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It’s a crappy image, dragged out of the bowels of the Internet, but one can still read this as the Colorado&Southern #9.
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A worthy download for me. As RF communications systems are relevant to my interests both professional & personal, I enjoy these historical publications. Thanks for the link!


For me, it was merely a personal interest. I wanted to know more about their system.

Aside: I think you can still see a radiator for this system on a ca. 1965 photo of one of their locomotives on the Wikipedia.



I like this images.



love trains call me and lets talk about it(1chan is not your personal army)


Station Colours has moved from stationcolours.info to stationcolours.com. Still deals with getting the paint colours right when modelling stations on British railways.



Wow. Showing with lights how easy it will be to find a space in a given car.


File: 1541275367051.jpg (214.71 KB, 1200x800, De_ish5XcAAPuaE.jpg)

Have such thing in metro and on metro-rail in Moscow for a year at least. Really useful, at least on metro-rail. It's just a normal plastic paint though, because all our trains stop precisely at the sign:)

Although I guess the other reason for the electronic demarcation might be that trains with different door patterns might stop at the same platform.


Plus, if I understood the article correctly, the lights also show how easy it is to find space in each car.



Minato Monthly’s December front page image is very topical for /rail/. A potential wallpaper, too.


File: 1547332127399.jpg (123.83 KB, 1024x690, pedershaab.jpg)

It's a 600mm Pedershaab locomotive converted to 1524. Notice how the draw bar is longer than the loco.


File: 1547356899305.jpeg (814.57 KB, 2187x2638, rowland emett early morni….jpeg)

Reminds me of image related.
What's the phrase – if you look hard enough, there's a prototype for everything?


File: 1547443859223.jpg (19.37 KB, 427x230, 72d483a17c5132b021b95587bf….jpg)


I've only ever heard it as "There's prototype for everything!" Short n' sweet.


There is a Hello Kitty shinkansen train already, but…


Now they’re kittyfying an airport express.


File: 1549876714200.jpg (2.99 MB, 3543x2260, km002zym.jpg)

"The ground zero" in Railway station cafe sometime in the 70s.

The alleged zero kilometer of the Finnish railways, nowadays something like 200 m south from where the current railway station is. We have the system of "rail kilometers": a section of the track is identified by its distance to this ground zero. The kilometers don't get changed in track realignements so nowadays there are bumps in the numbering where the alignment has been shortened.


File: 1549877603938.jpg (550.55 KB, 1600x1200, hkiasema.jpg)

And when saying railway station, I of course meant Helsinki station.


File: 1551740321579.jpg (302.89 KB, 640x428, the-vending-train-japanese….jpg)


http://www.3quarks.com/en/StationClock/index.html – Here is a very nice Javascript clock that can emulate various European railway station clocks.

http://www.aj-computing.co.uk/misc/clock/ – This URL should lead to a big NSE clock; but as I write this, everything is blank.


An old navvie was telling a tale of what a ‘demon gang’ they had been.

“We were eight in all: Four laying down sleepers, four fixing the rails, and all with the afternoon train speeding behind us.”



Looks like these 40-year-olds are about to be set aside, maybe even this month.


As you know, Departments and Ministries like to collect statistics on everything between heaven and earth, including railways and railroads.

This supposedly happened in the US in the late interwar years. One of the many, many questions on the questionnaire was: “Have you had any collisions?” The master of a five-mile long shortline replied thus: “How the hell can we have collisions when we have only one engine?”


File: 1552676763876.jpg (177.55 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-DSB_MRD_4288_cab.JPG)


Here is another set of 40-year-olds ripe for setting aside:



DSB (the Danish State Railways) apparently planned to phase out their remaining MR-MRD regional trains at the end of last January. Right now, I do not know if they did.


File: 1552870295607.jpg (600.36 KB, 1000x563, NV_artist_rendering-_1000.jpg)

So I was looking for reference images for something completely different and ran across this.
Essentially, this company wants to do grid storage by way of electric robo-trains. When production is greater than consumption, the surplus energy is used to drag hopper cars up a hill, and park them. When consumption is greater than production, they roll the cars back down the hill, running the dynamic brake the whole way to put power back into the grid and make up the deficit. Presumably these cars are full of depleted uranium or some other suitably heavy substance.

