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Embed: The UK's Failed Experiment in Rail Privatization–(YouTube)
Hmm... who would have thought...
¨ No.3426
Wendover Productions is an airline industry bootlicker. He jumps at any chance to talk shit about trains.
¨ No.3431
1615565093740.jpg–(925.44KB, 1400x854, 293647.jpg)
To be fair, here he straight-up just said that the airline model doesn't work on trains.

Also, upon watching it, it seems like the UK finally moved to the model closely resembling the way Russian rail network is organized, which (the more I review the experience of other networks and our own, the more) I consider very close to optimal. Not optimal, but as close to it as it will realistically go, without some massive positive changes to our society. Yes, we also occupy this weird middle ground between nationalized and privatized with a wee bit of competition sprinkled in.
¨ No.3436
"Habity blahdidy haba blah blah, blah haba, blah HA. BLADA. BLAH. You see, blah blah blahdidy hagada ba ga da, da blahdadaladala, da BLAH. BLAH. BLAHDA. You see-"

Yeah, I can't stand Wendover anymore solely because of that THREE. WORD. CADENCE. that he's doing so often in his videos now, it would kill you if you made a drinking game out of it.
¨ No.3437
Glad to see it's not just me that can't stand this douche.
¨ No.3441

ROFL I read this post IN. HIS. VOICE.
¨ No.3442
1615652246392.jpg–(475.89KB, 1280x831, 293009.jpg)
Dang, now you guys made me feel bad about defending this video... To be clear, I also dislike this guy, lately his quality of research had dropped to "Facebook Karen" tier, if it ever was high to begin with, and his HAI videos are 99% pure, concentrated cringe, to the point that his complete self-awareness is only making it worse (yeah, turns out saying "my humor is shit" or "this video is dumb and you shouldn't watch it" doesn't magically make the humor less shitty or your video less dumb), but honestly I'd never thought to pick on him over the way he pronounces things.

Also I wouldn't just automatically disagree with anything he said, but I won't eagerly agree also, since I don't know enough about this subject (yet I asked a railfan buddy from UK about this video, he said he doesn't see any holes in his story) in general think that taking anything you hear, especially on the internet, at face value, even if said by relatively respected people, as a bad idea, as clearly proven by this example: >>3428

Didn't even realize this style of narration enrages so many people, LOL. I know other youtubers who narrate in a similar manner but I think they're not as cringe as Sam. Anyway...

¨ No.3496
1616370765697.jpg–(370.71KB, 1200x819, buckeye tank car.jpg)
What, are those four axle per truck? Aren't those extra harsh on rails? I thought three axle freight bogies were weird enough. Nice find.
¨ No.3497
1616372730896.jpg–(417.94KB, 1236x844, 20170914_601121.jpg)
Allow me to introduce you to...


Considered of the best ones in class, by the way. Originally developed for the Soviet TEM7 series heavy shunter, but it's so good it's still used today in an improved version. Basically these are two short two-axle bogies nested in an intermediate frame. If anything, this layout is less harsh on the tracks than a triple-axle bogie and perhaps even some larger two-axle bogies.

Which actually makes me a bit surprised you never heard of an articulated bogie, I thought some of GE's locomotives for the South America have them too.
¨ No.3499
Долгожданное возвращение газотурбовоза ГТ1h-002 в работу–(YouTube)
Also, if you have no idea what locomotive is on the photo in >>3497 , it's one of a kind technological marvel, GT1h-002...

