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File: 1617073988885.jpg–(76.19KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1599688569604.jpg)
METX 210
That is all I am going to say. Google will explane the rest... pic unrelated.
¨ No.3522
Oh god... wow... going down the YouTube rabbit hole, this chick far outdoes you. Feelin' a little jelly Ham?
¨ No.3526
This is making fun of someone who clearly has some sort of mental illness. I kinda feel like this shouldn't be something you should be making fun of.
¨ No.3527
It's still punching up in Ham's case, so it's fine, right?

Delete this fucking thread.
¨ No.3528
Deleted and banned the poster with personal info as per policy, but Ham's post doesn't break any rules. He doesn't mention who he's talking about, and I wouldn't say anyone has made fun of them.

I'll be honest, I didn't know of this person before the thread, and feel this thread is more informational than anything else.
¨ No.3529
Plus we still are a chan, we’re not exactly morally sound people, otherwise we’d just be on dedicated railfan forums.
¨ No.3532
That's fucking stupid we can be decent humans and post on an imageboard how autistic do you have to be to think that.

Do you think 2ch is a bunch of fucksticks 100% of the time?
¨ No.3533
1617321071200.jpg–(38.46KB, 550x381, bjXjbYt8joq2iTnLyIYeHNdQMuL4PUkPcj5V1Fa9sIs.jpg)
You mean we're not allowed to shit on stupid foamers?
¨ No.3544

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