Apparently they're completely serious and straight faced about this. And they (only) want fifty five million U.S. dollars to build the first test facility. I mean, they've got a website and everything, so it must be legit.


The foamiest scam there ever was.


Not really ding dong
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grid_energy_storage NOw the $1,000,000 ebay listing to sell a patent for generating electricity with trains going downhill which involved hooking onto a cable, pulling the cable which spins a geneeator, now that was stupid.



The engineering behind it is sound, the economics of actually doing it is pretty dubious at least with the current energy production mix.
The great return of 3 phase electrification :)



Osakans are now planning to train their Sakai Muscles following compu-translator changing Sakaisuji Line to Sakai Muscle Line.


File: 1553254045237.jpg (2.77 MB, 4272x2848, ZelHPP_14.jpg)

Please don't tell these people about pumped-storage power plants…


File: 1553533357947.jpg (149.81 KB, 1506x996, NRZ1301.JPG)

From yet another murky corner of Teh Intertubez comes this:

TRAINS 1506x996 Colour JPEG - English Electric exported a number of their standard designs to various British colonies. Here a pair of National Railways of Zimbabwe DE3 class 1Co-Co1's bask in the dawn sunshine at Bulawayo in August 1984, having arrived with the daily train from Triangle.


New Zealand got them.Te drivers hated them because they had been ordered with a smaller than normal power unit because cheap. Gutless wonders.


As sometimes happens, I was poking around on Teh Interwebz, when I happened upon a report titled “Automated Mixed Traffic Transit Vehicle Microprocessor Controller”. Seems NASA and JPL were playing with battery-powered, driverless trams primo the 1980s.

This report is about the Z80-based control computer and its hardware and software components. It even has the entire source code, written in Microsoft Fortran-80. Wow. Now I know that F-80 code is ROMable.

Aside: Microsoft Fortran-80 is FORTRAN-66 for CP/M-80. It lacks complex variables and mayhaps some other stuff.


That plan…
>What hipsters do with their parents' money.



That's gonna give the railroad unions a bad case of butthurt.


File: 1556063866541.jpg (144.72 KB, 800x504, 800px-Sbb-rabde12-12.jpg)


Now how about this? 3200 horsepowers spread on *all* twelve axles!


Should anyone be interested, here are three clips of freights running block-to-block through a valley in Germany:



File: 1556392816131.jpg (110.72 KB, 1024x677, birthday train.jpg)

This was taken on my birthday.
"Cloudy with a chance of rain, huh."

>the economics of actually doing it is pretty dubious
Especially if the EVs solve the problem of battery price and longevity.

Still, this uses essentially existing technology and finding a suitable incline should be easier than filling up a valley for pumped hydro station.


File: 1557258297261.jpg (152.27 KB, 800x524, 800px-3450_-_Pretoria_2504….jpg)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_vDBjhOfUw – A South African Railways class 26 steam locomotive running light last year.



Coalition for Sustainable Rail: https://csrail.org/

Wonder how it will work out.



An entire model train on a circuit board about as large a posh smartphone.


File: 1558258020938.jpg (275.58 KB, 1400x1050, Tech-In-Two-Grumpy-Cat-453….jpg)



More hippie bullshit, chasing the unicorn and trying to catch its farts.


Eat your heart out, Märklin!

Anyway, RIP Grumpy Cat. Hopefully she's up there, giving Tama-chan the business.


If the Japanese can have mascots for their trains and stations, I vote that Grumpy Cat should be posthumously be made the mascot of American Railroading.



"Oh, your Amtrak train is 12 hours late? Good."



File: 1558393262986.jpg (85.68 KB, 500x617, 31gydd.jpg)


File: 1558399400820.jpg (26.96 KB, 500x614, 00a.jpg)


File: 1558439408201.jpg (29.09 KB, 500x363, Grumpy_Bunny.jpg)

So how about a Grumpy Bunny to go with Grumpy Cat?


File: 1558471123302.jpg (51.42 KB, 640x480, DSB_CO_10498_in_Jernbanemu….JPG)


https://londonist.com/2011/03/a-guide-to-alternative-london-tube-maps – or what happens when folk decide to have fun with LU maps.

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