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File: 1499830318925.png (214.65 KB, 1920x1080, qfMiGJF.png)


I think somebody used one of teh_fuhr3r's pictures for this Minecraft art.


what mod is that


File: 1499982067231.jpg (572.51 KB, 1600x860, 1371974907797.jpg)

That's the way you do trains in Minecraft!


…the pic is not mine if you're wondering. I'm not THAT nerd.


Hell if I know. I came across the image on Reddit.

It cracks me up that Minecraft is so looked down upon that even the train guys are like "no, I'm not actually associated with that."


> even the train guys

Why "even"? I don't know about North America but in Europe and Russia apparently if you like trains as a hobby it certainly doesn't mean you're unsocialized or have some issues or just plain old "NEEEEEEERDS". Even if some outsiders (not much though) may think so, there is a whole bunch of successful "normal" people who like trains.


File: 1500056903277.jpg (447.67 KB, 1600x838, Screenshot001.jpg)

And I certainly don't hate MC, in fact in earlier years I've played a lot with it, some sessions with friends and we actually built a lot of railways here, but, unlike this >>4112, in practical, in-game manner as this is the fastest, safest (if elevated, in tunnel or otherwise properly protected from aggressive fauna) and VERY fun way to travel between bases or certain points of interest. Only those who played will fully understand.

What I actually meant is that I'm not so obsessed to put a freakin' rail simulator into Minecraft.

Ah, this hit me with nostalgia. Had to reinstall the whole game and make this screenshot.


File: 1500118382984.jpg (61.27 KB, 1280x765, tumblr_nbft7t9STs1rwqfv9o1….jpg)


> in Europe and Russia, if you like trains as a hobby it certainly doesn't mean you're unsocialized or have some issues or just plain old "NEEEEEEERDS"

In North America, it means almost exactly that.


This. In most of society's eyes, someone who likes trains is most likely at least slightly autistic.


Well maybe in Russia trains are still considered too unusual hobby to be totally okay with but many "normal" people actually kinda like trains (not as an interest but just sorta peace of mind) so it is unlikely you will be treated like a nutjob should anyone find out about this hobby. It is more likely some slight misunderstanding rather than plain arrogance.

But NO ONE actually can logically justify why they think it is… not an obvious interest even though regular cars or planes are totally fine in everyone's eyes! And this is the common trait between both hemispheres, am'right? Only one familiar girl of mine actually managed to give somewhat of a logical explanation to this and the funny thing she is totally okay with the foaming.


Whoever he is he has damn fine taste in train pictures. :^)


Not my photo, but if I were, I wouldn't mind having it sprayed around meinkraft!

Trains are a weird hobby. I think we're all over it.


What the heck mod is THIS?!


I suppose the answer is on the same picture:)

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