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File: 1570677700301.jpg–(239.04KB, 720x540, tren_roca.jpg)
send your photos of old trains that are still used in your countries
¨ No.462
1570685117079.jpg–(70.12KB, 900x433, e7d09d130eb759cbb266686644002bf7.jpg)
I'm going to infer that by "still used" you mean in commercial service, as opposed to tourist operations.

The Arkansas & Missouri line still runs an Alco T6 (~early 1960s build date) for switching, and I'm sure if you dig deep enough (which I can't be bothered to do) you'll find a handful of GP9s still in use that haven't had all their innards replaced.
¨ No.463
1570685444752.jpg–(89.34KB, 768x364, history-main.jpg)
There's a guy in New Jersey who owns/operates a switching line for an industrial park, and he likes to use old Baldwin diesels, some as old as the late 1940s. Careful though, apparently the industrial park isn't too fond of railfans.
¨ No.464
1570713178375.jpg–(445.12KB, 1274x838, 20170921_601904.jpg)
Depends what you consider as old. The oldest stock we have in operational condition is type Ь (unpronounceable Russian letter, although in ye olde times it was vocally designated ar "yer") steam loco #2012 which is 122 years old. Older than any known person alive.

Just think of it. That thing saw the 19th century, the entire 20th, it existed for almost the entire reign of the last Russian emperor, it saw Lenin coming to power, and when it was built he was still no one, it survived both world wars, it lived through the collapse of the USSR and the mess of 90s (when it could have been easily scrapped for the metal overnight), and now it is still around to see hipsters making selfies with it as just another cute little parovoz.
¨ No.472
1570750651192.jpg–(187.84KB, 1049x672, Dv35.jpg)
The oldest working revenue engine is VR's Dv12 number 2501 made in 1963.

That was easy, but there definitely are still few older engines in commercial use, but pointing the oldest of them all is tricky. However, let me represent Komsor ltd's Dv35, "Tuomas", no number besides EVN. (Their other engine is "Igor".) Made in 1960 and still pulling work trains in the wider "imperial network".

Much of Vr stuff is online and the rest is publicly available too but for assembling the definitive list of all the privately held industrial switchers, let alone when exactly were they delivered and if they still exist as we speak would be a job for a real historian.

>The oldest operational broad gauge locomotive is Vk4 number 68 from 1910 in the Finnish Railway Museum. (There are numerous older ones in stationary display.)
>The oldest operational is ÄSR 1, a 1901 H. K. Porter in Jokioinen museum railway.
¨ No.473
1570761919011.jpg–(56.17KB, 696x387, belgrano-norte.jpg)
does anyone know what train model this is
¨ No.475
It's an Astarsa, maybe a G22? They're based off of EMD's G22. Made in Argentina.
¨ No.480
1570850620242.jpg–(236.03KB, 1280x720, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)
it's a G22C, pretty much one of the A-1-A G22's re-trucked with actual C trucks

also chugga chugga
¨ No.481
1570854198037.jpg–(8.40KB, 334x194, SMS_Rail_Lines_(logo).jpg)
>model your logo after the reading
>deliberately seek out and build a fleet of every baldwin that still somehow runs
>then keep them running for 25 years after you bought them

oh noooooo, where did all these raaaaaaaaaail faaaaaans come from???
¨ No.482
1570855272681.jpg–(907.67KB, 2000x1500, P1360614sm.jpg)

Speaking of "Oh no, railfans!" the fuckin WNYP is NOT having a good time. Ever since word got out that they're getting rid of the six-axle Alcos/MLWs, the line has been awash with foam.


Oh shit, 475 IS still technically in commercial service (as opposed to tourist service) on occasion. Built in 1906, That MIGHT be the winner for the USA.
¨ No.502
1571040944109.jpg–(186.09KB, 1024x576, 37403 resized.jpg)
Until quite recently, this was operating on the Cumbrian coast line for Northern Rail.
¨ No.504
no me gustan los trenes de inglaterra son muy afeminados
¨ No.512
1571318779936.jpg–(457.52KB, 1200x800, EP05 23.jpg)
The last Skoda 44E (series EP05) in running condition in Poland, still operates passenger service.

Built in 1961, modified into EP05 configuration in 1973. Withdrawn in 2008, most of the series were scrapped in the 90's and early 2000's. This one survived and was restored in 2017.

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