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File: 1569777819317.png–(47.72KB, 600x883, russian_gauge_comparison.png)
Let's get the five foot broad gauge thread rolling again!

(Finland, by the way has been historically UIC, with as light as 30 kg/m rails and buffers and chains...)
¨ No.286
1569777938466.jpg–(915.79KB, 1800x1200, pori station.jpg)
There seem to be great photographers along the Pori-Tampere line, so I'll post some of their finest and babble about the latest developments.
¨ No.287
1569778185106.jpg–(580.76KB, 1904x1184, pori parcel freight.jpg)
That was IC 179, the only direct train from Pori to Helsinki. Exceptionally it has Sr3, 'Vectron' on its nose, along with the now standard steering car. How ever, even good oled Sr1 would be well good enought for the track since it's only max 140 km/h, but sadly they aren't electrically compatible with the steering cars.

Here on the other hand is the last remaining small goods platform of the station, in very little use, as you can see usually they park one of the station's two switchers next to it.
¨ No.288
1569778390915.jpg–(195.82KB, 1400x788, 3x sr1.jpg)
Here 3x "MADE IN USSR" Sr1's pull effortlessly a long train of empty coal gondolas towards Pori. Judging from the pantographs, two engines are powered. 2/3 are still in the old red livery. (Which I quite liked!) This picture taken in June in the fields of Nakkila.
¨ No.289
1569778615417.jpg–(190.45KB, 1400x788, mäntyluoto switch.jpg)
This is from Mäntyluoto, crossing the witch towards Tahkoluoto. On the backround you can see the Watertower of Kaanaa, which has coffee, sandwitches, mild beer capable restaurant on it.

Notice also the concrete base for an electric pylon.
¨ No.290
1569778824197.jpg–(395.36KB, 1200x800, kaanaa tower.jpg)
Here's a picture from the water tower, of Dv12 pulling one single empty gondola from Tahkoluoto direction, to the left there's Mäntyluoto.

Mäntyluoto is the standard freight harbor, Tahkouoto is the deep harbor for coal as well as oil and mineral ships. Both branches have been recently electrified and commercial traffic is just beginning. Diesels will grow fewer here...
¨ No.291
1569778988647.jpg–(379.00KB, 1400x774, sr1 coal.jpg)
This is a test train spotted on its way to Mäntyluoto, 16.9. (European format!) It was the first of its kind.
¨ No.292
1569779062263.jpg–(197.92KB, 1400x788, tahkoluoto.jpg)
Meanwhile, electrification on the Tahkoluoto-Branch continues.
¨ No.293
1569779193795.jpg–(177.77KB, 1400x788, tahkoluoto embarkmenyt.jpg)
There's pretty long embarkment where one gets scenic pictures like this.
¨ No.294
1569779270032.jpg–(563.21KB, 1280x843, 245134.jpg)
I think on the OP pic it shows Tpr "extended 1T" gauge, regular 1T is narrower on the top.

For example, our double-deckers use Tpr.
¨ No.295
1569779550015.jpg–(183.74KB, 1400x787, triple diesel on tahkoluoto britke.jpg)
It is very standard affair to use triple Dv12, 1000 kW each so 3000 kW. That's as long a train they are really designed to operate in, but technically one can also chain them 2+2 or 3+3 for, power that's compeletely unnecessary here but allows part of the Dv12s be transported powered and brakes fully controlled if otherwise coasting.
¨ No.296
Massive. I think Finnish IC cars are only UIC gauge, no bigger. We are also converting to 550 mm platform, witch is nonsense, but what can you do...
¨ No.297
Another highlight was a test coal train they ran from Pori to Harjavalta and back (notice two engines to speed up direction changes) multiple times to measure vibrations, track bed wear and disturbance towards public. Reason for this study here and now: unknown. Might even mean 80-100km/h fast coal freight :O
¨ No.298
1569780252546.jpg–(376.76KB, 1200x815, test train.jpg)
Oops, here.
¨ No.299
1569780589042.jpg–(192.39KB, 1400x733, dream train.jpg)
As stated, that Sr1 isn't smart enough as of now to push that steering car back to Tampere, so Sr2 or Sr3 most be coupled in Pori on Sr1's place or Sr1 old fashionedly driven around the train ending up facing the idle steering car.
¨ No.300
1569782291167.jpg–(410.09KB, 1238x851, 226443.jpg)
You mean it lacks the hardware to interpret the command signals from the steering car? BTW I never even wondered if Sr1 even has any sockets for MU operation/signal passthrough.

