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File: 1569602522729.jpg–(93.66KB, 738x528, 903714cs-b&osafety.jpg)
What's going on, what's with all the broken stuff?
¨ No.283
Halo 2: Anniversary - Gravemind Cutscene (1080p)–(YouTube)
>three pages of purest, textbook flood, just like the old times

А я ведь предупреждал.
¨ No.284
Time for captchas?
¨ No.324
1569829434328.jpg–(39.95KB, 1024x576, 2mxj8j.jpg)
Yep, I sorta blame that on you Mike. More exactly, on your stubborn refusal to install an hourly limiter on the amount of threads (my suggestion: 4-5 threads per hour and then additionally 40 per day. Just hear me out pleahhhhseeeee) despite it being the easiest and most reliable solution, for now.

Seriously, you can't REALLY blame a cocky 9 year old kid who just discovered imageboards. I mean in his years that's what I'd be probably doing.
¨ No.325
More Raids and nothing I can do because I am not a Mod.
¨ No.326
I'll discuss implementing something like this with Mike, but I'll be frank: this board software has the shittiest back end I've seen yet. I don't know if this particular one is even capable of enforcing such rules.

We're fine, thank you. You know what you can do? Text the 1chan report line at (813) 922-8895 instead of just posting here and crying about not being a mod. That will get action much sooner than just waiting for Mike or I to stop by here by chance.
¨ No.334
Parovoz, I present to you the exact part of our config which limits posting.

// Post control
define('TINYIB_DELAY', 30);
// Delay (in seconds) between posts from the same IP address to help control flooding [0 to disable]

This controls all posting, and does not delineate between Threads and Replies. I also don't have any way to control the creation of threads. I am not a coder by trade, only in my spare time. I'd rather not reveal my profession here, but I think Tex can vouch that it takes up most of my life.

Also a side-note before someone tells me to just change the board software again, TinyIB was chosen for a multitude of reasons. Some of which were, Lower requirements (I pay to run this server completely out of my own pocket, no ads or any other data is sold and it will never be), lower level coding, and active development. Despite TinyIB being quite limited on the back-end, posting works quite reliably.

I usually try to keep quiet on such matters, but Ham you're not a mod for a reason.
¨ No.340
1569927009952.jpg–(932.00KB, 1300x870, 255357.jpg)
Welp... I somehow expected to hear something like this. Although not really, I actually thought that even with such shitty engine an imageboard is much more configurable, and you only didn't install a limiter yet because you had other ideas (I think when I first proposed this you reacted without much enthusiasm, or was it about captcha, I'm not sure already) or just didn't bother to implement it yet. Or rather, from what I understood, "too configurable" cuz you have to code every bell and whistle yourself. To be clear I wasn't trying to shit on you for doing us all a favor and keeping this God forgotten hole afloat against all common sense. I mean I would gladly assist but neither I am an expert nor do I know any coders/developers to try and nag them with questions about our board's particular problems. So I guess it still comes down to the amount of research you (or Tex?) are willing to put into that, because clearly there are some discussions and repositories on this very engine, right? So is it at least possible that you at some point will expand on your knowledge of this board enough to implement some (if not in this variant) decent flood protection, as well as (at least?..) bring back the missing features of the old board?

Speaking of you and Tex, and Ham being a mod, if an automation isn't our way, it is a good idea to have a mod from another timezone, because it seems like most of the BS happens when 'murica is asleep. To be clear, I'm not vouching for myself, I think a mod should be someone as removed from conflicts as possible, and I regularly drag myself into yet another little holy war. Someone as Kartma I guess or... well speaking of timezone I would suggest our friend Huckleberry Finn (sorry, couldn't resist X-----DDDD) but if he really (for legal reasons, allegedly!) smokes stuff which shouldn't be smoked and then goes here on a posting spree, that's also a disqualifying factor, I think a mod should monitor the board only while sober. I mean, if you are really about to trust a completely unknown person based purely on their honest promise they won't abuse their power, even in a heated argument, who never even was a mod of anything, then, well... Again, I don't insist (and even do not pretend I do not insist just out of politeness... me and politeness, riiiight), just some thoughts aloud on the matter.

