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Guess who I was :(


fucking hell how is the trolley museum going to afford this


It was just donated too.


As a speeder owner I think the Velocipedes are neat, but would not risk touching them due to age. You could build a modern one real easy if you really wanted to use one on track.


The hell did you do this time?


File: 1504123497904.jpg (208.87 KB, 1632x918, rsz_20170827_104341.jpg)

Someone did. https://youtu.be/O5KlmaPrk68 The [email protected]%/ing chain keeps comming off and it always derails. I took it out recently for them kids to try and when I got back some old dude with sitting on it and made a comment about "wow you can really get a sweat up" after he got up and left the velocipede no longer worked ?. The guy who made it went back to Germany after he graduated high school and has an apprenticeship on some Narrow Gauge steam Railroad.


I was the guy the sign said you didn't want to be.


Its not a complicated machine. Just build one out of steel tubing for people to ride and leave the wood one alone. If you can't manage that you should not be messing with them.


That is until you get to the wheels.


Whats so hard about the wheels?


Yeah that is expensive, and if I recall correctly the guy selling those Wheels post his real dolls with them. I've already been working on fixing it, gear teeth were stripped so rotate into gear so another set of teeth will be in contact during the power strokes seems to be the best solution.


Those wheels are what, two, three feet in diameter, including the flanges?
Find a machine shop and have a set turned down from the solid.


Or roll a piece of flat stock into a circle then weld a flange and spokes on.


So a project that would cost around $600 is more expensive then letting a priceless piece of equipment get ruined?

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