Oh, and 300 get! Look at the pic.
¨ No.301
1569783288508.jpg–(116.54KB, 1024x768, AEG.jpg)
Very motherland.

I was aware of the 300 get but the only 300 number in Finland has been this AEG test car in 1994, and in none of the public images the number shows, if it even ever was painted on the car.

This guy, btw didn't like Helsinki's loading gauge, especially the vertical curve radius. On Yrjönkatu it got stuck rom its belly, also in the so called "Urinal's turning loop with 15m radius S-curve it always derailed. AEG engineers went to see line 2's former loop at "Linjat" and ubanimously yelled "NO!" So there the AEG car never didn't visit. The Helsinki's primary museum car, number 50 + open trailer 233 doesn't like to go there either.
¨ No.302
1569784354211.jpg–(819.85KB, 1800x1200, 2x sr2.jpg)
Sr1's are very analog. They have like 7-segment display that gives status codes and such, and as one driver said "a dragging brake they indicate with smoke signals".

They can be coupled to form a pair, but no hardware to serve as a slave for the steering cars.
¨ No.327
1569874117830.jpg–(381.03KB, 1239x930, 20130304_408996.jpg)
Well obviously they are analog given their age, I meant they could've been retrofitted with the relevant DAC hardware long time ago.

Like we did on many VL10(U) locos to make them able to run in pair. That thing is as analog as a freaking rock and pretty much just as old, there's not a single semiconductor inside of it. So instead of doing extensive modifications to the control circuits they just integrated an ADC-DAC pair which works directly with the loco's driver's controller ("throttle") and able to transmit digital signal to the other loco via a tiny pair of wires instead of a massive multi-conductor spaghetti of "analog" MU cables.

BTW this very system's simplicity played its part in the Eral - Simskaya disaster where a 6000+ tons of steel and coal trampolined from a slope at over 120 km/h annihilating the crew (and lots of trees on their path) in the process. IIRC they forgot to open the pressure line valve between the locos and the said system didn't detect a fault since, well, it was never designed to do anything other than mindlessly transmit controller positions without any interaction with the brakes of the secondary loco (in this mode they are supposed to work as a normal reverse-action Westinghouse brake - unless you forgot to open the connecting valves, that is), so the pneumatic system of the second loco, and with it, the entire train, was slowly bleeding out (emphasis on slowly - I guess this is how the fault slipped past the routine brake test upon departure) and when it came time to brake, like, big time, they realized it is to little effect since only one loco's brakes were working and obviously not nearly enough to slow down a 6000+ tonne hulk of metal pushing them down the grade.
There's a recording of their last words via radio, when they fully realized how fucked up they were. I strongly advise you NOT to google this. Seriously. I know what I'm talking about, you won't be able to unhear this. Ever.

On the pic is all what is left from one of the locos. On the right you can see the leftovers of this damned SMET equipment, which obviously wasn't to blame in this accident - that goes to the proverbial human factor - but it did play its role.
¨ No.784
FIN freight train 5012 with different camera angles–(YouTube)
This insignificant video has been watched like 50 million times because apparently "Train T-5102 from Raahe to Hämeenlinna hauling, with 2 Sr1 engines, 42 carloads of steel coils" means something naughty in Hindi.
¨ No.959
Hum, I thought 1chan is dying but apparently it's just in habit of eating messages again.
¨ No.960
1575826999725.jpg–(165.97KB, 960x720, metro on rails.jpg)
Testing. Helsinki metro on mainline tracks for the first time since 80s.
¨ No.961
Sigh, and since I'm already flooding the board with non-Anglo-American content with broken grammar, let it be said, like originally intended:

The steering cars use 18 pin UIC cable. The UIC system itself operates in such a way that it will only override a driving console in a cab and not the main control system, be it a computer or a bunch of analogue circuits.

