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hello from japan


File: 1498193215564.jpg (257.06 KB, 1000x664, DSC01186a.jpg)

Going to nom all the ekiben or ride all the 3 Cruise Train?

I want to go back but no spare time or money. It was like being in a candy store uwu


File: 1498241027173.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 608.jpg)

>you will never work for JR rail


File: 1499820807644.jpg (759.04 KB, 1889x1173, n-accidents-a-20150725.jpg)

Like most nip workplaces JR is toxic AF. Read about the root causes of the Amagasaki crash.


>>4106 – I take it you mean the crappy relations between floor and tower within JRWest. It has come up here a few times.

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