GT1h, the project of LNG-powered gas-turbine locomotive with hybrid electric transmission for 8300 MW, the most powerful GT loco to ever exist to date. Designed by VNIKTI (Russian national science and research engineering and technological institute) in 2000s. Prototype 001 is based on converted VL15 electric locomotive and 002 serial variant built from scratch by Ludinovskiy plant in Kaluga region using 2x(2o+2o-2o+2o) TEM7A pattern running gear. It has 360 tonnes of operational mass and one section is dedicated to house a hot-swappable tank for 20 t of LNG with a cryogenic unit. Transporting LNG via rail is nothing new so it kinda makes sense.
Practically it's nothing like the 60-s American and Soviet GT projects, I'd say this is a whole new era of gas-turbine locomotives. Assuming it will ever happen. This thing is totally technically justifiable, but whether it's too ambitious for the notoriously stingy RZD, when it comes to new stock, is to be seen.
This is a great idea actually, hybrid transmission can reduce actuality of the problem of the long throttle response of a gas-turbine engine and liquefied gas is cheap and more eco-friendly and also makes this thig more practical than diesel locomotives in the extreme cold conditions, as it was considered by RZD to start operating it in the far north in place of mainline diesels. But so far there were no updates about this project since mid-2010s, even though RZD keeps insisting they are still interested. The 002 unit works in Urals with trains of up to 9000 t, north of the main Transsiberian corridor. I want this thing to hit the conveyor just to stick it to all the nay-sayers.
¨ No.3500
1616375632918.jpg–(181.46KB, 1200x788, 5419013930c08b7a15d5057e00491a37[1].jpg)
I'm kind of a newbie to be honest, I've searched the brazilian one and they just spammed two axle trucks.
I'd like if they made an electric variant of the russian eight axle with 1600kw ac traction motors just for kicks.
¨ No.3501
1616405724634.jpg–(328.19KB, 1600x1200, apt33.jpg)
In the UK we had a train with a two-axle steerable jacob's bogie. Not sure if it's the actual one in the foreground of this picture or if it's a different one, but we tried some werid shit in the APT program.
¨ No.3505
1616514961965.jpg–(343.70KB, 1793x1179, 43314 cropped.jpg)
It's telling that East Coast had to be taken back into public ownership twice, and now Transport for Wales, Northern and most recently Scotrail have all been taken back under government control.
He makes a good point in the video that franchise agreements are so tightly defined by the DFT that any competition is meaningless. Franchisees have almost no control over their business. Most of the big investments in infrastructure and rolling stock have come from the government. There is virtually zero initiative from the private sector bar the two open access operators (Hull Trains and Grand Central).
What's the point of privatisation if there's no competition?
¨ No.3506
1616545550528.jpg–(264.15KB, 1323x882, 89567.jpg)
I can't tell what's so weird about this bogie, looks like a normal Jacob's bogie like literally dozens of similar types across the rail world. Unless by "steerable" you mean something else other than еру bogie itself being rotational. Which I can expect, given it's on a train with a tilt system. Maybe the angle of a car relative to the bogie would define its tilt, via some complex mechanical linkage, I don't know enough about the APT tilt system.

> they just spammed two axle trucks.
You see, in this layout they still have to shift laterally, apart from being able to rotate, to pass curves and at the same time convey the tractive effort, so most likely they are still linked together via a horizontal rod/span, perhaps similar to how a bogie of the Soviet (experimental) TE136 and 2TE136 was, and to an extent of the 2TE126.

Also, I'm pretty sure there is a newer version of the GE's articulated bogie for the South American market. Does anyone have the close-up photos of it? I'd really like to inspect it closer, it looked pretty advanced when I saw it, can't remember where.
¨ No.3507
1616546004911.jpg–(665.43KB, 1275x850, 258326.jpg)
>I'd like if they made an electric variant of the russian eight axle with 1600kw ac traction motors just for kicks.

The 1.6 MW motors certainly wouldn't fit into this bogie. Although I know China does have a single-body locomotive with 1.6 MW motors, although it has 6 axles and not 8. Really, in electric locomotive world, you are better off splitting the 8 axles between two sections, makes for a less complex and more easily scalable design. Like the Russian 2ES5S, it has 1.3 MW AC motors, which is kinda close, making for 10.8 MW of output overall, but already on your regular 2-axle bogies. Also yes it does totally look like a 2ES5K, in part because it's an extension of this design, only with much more advanced and capable traction drive.
¨ No.3508
1616550347893.jpg–(85.37KB, 800x400, apt95b.jpg)
Yeah I got the wrong picture I think. This is the steerable 'swinging arm' bogie. at '1' is the mount point for the coach body, '17' is the articulation point to allow the axle freedom from the bogie frames, with the corresponding hinge at '13'. See link.
¨ No.3537
Do you genuinely believe privatization would work in Britain when it couldn't be sustained in America. Even with the UK providing subsidizing for rail, signal, and station maintenance. Along with the staffing to run the damn line. Literally all the train companies have to do hire drivers, maintenance, and that's it. None of them sell tickets anymore, it's all automated. Same with schedules and help.

Just how could those poor British transport companies do it? Poor things, better subsidize! Thank God for Brexit!
¨ No.3545
1617520802869.jpg–(129.01KB, 640x480, 2B1578D7-3370-4E2D-9F18-B52D82F2D391.jpeg)
¨ No.3550
Radiator go brrrrrrrrrrr
¨ No.3574
Cruzamento de trens no pátio de Sarandi-PR–(YouTube)
You know, I can swear I've seen more mechanically complex running gear on a GE locomotive, also for somewhere in South America.

Oh nevermind, I think I found 'em, ES43BBi. The running gear doesn't seem more complex than on your example. Though I could swear I saw a newer wide-nose locomotives with different bogies being transported somewhere on I think Virtual Railfan. Or maybe my memory is just playing me. I found a similar variant on this video, here you can see the bogies do have a kind of intermediate frame or span connecting them. The motors must be really compact to fit not only in 1000 mm gauge but also under such a massive piece of metal. https://youtu.be/YIoCTT_idmA?t=128

Seems like the topic of BB-BB locomotives is fairly obscure for the US folk, despite you clearly making multiple variants of them.

So by steerable you mean the axles themselves are pivoted, with some kind of motion transfer towards the body of the respective car, tilting it? That makes more sense for the APT.

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