Given this info, I suppose conversion could have been possible but the need arised so late in the projected life span of these engines that it was deemed uneconomical. (Uneconomical like using the rail network for rolling stock transfers...)
¨ No.962
>Hum, I thought 1chan is dying but apparently it's just in habit of eating messages again.
Take the command back. There's probably nothing wrong here and the eaten message is because I (ironically, of course) used an emoji.
¨ No.966
Damn, I didn't even know that was a thing. I'll shoot a message to Mike and let him know to see if that's something that can be resolved.
¨ No.967
1575851159281.jpg–(52.20KB, 1000x750, disgrace.jpg)
Gee, thanks. It was "triumph" by the way.
¨ No.970
That seems like something worth not fixing.
¨ No.976
Wow... I don't think we've ever received that complaint before. I'll add it to the list, but it's pretty low on the priority list tbh.
¨ No.977
It's not really a complaint, more like an observation.
The only issue with this really is, that the board behaves like the post would have been accepted but then silently drops it on the floor.
¨ No.978
1575954940944.jpg–(789.99KB, 1200x800, IMG_9813.jpg)
>Helsinki metro on mainline tracks for the first time since 80s.

WTF? What's the problem? I mean, here in Russia transporting metro trainsets by normal rail while towing them by a normal loco is not just preferred but pretty much the only method of getting them between cities, or even to other counties.

Like here, our (awesome) cutting-edge "Moskva" type mk.IV metro EMU being delivered from its birthplace at Метровагонмаш works, which is just outside of Moscow, to the railway-metro gate in ТЧ-2 Sokol depot (just a fancy name for a continuous track connecting the metro depot with a nearby railway station), from where, thanks to our metro being fully monostandardized and interconnected by track - a pretty rare feature for such an old and vast metro system, it can get to any depot under its own power. ТЧ-13 Cherkizovo depot in case of that particular train.
¨ No.1090
Sorry mate it took so long to cobble up an answer but it needed some scribling on maps to make the situation clear. (Terrible tunnelvision :()

So yeah, VR is pretty dismal these days, just unit trains and stuff to-fro Russia with few exceptions so they price their bother to care to such a level that it even made sense, that the particular metro train was coming from Hyvinkää, also on truck bed, for crying out loud.

Fenniarail isn't any better, just specializing to smaller unit trains and raw wood from Russia to the eastern paper mills with 4 locos and a "rack" of rented Swedish box cars.

There is the issue though that Helsinki metro power rail is within railway loading gauge so cars and engines that operate on the metro track have to have their steps removed and the metros rail lorries on the other hand can't go to mainline without huge bureaucracy - certainly not to Hyvinkää! Maybe in a better time line they could at-least go to Pasila.
¨ No.1091
1578153525258.jpg–(2.80MB, 3186x4058, terrible scrible2.jpg)
Ah! And here's the scrible.
¨ No.1092
1578153844379.jpg–(169.71KB, 800x716, doesn't fit :(.jpg)
Bah, old metrocar transfer track oughta have been on red. Terrible.

AS it can be seen, our museum railway folks, who like to ride around in old railbuses are banned from entering to metro :D
¨ No.1094
Wait what happened?
¨ No.1096
1578226007754.jpg–(281.60KB, 1024x669, dm7 suspension.jpg)
The tramway society (SRS) was taking an excursion in 2003 to various harbor branches on Porvoo museum railway association's Dm7 and had a visit planned to the metro depot.

