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File: 1570494498267.jpg–(918.55KB, 2000x1500, 6111.jpg)
Thought I'd share a touch of OC with my photos from my trip to see the Class J on its visit to Pennsylvania. I guess the Strasburg RR was expecting so many tourists, they had to rent a larger engine?!? idk
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1570494563251.jpg–(1.54MB, 2016x1512, 6112.jpg)
*Gordon Voice* "Tender Engines don't run backwards!"
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1570494636349.jpg–(1.36MB, 2296x1724, 6113.jpg)
475 was modified to look like it was from the 1950s (it was still serving the N&W when the J was built) for the photo charters. The 1915 look had grown on me, but that center headlight is hot
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1570495092204.jpg–(2.00MB, 2296x1724, 6114.jpg)
The human factor of the photo charter wasn't great (director wasn't clear on what was happening next, dude needed a fucking megaphone for real) but the operation of the trains themselves was a fucking BALLET. Three trains on a 4.5 mile line. Just... how.

For example, in this shot, 475 was on the siding with 611 ahead on the main (out of sight to the left of the picture). 90 (approaching from the right) came into Groffs Grove, so 475 shoved back down the main where 90 had approached from, and 611 backed into the siding from the main so 90 could continue on to the station. Then 611 pulled forward onto the main, 475 took the siding, they posed side-by-side a bit for photographers, then 611 reversed back past the far end of the siding, squeezed onto the siding behind the 475, 90 came through in the opposite direction from earlier, then 475 pulled forward to pick us up from the crossing just out of sight to the left, taking us another mile or so down the line, following 90. All this took place in about 45 minutes total.

Also, MFW 90 is the largest engine on the Strasburg railroad and it is still dwarfed by the 4-8-4.
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1570495143747.jpg–(1.75MB, 2296x1724, 6115.jpg)
Mind you, I did get some SWEET shots as the sun was going down. This isn't one of them, this is a reject shot, as are the rest of the posts in this thread, but it's a story to tell, eh?
¨ No.442

Oh, and I forgot the step where 611 also did a photo runby in between the side-by-side posing and getting in on the siding behind 475.
¨ No.486
475 looks sharp with the back dating. I want it to stay like that.

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