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The Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit system is now operational. It officially opened today with three (free) event trip trains taking riders between Sonoma County Airport and San Rafael. Normal scheduled service begins tomorrow, with half fares through Labor Day. I took some pictures.


Seems p cool. What trains are they using?
Did you ride any trains anon?


File: 1503801110602.jpg (576.45 KB, 2359x1769, SMART_Rail_Rolling_Stock_(….jpg)

Fucking finally

The same DMUs being used in Toronto for their airport line.


Does this have any real use without the yet to be finished Larkspur ferry station and the connections to SF?


Not really. These are pieces of shit on the airport line in Toronto FYI.


File: 1504242964229.jpg (510.89 KB, 1200x800, 017A4274.jpg)

Dear god I've never seen such moire.
See attached for Up[ass]express.

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