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Street 'art' vandals paint Union Pacific engine to look like a tiger. Both people in the freight graffiti world and railfan world are angry. The graffiti writers are mad because painting engines is one of the most obvious no no's. It just makes doing graffiti at that spot harder and crack downs more often. Railfans mad for obvious reasons. This street art collective are the same ones responsible for all those Donald Trump "has no balls" statues that popped up everywhere. And Bum Fights, yeah same people, they're political now I guess. Pic only semi related, just a picture I took in kc with graffiti in the background


I think this looks badass. Obviously the glass needs to get cleaned but if they slap a roadnumber back on it its good to go.


File: 1506039121617.png (126.4 KB, 640x960, image.png)

I'm complaining about the music to one of the artists on Instagram lol


File: 1506045351667.png (2.04 MB, 1457x920, fuckinsweettigerengine.png)

You gotta admit tho, it looks fuckin dope

Railroads ought to paint more engines in crazy-ass schemes like this.


File: 1506048128686.jpg (138.89 KB, 800x620, July 29 019.jpg)

>does it cover up reporting marks, or anything else necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment?
>does it cover up fallen flag logos, or any other markings of historical significance?

If no, does anyone really give a shit?
Or to play Devil's Advocate, you could argue 'broken window theory', i.e., letting minor crimes go unpunished emboldens criminals and enables greater crimes.

>the same ones responsible for all those Donald Trump "has no balls" statues

Hadn't heard about this until now. So they're tryhard edgelords.
>And Bum Fights, yeah same people
And for the sake of the ignorant, this group of people does what, exactly?


It does look pretty sweet, but it does cover reporting marks. I think it should be patched. Regardless of artistic worth it doesn't deserve to be there. However I feel that if proper permission was received, this would make quite the good addition to a railroad museum, possibly as a traveling piece.

The videos feature teenagers and homeless men…fighting and attempting amateur stunts in exchange for money, alcohol, and other incentives.



File: 1506085521169.jpg (122.16 KB, 800x600, 1394409895975.jpg)


the lowkey problem with this is that pretty much everything under-frame has its maintenance history or last service date painted on it, and they pretty much obliterated all of that


File: 1507658760288.png (10.83 KB, 573x119, UP mad bro.png)

Semi necro-bumping an old thread, but…

UP obviously mad bros.

So mad in fact…

They commented on the video.


They're definitely butthurt. Dunno if their worried about their public image or what.


Probably trying to discourage this from becoming a trend. This one might look nice but the next several? Probably not.


File: 1507704420314.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.07 KB, 410x205, train penis.jpg)

In before an UP SD70M graffiti'd up to look like a hairy, veiny giant penis.


I hit the spoiler button for you. I debated about it, but in the end it is a dick and technically NSFW. Not enough to remove, but enough to need to hide.



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