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I would not be at all surprised, were I to learn that Staff-chan is somewhere and somewhen involved in staff-and-ticket working.


See f.ex http://sdrsignalling.com/Staff_and_Ticket.html

(Above image is from cosplayisland.co.uk, a cosplaying site in the UK)


I've never understood the point of silly token based train movement authority except before the invention of the telegraph.

If you have a railroad RoW surely you can construct some telegraph wire and communicate a train has cleared a block before issuing authority to another.


On a short branch with little traffic, a staff-type token may well be all the train control needed. Throw the switch to get onto the branch, throw it back once you're in, pull the staff to lock the switch. Reverse the sequence when you get back.

Come to think of it, I think some working lines in Japan still use tokens, at least the coin type. Ever seen videos/pix where driver and/or station manager are holding wire loops with leather pockets on?


File: 1509257804395.gif (347.95 KB, 349x246, 1402533926723.gif)

I imagine with some the management just forgot about their existence and staff just get paid out of routine.

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