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I'm up to some no good nonsense again.


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Tex is playing with chooches for the first time in a while.


Good indeed. What's these cute little poor excuses for EMU by the way?


Exclusive models built for Dallas Area Rapid Transit by Kinkisharyo. They're actually not too bad, just worn out. They're capable of doing 80 mph.


Huh. Guess they do dart around. Good on them.




DART… only one letter away from FART. Coincidence, I think not!


I'm not arguing. I just get to play with choo choos.

I ran about 1,000 ft on Friday, maxing out at 10 mph. I'm a happy duder right now.


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I've been going to Dallas Union Station every year on vacation and spend a day just sitting on the benches watching the trains. DART, TRE, Amtrak, UP, BNSF, DNGO. You can see like a hundred trains in a few hours. Not as much as other cities or railfan hot spots. But Dallas.


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File: 1501567471913.jpg (727.96 KB, 2048x1362, 34444320195_35fcb8e286_k.jpg)


Rode through Union Station today, was about as full of passenger trains as I'd ever seen it. Eastbound Texas Eagle, two TRE trains (one pulling in as we arrived), the northbound Red line train I was on, and though not at the main platforms, the modern streetcar. On the way through earlier I saw a CN SD70M pulling a whopping total of 3 boxcars.


We need something like a hand signal for 1channers in the wild. I'll be out on the mainline during daytime hours in a couple of weeks, but since I'll be with an instructor I can't stop and chat.


Yeah. A few years ago I'm almost certain I was right behind you on a streetcar you were driving, but didn't say anything because I was hanging out with my mom and didn't want to explain. Also I hadn't actually ever talked to you before and only figured it was you by similarity in pictures you posted here vs ones that MATA posted on facebook, so it would've seemed creepy.


File: 1502669938515.jpg (3.32 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20170811_003309.jpg)


i will maek 1chan hat and wear it next spring when i visit. it will probably be f40ph awesome.


>>4330When is the Cotton Belt going to be built? Is it true that it could reach Murphy and Wylie if they opt in? Is it true that Dallas is building a subway, and if it is why did the article show it having like 5 stops? Why even build a subway with only 5 stops? Will they eventually expand it?


Sorry I didn't mean to greentext I'm new. Just two more questions, whats the percentage chance of Texas High Speed Rail between Dallas and Houston actually happening anywhere near the time they're claiming? And what about that Medium speed rail project between Dallas and Fort Worth?


File: 1505663962284.jpg (2.98 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20170913_231722.jpg)

I haven't heard about the Cotton Belt project going to Wylie or Murphy.

The D2 subway project is projected to only have five stops because it's not designed to be a standalone subway project. It's a realignment of probably the Green and Orange lines in order to alleviate congestion in the existing corridor downtown. As it is, ALL trains are going on that same stretch through the Central Business District. If anything goes wrong in that stretch from Northwest to Southeast junctions, it impacts the entire system. No bueno.

I'm not privy to that kind of information about the Texas High Speed Rail project, and haven't heard anything about another rail project between Dallas and Fort Worth. Seems kind of redundant, honestly.


Thanks my man. Do you think the Coton belt extension is a good idea?


We'll see if it happens period.. If it does, it will be quite a while. If construction doesn't start next year like they claim, then don't hold your breath.


>that Medium speed rail project between Dallas and Fort Worth
It'll never happen, Fort Worth is just being pissy about being secondary to Dallas, as per usual.


Ft. Worth is already building its part and it's to begin service next year.


I know, Texrail runs to the airport. I was talking about the proposal to build an extension of the bullet train from Dallas to Fort Worth via Arlington.


I actually haven't heard anything of this. Shows how much I pay attention.


Are they really that far apart? I'm all for rail, but a bullet train, is that necessary?


Not really, and we already have a pretty good rail service between the two. There's no point in adding high speed rail service. On top of that, Arlington pretty much hates public transit, so I don't think they'll be buying into anything like that soon. I seem to recall that they're the largest city in the US without a good public transit service. DART runs exactly one route with only four stops in the city.

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