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File: 1507657855110.gif (1.87 MB, 480x256, orange line 14000.gif)


Hnnnngh, new MBTA Orange Line trains in the metal flesh


It looks like it's brand new for 1970..


>Chinese trains
Typical Boston making bad decisions. You'd have to be pretty stupid to not order your subway rolling stock from Kawasaki or Bombardier or Alstom


File: 1507743758172.jpg (107.16 KB, 900x551, RedLineOption1.jpg)

The T is all about them Chinese trains. CRRC is making the Red Line replacements too.

I mean we are talking an agency that now has a "fiscal control board".


Who cares, all the parts are made in China anyways..


Where were the blue line cars built?



The new 0700 cars were made by Siemens. And beset with problems when they first arrived. Despite that grand "German engineering."

The old 0600 cars (which share their design with the current Orange Line cars) were made by good ole' Hawker Siddeley Canada and had no problems to me, aside from rusting because the Blue Line literally runs yards from the oceanfront in some areas.


Yes but where were they built New York? Vermont? California?


File: 1508498462758.jpg (29.94 KB, 720x405, p05k3j33.jpg)

Japanese trains superior. Check out this revolutionary aircon which cools passengers through direct contact.


How much are you paid to post on western imageboards?

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