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File: 1617334919324.jpg–(117.34KB, 1432x767, 5xzagzzc8gq61[1].jpg)
Amtrak's plan for service by 2035!
¨ No.3535
Wow, all new service except for ending of the Sunset Limited from Mobile to Jacksonville. (Is it even running there right now?) Also with Biden I feel like this has some chance of success, even if the price was high. Problem is getting this through Congress.
¨ No.3538
1617370980202.jpg–(42.79KB, 506x379, 379.jpeg)
Anyway probably the new service (light blue routes) will be fleet of Amtrak coach buses connecting to the main line.
¨ No.3546
1617559887760.jpg–(83.65KB, 560x457, meanwhile-in-'murica-meme-mobilty-scooter-patriot.)
More believable than CAHSR, but not by much. This is America, a backwards country where fat dullards cling to cars and airplanes.
¨ No.3551
Keep that mindset and we'll keep going the same way. Actively support change and it will eventually happen.
¨ No.3553
1617590838252.jpg–(35.72KB, 479x345, QAt1ujp.jpg)
>Thinking Kartma is a car clinging dullard
¨ No.3596

To be fair, I am fat.
¨ No.3603
Ayyyy so am I! I gained a decent chunk of weight just sitting in the cab and running the light rail trains. Getting back on the ground and switching all over the fuckin' place is harder now that I'm older and fatter lol

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