Turned out Dm7's suspension (and steps) were outside the metro loading gauge and landed where the power rail was. Thus they couldn't proudly just roll into the metro depot and had to park outside. The embarrassing bit was that no one had thought to measure or had measured only the pilot so this was found out in situ.

As said, VR cars sometimes used in metro work trains have to be modified too. I don't know what the metro cars get done at Pasila machine shop, but when they do, they go at truck bed - apparently cheaper than sending a locomotive to move a single metro unit. This happened already when the old more direct transfer track was still open.
¨ No.1097
1578227181399.jpg–(242.64KB, 1024x670, transfer track.jpg)
2008-2009 ish the transfer track was moved to Vuosaari harbor. You can see it wasn't in regular use at all in it's last years. It was pawed over in some places, here the right of way is used as a bus street.

The track along which the metro depot was went to an oil terminal at Herttoniemi. Now it's totally gone. To Laajasalo where the tanks used to be they now build a new suburb with tramway service via giant bridge, so called 'Kruunusillat' (crown bridges).

That bus route, 550 is now in process of being converted to light rail too. All this disappearing and new improved thing taking their place. (Except Swiss and Austrians - please never close your quirky little mountain railways.)
¨ No.1098
1578228263721.jpg–(674.41KB, 1757x1171, Ravitie_koerata_3_14.11.2019-1.jpg)
This is _not_ 1520, but 1000: the first test track of 550 light rail, the so called "Joker line". That moniker it inherited from the bus line, still operating. It long used to be the only branded radial trunk line.

This shirt stretch of time was an exercise in track laying, various methods and materials were also tested. This summer they play to lay 5 km out of the total of 25.

I should add, it's nowhere near where the metro transfer track was but in Espoo.

Meanwhile, here they still are planning on starting to plan stating to take the issue of light rail (possibly Karlsruhe-like!) to policy making.
¨ No.1374
1582574273179.jpg–(530.71KB, 1600x901, SM-7.jpg)
So this Russian SM-7 "snow-eater" was briefly here for test runs.

Stuffy old Vr was there, and all the track network maintenance shops. RDZ probably supplied this snow uh... sucker?
¨ No.1376
1582580349928.jpg–(531.24KB, 1280x853, 219022.jpg)
Wow, that's a pretty unique situation. Are they planning on renting these from Russia? Or buying? Does Finland somehow not have such an efficient snow harvesters, or why would they even borrow one?
What unit number it was, 0500?
By the way it's RZD dude. We may be from the south to you but we don't deserve such a heartless mockery :( JK ofc

Also I wonder why wouldn't they go then with better newer PSS1K harvesters from Ремпутьмаш, which are dual-mode (can act as snow blowers for better cleaning and on switches) and also self-propelled. Exactly because of the latter?
¨ No.1377
For those who have a hard time imagining the principle, heres a (pretty much "dry", cuz winters in Moscow are a big joke) demonstration of the PSS1K deployment and hybrid work cycle.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR0fDTUiwyc - this is a more satisfying video with more snow and also comparing the results between the PSS1K (without the blowers) and good ol' SM2M.
¨ No.1379
1582643207664.jpg–(581.26KB, 800x674, wanker evacuating some cars.jpg)
They manage with plows and brushes here. I think this was a very tentative test, but I suppose one would be bought not rented, because juridical barrier between EU and Russia.

Issue is that plowing creates snow walls, which need to be digger-machined to gondola cars and be taken to snow dump tracks. This sucker would avoid that step.
¨ No.1384
1582662873431.jpg–(34.96KB, 512x334, narva.jpg)
Narva station in 1918.
¨ No.1406
1582986395207.jpg–(386.70KB, 1600x902, emma.jpg)
Here's another odd ball evacuation train. One more saved blue carriage which was already secured and also this Et66 track inspection car, which was subject from pulling away from the crap line.

