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Why don’t you put a rubber hose connected to train air over the wheel bearings? If the bearings overheat the hose will melt dumping the air stopping the train.




Because roller bearings…?


Because it's a bad idea to needlessly put a train in emergency when it's running track speed.

Shit tends to derail and pile up.


Because hotbox detection is a solved problem?


This. Jesus H. Christ Ham, just give up.


An overheated bearing poses more danger to the train then an emergency brake application.


An overheated bearing poses more danger to the train then an emergency brake application.


Not really when there are hot box detectors roughly every 10 miles.

Roller bearings are far more reliable than journal bearings to the point that it's almost stupid to worry about them overheating.

Furthermore, uncommanded emergency brake applications coming from the middle of a train are huge causes of derailments and ripped knuckles and drawheads. I've seen several times where a low hanging airhose hits a road crossing, comes undone, and rips the train apart in one or more places.

But what the fuck do I know, Ham? I just work around the shit almost everyday while you volunteer at a fucking museum.


Detectors every 10 miles man you're spoiled in non class one mainline land you're lucky if you have signals.





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There is only one direction - down. I think we may need to consider ousting Ham and installing a new mod.



>Worrying about overheating bearings when you're putting around at 10mph


I think of an idea and run it by everyone, and everyone for some reason gets grumpy.


Considering the trolley I drive has no air brakes this wouldn't apply.


They are probably too used to thinking of you as a wild-eyed foamer with a bad case of otaku.

As for the idea, I suppose it would be thought of as “Great! More hose to wear and tear and break at the worst possible place and time!”


https://youtu.be/Y9jr_DOBiYM It still happens as long as there's not too much eat beans underrated the hoses should not wear down.


Are you partially retarded? What part of my post has anything to do with that?


"Puttering around at 10mph" I thought you were referring to the trolley I drive because that's about how fast it goes. I live near Main Line that has no signals and a trains go quite a bit faster than 10mph https://youtu.be/1ww1nd3QviM


>No signals means no defect detectors.
The implication is dark territory run by non class I's is slow speed 10-25 mph track where hot axles are not a concern.


A discussion has been started off of this board regarding the matter. Your voices are being heard. Nothing is hinted or implied, and there's nothing more to the matter at this time.


>>4560 – Ow. That was one really screwed journal, allright.



Back in the day it was obvious ThatDog was several steps removed from the board and that Ham was effectively grandfathered in as a mod.

I'm not saying that being a moderator should be a popularity contest, because it absolutely shouldn't, and I'm not even saying that Ham doesn't do anything positive for the community - I'm sure he deletes just as much CP and Russian/Ukranian/Acrylic spam as all the rest of you…

However, he has the following traits that I belive make him a pretty horrible moderator.
1) He is divisive in his existance and it will colour any action he takes against users.

2) He is prone to shitpost - he seems to have cut back on the anti-furry since 2010, but we still get "lmao f40ph" and frankly it's not adding much signal to the board.

3) Posts like the ones in this thread; borderline nonsense, mostly asperger's-driven mumbles about tangentially related things.

4) His longstanding feud with you, Tex, which he's (nearly) always seemingly been the instigator of and which you have broadly dismissed and moved on from, much to your credit and seemingly his frustration. Admittedly the last time this came up the (public) message posted towards him was "shape up or ship out" but still - it colours all of his future moderation actions as someone who holds grudges.

Ps: Every thread with him involved basically devolves into "gb2 trolleychan :^)" and, genuinely, I imagine that this must be very frustrating for him. I wish he'd tripfag less but frankly he'd be rumbled instantly anyway.

In short,
Ham Plz Go.


1.) I have never taken any action agenest any real user, just spam and porn.
2.) When was the last time I made an F40PH thread?
3.) I am putting a solution to a problem. Otis never worked in the elevator industry, and stepheson wasn't a Railroader.
4.) I helped save 1chan and I put Tex in charge of the temporary site.
5.)Not my fault.


It's not even a debate, but you have misunderstood my 3rd point - I'm not even complaining about your original idea, which may be a sound concept and might actually be original enough that you'd be granted a patent.

My point was that your individual responses are so rambling and tangential to the posts they refer to that the thread will rapidly devolve into "no that's not what I was saying, you didn't even reply to my point". This has happened repeatedly!


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