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File: 1616082862475.jpg–(5.19MB, 4032x3024, 20210305_135245.jpg)
"This baby right here gets 40 rods to the hogshead"
¨ No.3469
Put it in Ч!
¨ No.3471
Is there a chance the track will bend?
¨ No.3477
I appreciate this joke
¨ No.3487

Not on your life, my Hindu friend!!
¨ No.3489
What about us Autist slobs?!
¨ No.3493
1616332646253.jpg–(148.87KB, 1024x532, 549.jpg)
you'll be given cushy unemployment packages

pic unrelated
¨ No.3531
Were you sent here by the FRA?
¨ No.3541
No good sir I'm not the devil!
¨ No.3555
Steam = sage in all fields. It aint 1710 fellas!
¨ No.3556
fuck off

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