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choo choo motherfuckers

i come from 4chan and i cant believe this imageboard is still going on since 2003.

what's your secret?(Yup, it's trains, and it doesn't look like you've got them.)


> what's your secret?

Trains, I suppose.


Are you from /pol/, /v/, /s4s/, /r9k/, or /v/?
>Rhetorical question, yes you are
Are you underage?
>Rhetorical question, yes you are

Now fuck off and stop making off-topic newfag posts a trend. Lurk and if it doesn't interest you, then shove off.


actually from /bant/


File: 1508800556171.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, 1508799923937.jpg)

It's literally the same thing.
/b/, /v/, /s4s/, /r9k/, /pol/, /bant
They are all newfag boards that are made for containment for people to assimilate into chan culture. But you fucks don't do that anymore because the number of newfags that enter are dispraportionate from the number of oldfags so now you just create your own retarded ignorant culture. It's disgusting


I just want to take a straw poll here: who here is active on another chan - and if you are, which ones?


I frequent several textboards like SAOVQ and 4-ch. I browse /o/ on 4chan too


File: 1508841913955.jpg (104.6 KB, 640x429, 1265700341265.jpg)

I used to contribute to 4chan (particularly /n/)and operatorchan quite regularly, but not so much since I got a girlfriend.


File: 1509058960451.png (24.29 KB, 463x500, cyduck.png)

I was on 4chan starting around 2006 and finally left for the obvious reasons. I found 1chan way back because 4chan used to link to it. I was on a bunch of other chans after dozens of them suddenly appeared but they're all gone now.

The only chans I visit now are for porn except lainchan (which is a general cyberpunk site and not exclusively about Lain).


Man, there's nothing I love more than suggesting that girls can't be into a traditionally male hobby because they like it.


The ironic part is that the kids who post that stuff are the same who make ">tfw no gf" threads or whatever the modern equivalent is.


File: 1509183488008.jpg (11.47 KB, 236x219, train.jpg)


This thread is a dumpster fire that just started.


File: 1509253461673.jpg (465.7 KB, 2560x1707, 161103-ryan-dumpster-fire-….jpg)


>implying the whole site isn't newfag cancer

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