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>One of the last logging railroads in North America ended a century-long run Nov. 6 as Englewood Railway ceased operations on Vancouver Island off Canada’s West Coast.



That is unfortunate.

And the line is probably too far out in the middle of Fuddruck, Nowhere, British Columbia to consider preserving as a heritage line.


It would be beautiful.


Time to head up there with the speeder before it gets all overgrown.


I live near it and am intimately familiar with the line. I have hiked and explored virtually the whole grade including several of it's abandoned branches from decades ago. This news saddens me, and contrary to reports it's not a real cost saving measure.

It's a beautifully maintained railroad with some unique locomotives. I love watching & listening to a heavy train in full dynamics roll slowly downgrade with 60 to 70 log cars.

If I know the company, WFP will scrap the line quickly. I just wonder what will become of the four diesels. #303 is still in Canfor yellow and has been stored out-of-service since 2008-ish.


If you're serious about a speeder trip, i'd like to join you. You may have to act quick, I heard a rumour that dismantling may occur as early as April. I'll have to do some calling around to find out for sure.


I wish I were but that's too far of a trip for an uncertain ride.


If you can talk to the owners and arrange a NARCOA excursion you would have no problem finding an open seat.


File: 1512333278183.jpg (640.55 KB, 1080x742, Nov29.jpg)

Don't worry, BC taxpayers will pay for the increased road maintenance. :-/


File: 1525748903605.jpg (476.94 KB, 960x720, 4720.jpg)

The authoritative book on this line was released a few weeks ago in case anyone is interested. It's big, the size of a phone book and just as thick. 390 pages. I know one of the authors and he indicated that there may be an addendum of pics to go with it at a later date, apparently a lot of pictures were cut from the final result and they're gauging the demand.

An update; as of mid-March the line is still silent. In fact there are railcars still parked on the mainline at several areas as if the crews just up & walked away after last years fatal accident. Lots of community pressure to reactivate the line. Unfortunately WFP (Western Forest Products) historically is a milling company, not a logging company… and they have little expertise in it. Fingers crossed smarter people with foresight will prevail. Maybe the recent fuel hikes will resurrect it.


Interesting choice, the last logger to go and the first C-liner to be wrecked.


WFP is looking for public input on what to do with the rail line.


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