Anyway, some more obscure features aside, can we get back at least the text formatting?
And PLEASE make this poor excuse for the board at least remember our names already! I guess this should be easier than implementing a new feature... r-right?..

Anyway, to stress this again, props to you for doing at least something.
¨ No.347
I'll see what I can do about the name thing. That is a bug and should be fixed. As for text formatting, I put that under the category of Extra Features. I've got a lot of bug fixing to complete before even entertaining the idea of extra features.

As for a mod from another time zone, this is something I was strongly considering before the Vichan crash. I wanted to discuss it with Tex before implementing any changes, and the board crash/migration took priority. If Tex is on board, then expect to see another mod soon.

One last thing, I'm trying out a new spam prevention method which requires moderation for posts which contain images. We'll see how effective it is though...
¨ No.350
>moderation for posts which contain images. We'll see how effective it is though...

Now, about that... I think you already should have an idea that this is a fucking disaster. Just for my comment, it took FULL DAY for someone to approve this. Almost full fucking day. One of the few thing which keeps this board alive is posting images, often in a row, and this pre-mod thing effectively cripples this. After all this is an image board, and now anyone who does wanna get the message through without waiting for an unknown amount of time, then possibly waiting for another unknown amount of time for someone to answer to this, than waiting again etc... would just decide to post without images. Why bother with an IMAGEboard in this case if what this creates is effectively a text forum?
And at least half of the active (more or less) posters on this board are interested primarily in pictures, and this premoderation is a huge disincentivizing factor. For example, the moment I realized the posts are now going for the pre-mod I seriously had thoughts of abandoning posting here unless this idea gets scrapped, I'm pretty sure some people will think similarly. Since what this means, IF YOU'RE USING IMAGES, THERE WILL BE NO PROPER DISCUSSION - nobody wants to have a discussion which lasts for an entire week just for a dozen messages.

Seriously, I don't have enough words to describe just how bad this idea is, without risking inadvertantly insulting you.

I know I seem to take this issue maybe a bit more passionately than necessary but I think this measure is the bigger danger to this board than spam and flood attempts. Yes, I am a big proponent of an anti-flood solution, but not by decimating the discussion on this board, dang it! Seriously, I think this WILL finally kill off this board, if not scrapped.

And also, it goes even against your own bias, last time you were effectively complaining there's not enough mod power already, and saying you don't have enough spare time to run this place. And now not only does this feature double your required efforts, it also makes posting half-impossible without your manual intervention! It doesn't make sense.

My proposal (no, not proposal, my plea! Seriously dude PLEASE) is: scrap this idea and just crank that define('TINYIB_DELAY', ); parameter to 120 or maybe 150 seconds. I mean there's a big difference between waiting for two minutes and for ALMOST A FULL DAY (or even in best case, say, two hours). And two minutes should definitely be enough to deter a large-scale attempt to flood the board, unless the person behind it is REALLY determined which is quite unlikely.
¨ No.358
I'm also strongly against moderated image posts. I'll never finish posting the one I just started, since I'm working for essentially the next 2 days straight (yay self employment life)

Also, Paravoz, all mods have biases. It doesn't matter if you get into the most brutal flame wars as long as you detach your moderation from that. It's not like people get banned here for being loud and annoying, spam is the main concern.
¨ No.361
Image moderation has been shut off.
¨ No.363
¨ No.380
Yaaay, thanks my dude!

Also, did you crank up the timeout between posts too? I mean it's not perfect but it's probably still the most reliable hassle-free way of preventing a major flooding. (BTW if you did maybe it will be a good idea not to tell us the exact number of seconds - y'know, in the unlikely case there actually will be someone malicious enough to write a script, this knowledge might help them) Still, will be looking forward to see a limiter or a captcha one day.
¨ No.467
1570743313527.jpg–(66.45KB, 740x494, 903010cs-b&osafety2.jpg)
Thank you for keeping us updated, Tex and Mike.

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