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File: 1570117936261.jpg–(750.26KB, 2048x1365, 017A1951 RCP Banff CP 1401 4107.jpg)
Hey! I can finally post again!
Last Tuesday I got word the Royal Canadian Pacific was headed out to Lake Louise and back. I had a couple clients scheduled in Canmore in the morning, but I caught up with them during a station stop at Banff.
¨ No.364
1570163215467.jpg–(1.20MB, 2048x1638, 1N5A1749 RCP 1401 4107 Storm Mountain.jpg)
We next caught the train at the Storm Mountain viewpoint (roughly mile 101) which has a famous view in the other direction. Maybe we'll catch it on the way back?
¨ No.365
1570163248496.jpg–(1.04MB, 2048x1365, 017A2024 RCP Storm Mountain RCP 1401 4107.jpg)
I almost made it to where I wanted to for the going away shot.
¨ No.366
1570163316000.jpg–(1.24MB, 2048x1365, 017A2039 RCP Morants Curve RCP 1401 4107.jpg)
Next stop is the famous (and increasingly tree covered curve at mile 113.
The speed limit on the railway is 55MPH for passenger.
The speed limit on the highway is 60...kph.
I'm sure we obeyed all relevant laws.
¨ No.367
1570163363445.jpg–(0.96MB, 2048x1365, 017A2046RCP 1401 4107 Morants Curve.jpg)
Again, the famous view is the other direction. The trees get worse here every year, and the railway and the park keep saying it's not their responsibility.
¨ No.368
1570163413288.jpg–(855.26KB, 2048x1345, 017A2059-HDRRCP 1401 4107 Lake Louise .jpg)
The train turned at Lake Louise. Now this is an issue why? Oh right, because the nearest crossover is up the hill at the top of the pass.
¨ No.369
1570163481160.jpg–(973.57KB, 1365x2048, 017A2084 RCP CP 1401 4107 Divide AB.jpg)
We chased the units running light for their hour-long runaround, about 8 miles each way.
¨ No.370
1570163528804.jpg–(598.23KB, 2048x1365, 017A2103CP 8603 8156 train 602 Lake Louise.jpg)
Before they ran the units onto the north track, a very overwhelmed RTC managed to slide a surprisingly short (80 cars, 2+1+1) empty potash train through.
¨ No.371
1570163562288.jpg–(917.69KB, 2048x1365, 017A2128 RCP Lake Louise RCP 1401 4107.jpg)
The triumphant return!
¨ No.372
1570163594698.jpg–(824.99KB, 2048x1365, 017A2158 RCP Lake Louise RCP 1401 4107.jpg)
This joint was absolute butter.
¨ No.373
1570163679272.jpg–(653.87KB, 2048x1365, 017A2191 RCP Lake Louise RCP 1401 4107.jpg)
Last one of the RCP. They slide it into a stub track they call the Chalet track, and I found out that everyone aboard was off on a bus tour of the surroundings and they wouldn't be departing until roughly 6. Sunset would be at 8, but more importantly, I had to be back in Calgary for 7:30. Looks like other shots will have to wait.
¨ No.374
1570163720363.jpg–(685.64KB, 2048x1365, 1N5A1768 CP 8927 train 112 Lake Louise station nor)
The dining car staff walk back to the train while intermodal 112 heads down the north track.
¨ No.375
1570163772240.jpg–(755.53KB, 2048x1365, 1N5A1837 CP 8729 9739 Vermilion Lakes Banff AB Tra)
Half an hour later, we passed 112 on the highway and decided to grab one more shot of it.
¨ No.376
1570163804201.jpg–(0.99MB, 2048x1365, 1N5A1858 CP 5987 5922 5750 6031 Cougar Creek Canmo)
...That's when we realized there was a work train with 4 SD40-2s on the mainline!
¨ No.377
1570163836463.jpg–(810.55KB, 2048x1366, 1N5A1866 CP 5987 5922 5750 6031 Gap.jpg)
Feels like all the old GMD units CP has have at least one light burned out...
¨ No.378
1570163903573.jpg–(0.97MB, 2048x1365, 1N5A1937 CP 5987 5922 5750 6031 Gap.jpg)
Last one. They dropped off their gondolas at Gap, where they have rip-rap to load. The power needed to make it back to Calgary, and they were making plans to have it hauled back on another train from Exshaw instead of running light the whole way, so this was where we ended it.
¨ No.379
1570170901589.jpg–(1.85MB, 3164x2124, DSC_09591.jpg)
Those are some professional level pics.
I know my pics are sometimes, not too often, chosen for commercial rail magazines (which may, if stretch the definition enough, put them into professional category too) but they very noticeably lack the level of "crispiness" and exposition balance of yours.

