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A little hobo update. First, I have two cellphones, one is an unactivated iPhone 4s I just use as a camera. The charger for that broke and so a lot of pictures I've taken are in limbo rn. The other phone I have is my actual cell, it has a camera but its terrible & its really laggy online. So I'll be posting via some pictures I already posted on my Instagram and just screebcapped and with my friends computer I'll grab pictures my friend took and posted on his photography blog. Forming.tumblr if ur interested.

OK so I've been living in KCMO for a while but recently did a short trip for about 3 weeks. Started with Kansas City MO to Willow Springs IL, rode a 53" mini well, on BNSF. It was night so I didn't get any pictures. First pic is my friend after getting off our train we began our walk to the next yard for our east bound train.


File: 1503141410583.jpg (365.32 KB, 1280x865, tumblr_ou4p0oIKhU1qas68to1….jpg)

Ok so we met up with 5 other friends and headed over to an NS spot for our east bound train. We knew it as a "hot yard" as in high security and oh boy it was. Two rail cops, an escort and it rolled thru 2 other yards on the way out of Chicago. This was Chicago IL to Conway PA, 53"'s for all 6 of us. 2 friends got off the train on the fly and made it out of the yard before the rest of us and flicked this pic of some of us running out of the yard. The IM in the back with all the green Hub Group was what we'd just been on.


File: 1503141721050.jpg (53.03 KB, 480x320, IMG_20170819_053529_742.JPG)

3 friends showed up in a van to pick us up from Conway, they were a lil late to pic us up even tho we'd texted about 20 mins before we were due to arrive. It turns out on their way to us they spotted the legend himself Train Doc standing by the tracks. He's an old rider who is constantly scouting new spots for riders to catch freight. They stopped to chat before coming for us. Conway YD is really close to this ice cream shop by the name of Punks we all went to after being on a train all night and most of the day. They had this train outside.


File: 1503141823244.jpg (53.82 KB, 480x472, IMG_20170819_053420_794.JPG)

We hung out for a few days in Pittsburgh before all of us drove to central PA for a camping trip, stopping at the famous Horseshoe Curve along the way.


File: 1503141872634.jpg (47.36 KB, 480x474, IMG_20170819_053444_640.JPG)

Same kid from the first pic also at Horseshoe


File: 1503141964669.jpg (20.86 KB, 480x472, IMG_20170819_053406_121.JPG)

Oh forgot to post this funny picture. While in Pittsburgh a few of us wandted to a small yard to just linger around the tracks one night and I spotted this funny graffiti.


File: 1503142072011.jpg (377.1 KB, 1280x865, tumblr_ou8p14divS1qas68to1….jpg)

Here's where pics run out because they're stuck on my other phone. From central PA all but 1 of the 6 of us continued east via car to Philly. Here's us parting ways.


From Philly the rest of us took the China town bus to NYC, where everyone but me took a Greyhound bus to west Massachusetts. I stuck around NYC for a few days meeting up with other riders/friends, even ran into a Kansas city local. I also ran into a really young rider who I met in Indiana last year, turns out he's from NYC. We left town together. Took the Pace train to Jersey City NJ where we went to the CSX spot but after no luck we moved spots. The train was supposed to arrive around 11pm, we moved around 3am. We walked over to the NS spot and around 6am our ride pulled up.


We rode Jersey City NJ to Harrisburg PA where we briefly got off and double checked where we were. After google maps told us we checked our notes, they told us a Chicago train arrives around 1pm, I checked the time and it was one, we were already on it so we just hopped back on.


It started raining somewhere past Horseshoe and we bailed from our miniwells in Conway, dodging workers, to ride a pig with wings or as you might know them a tofc. A dry(er) ride. That train doesn't usually stop before rolling into the yard in Chicago so you have to get off on the fly. Luckily for us it did stop to let another train by, we got off in South side Chicago on the first day of a 3 day punk festival. My friend and I split up and I met up some friends on the blue line and headed for the suburbs.


File: 1503143029590.jpg (55.06 KB, 480x471, IMG_20170819_053457_660.JPG)

I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in 3 years while in Chicago. When I met him those years back he was really green, he was a hitch hiker I happened to pick up with friends in Indiana (there's a punk fest there every two years where I meet lots of people) and I gave him tips on riding freight. He, me & the same person from NYC took the Metra to Willow Springs IL yet again to catch BNSF to kcmo. Once we got to KC we waited by the tracks under a bridge (arriving just minutes before it started pouring rain) when this colorful train rolled by.


File: 1503143069169.jpg (48.6 KB, 480x474, IMG_20170819_053516_099.JPG)

The rest of the power.


Sometime after the eclipse I plan on riding the transcon on BNSF to Bakersfield CA on a single train without getting off. I asked friends who've done it how long it takes and they said roughly 3 days. I've got business to take care of in my hometown. Bakersfield being the closest I can get by freight, and that's still a 2 hour bus ride away. I might get off along the way just to have a night of not being trapped on a train. And then continue west.

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