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File: 1569822219623.jpg–(120.90KB, 1000x563, 0803161839d_HDR.jpg)
Dining cars will be phased out on long-distance routes east of the Mississippi. And you know who Amtrak blames? Millennials.

(Personally, I blame Amtrak being run by a sleazy airline executive and constantly being held back by freight railroad corporations and and a government unfriendly to passenger rail. But okay..."Millennials ruined Amtrak", I guess.)

¨ No.308
1569825095777.jpg–(479.96KB, 1200x900, 20100730_272923.jpg)
You know the true paradox of dining cars (restraunt cars as we call them)? Go to Russia. Here on the long haul trains it is a proper tradition of bringing your food along with you and eating in your compartment. A LOT. And the RZD only helps it as conductor room in each car is stuffed with all kinds of snacks, instant food, coffee etc. In newer cars there are even vending machines. And yet you know what? Restraunt cars are still popular! Or at least popular enough they're not cancelled, and present on by far most trains, even those with travel times of under 6 hours.

And for all I'm concerned, millennials in Russia only help restraunt cars stay afloat, as they bother less about babushka's traditions of bringing 1.5 kg of food per each 1 kg of luggage into the train (man, you should see how big are these "food bags" of some older passengers, boarding a train with under 24 h travel time) and less concerned about saving money (well duh) so if they wanna eat - they just go to the restraunt.

(daaaamn, those legs)
¨ No.309
1569825279367.jpg–(82.28KB, 949x643, DFpD40oXYAEIEik.jpg)
If anything, I'm more surprised how the restraunt cars in (ex)USSR were economically justifiable prior to this situation, when the "food train" traditions were at all-time high. Oh wait. I know why. '''THEY SERVED DRINKS.''' In fact I think they still do. That explains things.

P. S. BTW I'm surprised how enormous the kitchen is in our double-decker cars. Most of the 1st floor is a kitchen. By the way heres an entertaining virtual tour of the TVZ 61-4473 double-deck restraunt car. http://tvz.ru/3dtours/61-4473/ Check it out.
¨ No.344
Gotta love how Amtrak decided the best damage control was to use the perennial scapegoat of the younger generation.

Anecdotal, but I'm extremely unsocial, yet I've been sorely disappointed the two times I've taken the Capitol Limited in the last year, when I was hoping to have a nice chat with someone in the dining car, and both times I was the only person eating in there. Maybe because I took a later meal time, but still...

I think there's a certain "magic" (for lack of a better term) to train travel that folks are far more willing to chat with their seatmates than they are on planes, and the dining car was the ideal foster of that, bringing people together for food is a sure-fire way to get them all chummy with each other.

But, $2 million a year saved is another few pennies off the chopping block. Nostalgia and Heritage don't make money.
¨ No.401
1570360110667.jpg–(80.65KB, 640x426, Amtrak-Cascades-Biz-Class-6_5_12-9-640x426.jpg)

That looks like the kind of arrangement that either Snack Bar or Bistro cars (pic related) are on short-distance routes on Amtrak, as well as on the lower level of bi-level Superliner Lounge cars on Amtrak's trains west of the Mississippi. A small snack stand, a few tables, sometimes a bar. No TV, though.

Of course more people on Amtrak are going to have to lug aboard food for long-distance journeys. Either that, or pay for a small bag of potato chips or some kind of pre-prepared, re-heated airline-style food. How appropriate, that Amtrak is run by the former CEO of Delta Air Lines.
¨ No.402
1570360786274.jpg–(31.61KB, 576x566, porky.jpg)

Funny thing is that the last time I ate in a dining car, I shared a table with a couple of the dreaded "millennials". Yeah, they weren't much for chatting like most people I've shared a table in the ol' Starlight with.

But again, it's not the millennials that killed the dining car; it is that money-grubbing airline executive scumbag Richard Anderson (pictured), who is trying to run Amtrak like it's a GOD-DAMN AIRLINE! That shithead is the fox running the hen house; one of those greedy pig-dogs who is squeezing every last dime and every last inch from their customers and forcing them into Amtrak (if Delta and/or their subcontractor airlines that pretend to be Delta serve their little Amtrak stop town at all). He is out to eliminate the competition, and he is starting with dining cars.

>But, $2 million a year saved is another few pennies off the chopping block.