Heres an example. Unfortunately, since I so far chose to retain my anonimity here, I can post only the pics which are not suitable for publishing under my real name.

>looks at his exif

Oh. I see. Then to you my (and pretty much 99% of train fans) puny attempts at photography must seem like another normie shooting Oh lOoK a TrAiN! from their 2 year-old Xperia... vertically.
¨ No.388
Photography is actually my career, so I hope that the photos I take look okay! If the ones you post are your rejects, then you're doing a fine job.

Xperia is the Fujifilm Sensia of this decade. I don't miss when I sucked. That phase lasted way too long.
¨ No.389
1570231792070.jpg–(409.84KB, 1264x848, DSC_09591.jpg)
Well... as much as I'm ashamed to admit it, TECHNICALLY it is not a reject by quality. There are some things I'd do better in processing if I was to actually publish it, but this is generally how my crappy old D5000 and _almost_ faulty from the factory (but not quite faulty enough to count as a warranty case, a frequent situation with cheap universal lens) 18-200 lens shoot under any conditions other than "JUST PERFECT", no matter why I try to do against it. But luckily the fine quality of the picture itself is made being of little relevance by the fact that in 99.99% all the pics I submit somewhere are significantly downscaled. Like, if you downscale it by a factor of 2.5 (in this case still close to a maximum resolution acceptable by most Russian transport photo sites) it doesn't look like total crap already.

P. S. If anything, the pic is of the ED4M commuter train on the Kievskiy corridor of Moscow railway, shot from the exact same spot as this pic by a fellow train fan >>387 only facing backwards.
¨ No.399
Oh god, that's the good stuff. Mainline dem mountain shots straight into my arm.

>Butter joint
>Using a radio in the line of sight of the engineer

If the engineer is indeed in the farther locomotive and can see the conductor, then this is absolutely cheating.
¨ No.400
Beautiful. That takes me back to the days of chasing SD powered grain trains in the Rockies. A stop at Field to load up on Kokanee (couldn't get it in Calgary at the time). Chase a train or two on return, retire that evening partying with friends with the much covetted BC beer. :^)

Good times!

Going back to around 1990, a couple of us compared photos taken at Morants Curve in the 50's vs current day and noted the encroaching trees and figured the uniqueness of that location will be lost within our lifetimes. The views at the Spiral Tunnels lookout was pretty much gone by the late 80's.

I know a long retired railroader who used to clear the CPR r.o.w. back in the day (1st job was clearing snow on the Coquihalla sub) with D5 Cats. He said back then the railway cleared right up to the edge of their property. The distance from track to property edge *usually* gave them protection from trees adjacent to their property from falling on the tracks. It also provided a safety margin for train crews in terms of visibility ahead.
¨ No.468
Hell yeah, we were joking that between the tuscan red varnish and action red SD40-2s it could have been a day on my Kootenay Division!

Now you're so right about the trees. No spot is safe, and Morant's is getting worse at an alarming pace.

Nah, he was on 1401.
¨ No.471
1570749477346.jpg–(1.34MB, 2048x1365, 1N5A4977 CP 5750 Alyth 12th street CWR Rail train.)
They've split up the dream team, but look how I found wandering around today.
¨ No.498
1571002957541.jpg–(554.56KB, 2837x2241, 2210.Selkirk Morants Curve.jpg)
Here's comparison shot.
¨ No.554
1572303311984.jpg–(579.92KB, 1000x667, 1487131904401.jpg)
I have a photo or two shall contribute
¨ No.555
1572303735199.png–(348.08KB, 512x512, trains1.png)
also a file folder that I use
¨ No.561
Great photo choice! I might be biased, since it's mine ;-)
¨ No.596
1572762417669.png–(58.63KB, 300x300, TRAIN FOLDER.png)

Found it in a magazine and extracted it from the pdf.

As I said I used for the file folder trying organize the photos / books / magazines from early steam and diesels to light rail etc.

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