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Has anyone taken the WP&Y from Whitehorse, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska?

I'm thinking of flying into Yukon Airport, paying a one-way (coach from Whitehorse to Carcross, Youkon, then train through British Columbia to Skagway, Alaska), then taking the Alaska state ferry out.

Would love to hear more about any experiences, if lugging luggage along on a trip like this is practical.


I would say to pack light, as the WP&Y isnt really a passenger carrier in the sense of transportation, more of a glorified tourist railroad. People generally ride up and take a bus back to Skagway.

Consider that you will need a passport for the international flying, and that flight into Whitehorse is likely to be a puddle-jumper. They might not allow one way in the southbound direction, definitely call the WP&Y.


I'm planning to fly from HNL -> YVR (visit relatives) -> YXY -> WP&Y to Skagway -> Alaska state ferry to Whittier or Seaward -> Alaska Railroad to ANC -> fly back to HNL

The YVR -> YXY leg is just be an award flight so I can burn some Aeroplan miles (at a surprisingly low 7500 miles one way + fees, we pay the same in miles for a 30 min interisland flight in the islands), and WP&Y does allow one-ways in each direction. I'm thinking of a rollaboard carry-on each for the 2 of us travelling? Am struggling with how to do laundry if we are carrying so little. didn't find much in the way of condo-type properties with washing machines inside


I've also thought of doing this trip backwards: HNL -> ANC -> Alaska Railroad to end of line -> coach to Carcross -> WP&Y to Skagway -> Alaska state ferry to Prince Rupert or BLI -> fly back to HNL

The very frustrating part is there are no scheduled flights between Whitehorse and Alaska, and spending endless hours in transit in between by something Greyhound is not how I'll like to spend my vacation time.

>be unfortunate enough to take Greyhound

>get head chopped off by insane passenger next to you
>criminal pleads insanity, avoids any responsibility
>gets out of jail because this cucked country is soft on crime
>ex-con legally changes name, disappears off the map
This would be funny if it didn't already happen in real life…



You cant just hop the bus from Fairbanks to Carcross, there is no Greyhound up there.


File: 1504861897616.jpg (325.75 KB, 1280x960, DSCF0058.JPG)

I managed a bash on it when I was working on cruise ships. It is THE most scenic railway I have ever been on. If you can afford to get up there (or get a job that takes you there) do go!


File: 1505113794639.jpg (83.05 KB, 644x322, alaska-railroad-adventure-….jpg)


This is how I was able to do the Alaska Railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage and back, it was great

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