Who stands to benefit the most? Here's a hint...neither the passengers nor employees of Amtrak.

>Nostalgia and Heritage don't make money.

As if Amtrak isn't already derided as something that is only of interest to old people and train nerds.
¨ No.404
1570365700317.jpg–(391.63KB, 1918x968, 61-4473 кухня.jpg)
Actually most restraunt cars in Russian trains have both a kitchen and a small bar. On the shot in >>308 the kitchen seems to be behind that bar, according to the corridor. Though I can strongly assume the bar here is in the same compartment with the dining room, unlike the newer cars where it is located separately on the other side of the kitchen (as seen on the manufacturer page http://tvz.ru/catalog/passenger/item_detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=183 - scroll down to see the layout map), quite an odd choice of layout I would add.

On the double-decker seen here >>309 (and by the link in this same post) the kitchen and a bar are on the first floor and the dining room is on the second, with the food delivered via two food elevators - one you can see in the center on the pic related, on the far side, and the other is behind it in the washing room.

The only car I can remember with the bar and no kitchen at all (at least a small one) is an old German "lux" type car with 4 hotel-type suite and a small bar for an extra-wealthy passengers here. Obviously not being an actual restraunt car. Funny story, when I tried to take an interior photo of that very bar I was very not-nicely greeted by the car's conductor who stated that no dirty peasants from lower class cars are allowed to set their stinky foot on the same floor with the "elite" passengers. After the question "well how the fuck am I supposed to move between cars - to/from the same restraunt car for example" she exclaimed that you can only be present in that car while you're moving and once you've stopped - you committed a crime against the rich.
Needless to say, while taking pics I bothered nobody among the wealthy passengers but as soon as she started shouting one guy peeked from his suite, concerned if everything is OK. Ironic...
¨ No.405
1570366035723.jpg–(108.56KB, 1540x733, 61-4473.JPG)
And actually that's a recurring theme with the low-level personnel in Russia, they more often than not make up their own rules (like, completely off the top of their head) without even telling anyone and then defend these FEROCIOUSLY. You can see two different people on the same position in the same company, working alongside each other, under the same superior, with two completely different sets of rules they enforce, both not having ANYTHING to do with the official company policy. I wonder if having an OCD is in their job description...

Isn't it from an old Soviet propaganda poster? Finally some Soviet "official" works of art have found recognition in the western world :D
¨ No.503
1571042136015.jpg–(116.26KB, 1024x683, voyager shop resized.jpg)
Since the break-up of British Rail, catering on UK trains now varies widely across the country. The new Virgin trains have a "shop" (basically a buffet, but they also sell magazines and colouring books), where you can get a small variety of hot and cold foods and drinks. Sandwiches, rolls, burgers, that sort of thing. Nothing too fancy.
LNER have something similar.
Great Western Railway have brought back "Pullman-style" dining cars (for first class passengers) on some of their long-distance trains. The Welsh Government "Gerald" train from Cardiff to Holyhead offers a similar service.
Scotrail trains have a tea trolley on long-distance services between Glasgow/Edinburgh and Aberdeen/Inverness.
I don't know much about the catering on East Midlands Trains or Abellio Greater Anglia.
Caledonian Sleeper have a club car for sleeper passengers, where you can have dinner. Breakfast is usually brought to your cabin and is usually not worth the bother. You're better off eating at your destination station unless you're in a hurry.
¨ No.505
>The Welsh Government "Gerald" train from Cardiff to Holyhead offers a similar service.
I can confirm that this is by far the best value anywhere on the network. A freshly-cooked three-course meal plus all the usual benefits of first class, for an extra £15 to Shrewsbury, £20 to Chester, or £30 to most of North Wales. For you filthy foreigners, that deal is expected to get even better when sterling blackholes on 1 November.
¨ No.523
1571357215070.png–(853.01KB, 1908x713, airlinebootlickergarykulakquote.png)

It is from some old Soviet agitprop. In the West, people that make memes of him call him "Porky", derived from the epithet of "capitalist pig". I'm no Socialist nor Communist myself. But the more I pay attention, the more I find that rich capitalist pigs seem to ruin everything I love, are focused on profits over people, AND there are people who unquestioningly defend these greedy bastards and their practices.

I, particularly, apply the meme to airline executives. Who are scumbags. And I'm pissed that one of their kind is now running Amtrak, and running Amtrak like an airline.

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