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File: 1616286133642.jpg–(18.59KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)
Ladies and gents, this is your conductor speaking. We've had to temporarily disable reports due to a couch on the track. In the meantime, please enjoy the return of banners. Now including a small easter egg.

If you need to report something you can still as always use the 1chan SMS Report line or Email Address.


[email protected]
¨ No.3486
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¨ No.3516
The F40PH can out pizza the Hut.
¨ No.3549
What if the F40PH had its own saturday morning cartoon? The F40PHantoms a group of people who travle around with there F40PH fighting crime and at the end there is a live action segment with Ed at the EMD plant in LaGrange Illinois talking about what lessons they learned in the show. "The F40PH Phantoms may have had there differences but through frendshif they were able to pull through and save the day. That just showes you the power of understanding untill next time... Clear on the hold out Notch 8."
¨ No.3554
still a forced meme, please stop f40phosting

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