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File: 1503952759426.jpg (664.33 KB, 1920x1275, 1920px-Odakyu_50000_VSE_20….jpg)


>Beautiful interior
>Regenerative brakes, air suspension, tilts
>Driver's cab located above the passenger saloon, giving passengers a view out of the front of the train
>Max speed of 130 km/h

Why is the Odakyu 50000 not of one of your favorite trains, anon?


Because we're mostly Americunts and we love our massive, lumbering trains with the latest and greatest technology of 1999.


File: 1504062242083.jpg (362.13 KB, 960x639, Odakyu RC7000 LSE.jpg)

I happen to like the old 7000 more. Doesn’t get much cooler than a cab that looks like a soft-top.


File: 1504101769081.jpg (154.8 KB, 444x275, 1396624455154.jpg)

Because the exterior looks like a malformed ICE 3. I'll give you the interior though, especially the front seats which can be set sideways for events too.






How the hell does the drive fit up there? How does the driver even get up there?


It's Japan so the driver is probably all of 4'6" tall.

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