Etymology time! The rail lorry's "littera" is Tk7, hence it's nick name is "tekari", meaning "denture" :)

Speaking of joke winters, it's been one 4 months long November here at the shores of Baltic. On the other hand, in the north and the the east it has been snowier than usual.
¨ No.1414
1583051147658.jpg–(497.67KB, 1280x854, 202041.jpg)
Interesting, never even considered that Finland, of all places, doesn't possess any means of snow cleaning/harvesting more refined than just basic plows and rotary brushes. I mean WTF, for you people we Russians are just a bunch of southern spoiled bitches :D (not mocking or anything, although I do sound like a little bit of a jerk oftentimes - it's hard to convey true tone from behind the keyboard)

But still strange, considering they wanna buy a _proper_ snow clearing equipment from us, why would they test an old SM7 instead of newer and way more capable PSS1K. I don't think we even make SM7s anymore... Is VR gonna buy it used and not straight from the factory?.. Or could it be just a test of a concept itself? But even still, we would benefit from showing off the best model available as it is more likely to perform better and thus persuade the customer to buy it - unless of course there was some terrible miscommunication between RZD and the machine's manufacturer, Ремпутьмаш.
¨ No.1417
1583079538883.jpg–(152.79KB, 800x512, Tll-Rto.jpg)
As far as I know, even the only two snow blowers that have existed, were these German contraptions that were crapped in the early 90s. They were positioned in Tornio and Joensuu.

So the need would be one or two units. They wouldn't go to VR but for like VR Track (a subsidiary) or Destian or Teräspyörä or Ramboll. That's why that kind "we selling to you" kind of language sounds a bit weird. If I'm understood right, RZD is still the sole owner of the whole shebang, VR is only an operator. Fenniarail makes only few percents currently and Estonian Operail is only planning to enter the market. (Ratarahti seems to be a dead "desk drawer company" at this point.)

The issue is again that its only 6000km mostly in semi-sea climate and the maintenance contracts are awarded only for 5 years at the time. This kind of machine would surely be great but I suspect it would lose to rail equipped diggers, Unimog trucks and rail lorries in competitive bidding. Just doesn't make financial sense given VR didn't even buy new snow blowers when it still was the sole master of the railways.

I truly don't know why renting wouldn't be an option but everyone seems to assume that if one was acquired, it would be bought.

This was just the test of the concept, initiating party was by "the Transport Infrastructure Agency" and they were the renting party. Inquiries have been sent to Sweden and Switzerland too, but this was the only piece of equipment that was acquired for tests. Speaking of, it would be very probable even that something from the EU single market was bought instead. I'm not sure if it was by the Transport Infrastructure Agency for release or directly by the subcontractors.
¨ No.1418
1583080207851.jpg–(443.04KB, 1600x900, volvo l60h.jpg)
I want to stress that most likely the fact that it was on old model has more to do with availability rather than deliberately dissing Russian equipment.

Unfortunately I do suspect that political, financial and juridical reasons would warrant for purchase from the west if and when that time comes. From this perspective, the German, Swiss, Czechian, Swedish etc. equipment generally appears more attractive and familiar. No offense, Russia makes magnificent locomotives and especially track maintenance equipment, but those are like monsters to out small pretty Europeanly run railways.

(The core reason for this I think is that the bougies used to be Swedish / German here, so the trade via baltic has always been the predominant direction of direction trade, no offense to mother Russia and her vast resources, but that place used to be pretty rural.)

