.org/details/Eisenbahn_Journal_Super_Anlagen_No2_2016


/r/ had some excellent pictorial advice for New Year’s revellers: Don’t pee off a bridge onto the overhead wires. The shock can (and likely will) lay you out for good.



Pretty sure Mythbusters disproved that one. The stream of pee breaks up shortly after leaving your body, meaning no solid path for electricity to travel up to your ding dong.


High enough voltage, and you’re still screwed. Anyway, I would not bet my tackle on their (or anybody else’s) word.


Turns out ‘sl’ had a predecessor on the Sol-20 micro, seen here under emulation.




File: 1517321089708.png (321.24 KB, 580x387, rk-1.png)

Y’know… theret’s something weird about going on a commuter-style train for fresh food.



File: 1517764300113.jpg (294.17 KB, 1024x680, CD 240 105.jpg)

OK, that’s not a bad-looking Skoda, as far as I’m concerned.


File: 1517770832180.jpg (14.4 KB, 300x100, 1CHANadventure.jpg)

Pic nicked from Parovoz some time way back.

Any ideas on how to improve?

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