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File: 1617641677504.jpg–(149.73KB, 1068x777, SiemensMobilityPiccadillyLineTrains-lowres-1068x77)

What trains on the Piccadilly Line might look like in the future. Try not to go MEGO from the marketroid-speak in the article.
¨ No.3558
what is a cockfosters and why do they like it so much?
¨ No.3573
1617651391939.jpg–(42.26KB, 908x340, siemens concept.jpg)
I, for one, would have went with "the plug"!

So the thing is, in London the trains moving air is a crucial part of the station ventilation so the Germans must have went like "ich kennt, we will make a giant piston! Form followz the funktionen!"
¨ No.3577
1617670368940.jpg–(348.54KB, 1200x800, 1366121.jpg)
Fun fact, current new trains for Moscow metro, the Moskva-2020, or series 81-775/776/777, by now about 60 sets supplied, in 7 and 8 cars, developed by our local supplier, Metrovagonmash - if you lived anywhere in the Eastern Europe you definitely heard of MVM - were very clearly inspired in their exterior by this Siemens concept for London metro. There was an electronic public vote in 2019 in Moscow, so the passengers could pick out of 4 presented exterior variants, and obviously they picked by far the ugliest one, who could have thought? Moscow metro likes to boast that the exterior and interior were designed in cooperation with Italdesign. If you ask me I think they should just stick with making supercars.

What's with the tiny windows on this variant, tho? For all Moskva-2020's questionable styling, at least here they made sure to provide enough window area.
¨ No.3580
>>3558 – Cockfosters station terminates the Picc' to the north-east.

>>3577 – The Piccadilly line is one of the down-down-deeper-and-down Tube lines where all there is to see between stations is rock, wiring and pipes.
¨ No.3595
1617941267990.jpg–(280.90KB, 1600x1067)
Well, the lines which Moskva-2020 is meant for (although unlike London all our lines are interconnected and all the stock is intercompatible between all lines, which often means there is a lot of rotation between lines) are all also fully underground, but even despite being in the tunnel I can't help but think it would feel extra claustrophobic in a train with such a small windows, plus bigger windows just look better on a train. Compared to a price of a metro car, bigger windows would be within a margin of error price-wise.

Also, heres the interior of a Moscow's Moskva-2020 type train, for those who's interested. Looks really dope but the fact they reduced the number of seats in each row from 6 to 5 for literally no reason, which also led to the ugly asymmetrical handrail layout, negates the pretty appearance. At least previous Moskva variants had actually some thought given to the function, over form. Although wait, they do have USB chargers integrated into each individual seat, for that you can forgive anything else.

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