But back to topic. Like this is what they use in Northern Sweden to keep the yards open. The upgrade of the snow handling equipment for the increased blizzards due to global warming could be as little as this. Or new rail lorry / tractor mounted snowblowers again.
¨ No.1419
1583080587346.jpg–(250.69KB, 1800x1200, Unimob.jpg)
And I'm going to ramble quite some more, maybe eventually even considering national relations :D

This is what VR Track loves: Mercedes Unimogs! Here equipped with a brush, doesn't have seem to be caught on film while working. This was taken in 2017.
¨ No.1420
1583080786903.jpg–(368.20KB, 1024x683, Unimob plow.jpg)
Unimog with plow. Hard to think that thing can get anything done, it's only like 8 tons.
¨ No.1421
1583080840890.jpg–(187.88KB, 1024x768, Plasser&Theurer Unima III-500M.jpg)
Unimog powering a tamping machine?!
¨ No.1422
1583080942841.jpg–(769.31KB, 1200x799, caterpillar.jpg)
Meanwhile, Destia, the road company, loves its diggers. The tool it has is not a "snow eater" but snow wall breaker.
¨ No.1423
1583081183576.jpg–(156.49KB, 959x631, Tka5.jpg)
Though there are long traditions...

The Tka -series of small engines / rail cars / lorries is the backbone of the track maintenance, specially the Tka6 and Tka7 series.

On the other hand, Tka's up to 5 were pretty much lorries on rails.
¨ No.1424
1583082499025.jpg–(305.24KB, 1023x575, Vo.jpg)
And now is the time for some national shit flinging :)

>(not mocking or anything, although I do sound like a little bit of a jerk oftentimes - it's hard to convey true tone from behind the keyboard)

And also because:

>I mean WTF, for you people we Russians are just a bunch of southern spoiled bitches :D

So as I alluded already, while it's true that this nation is more northern than most urban centers of Russia, it's ironic because we have the sea and the golf stream effect, so Russia with its Siberia and continental winters that go minus 30 degrees consistently for months seem like the frozen wasteland from here, even if it's like 50-60 latitude mostly.

And it's okay to be a little nationalistic. And losing the empire and slowly trying to stitch some of your national pride back must be hard. It's kind of sad to say it a loud, but it has always been good times here when your nation has been doing poorly. (starting from the post revolution crazy times and repeating again with Perestroika and all that followed) It's kind of sad, but that's politics. Personally I've found Russians as people to be generally respectable members of H. Sapiens. (There's one construction worker guy downstairs and buncha itinerant shipyard kind of people in the neigbourhood.) Also, Russians generally speak very acceptable English, so they are easy to deal with. It's sad, but I don't do a word of Russian and am not comfortable at all with Swedish (Pioneur Mineur's Danish stuff is hebrew...). I'm not smart enough to master more than one foreign language.

Here's a thorwback to the bad times. When Soviet Union was collapsing it among other things sold wood like there was no tomorrow and it came in all kinds of wagons.
¨ No.1425
1583083925361.jpg–(134.08KB, 1024x768, sr1 um second generation cockpit I think.jpg)
It's a giant political potato to allow cabotage with Russian cars, that is totally inter country traffic as part of normal car rotation instead of strictly in-out import-export.

But because of geopolitics, there are always people who loudly talk crap about Russians (as political entity) when it's not even warranted. Like take Sr1 for example. It was acquired back when Breznew was being like hey who don't you buy any finished products? So that was that, it's nickname, after all is Siperian susi "Siberian Wolf", and "wolf" also mean failed/useless in Finnish.

So there are people among the railfans who insist that it was such a bad product even if it seems that they will reach almost 50 years of age! Though there were some real complaints - the drive motors were falsely highly rated an in practice overheated and the advertised 3000kW of power was not available. Now the problem has been fixed I believe and also front bogie slipping problem, but the latter was really Strömberg's fault.

One complaint was also the original cab was pretty frugal. For heating for instace there was a constant power radiator and direct to outdoors adjustable ventilation grille.
¨ No.1426
1583084405049.jpg–(459.54KB, 800x640, Sm7.jpg)
Sm7 going back to home today _b
¨ No.1427
1583084640488.jpg–(253.86KB, 1400x788, tahkoluoto.jpg)
Electrification at Tahkoluoto seems to progress.

It's sad that online rail fanning is going to Facebook. At least the main groups are public but stuff just gets lost in time.

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