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File: 1500045040872.jpg (54.94 KB, 600x337, worst-train-tracks.jpg)


I could never find a name for this phenomenon or why it happens. TLDR: zoom lenses make tracks look crappy.


File: 1500045863023.jpg (898.68 KB, 2560x1600, c99aa2d5dbf746111f0792fcc3….jpg)

The phenomenon is called "having crappy tracks". The track looks like shit because it is, in fact, shit.

Here's a track that doesn't look crappy because, well, it isn't crappy.


File: 1500063362082.jpg (494.26 KB, 1200x900, 20170301_585139.jpg)

Much smaller focal length on your pic. Although you can notice it is still more straight than the OP-pic. Still very long focal length can make small imperfections appear more noticeable but somewhat trained eye can easily tell decent track from crappy from any FL.


>>4115 – I think it’s called ohshitimgunnadiebeforeigetoffthis.

>>4119 – Looks like there are also eddies in the air, making it harder to judge the track. And… is the closer unit actively *trying* to pretend it is photoshopped in?



And this track needs a surfacing gang.



>is the closer unit actively *trying* to pretend it is photoshopped in?

Not at all. You can see there are at least two signal blocks between these 2TE10MKs. But judging by the twin yellow on the entrance signal (the middle one) apparently the further engine is waiting for the closer one on a passing siding.


It's called telephoto compression, it makes the image look way shallower than it is, so the small changes in the track profile that are very gradual because they act over a large distance seem to act over a much smaller distance

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