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File: 1596153039102.jpg–(112.35KB, 640x480, image-asset.jpeg)
No.2216 Locked
So do sny railroads allow crews to carrie? I find it sad that the no firearms rule is in NORAC instead of left up to the individual railroads. And knowing some of the places a crews have to de train to set out and couple cars haveing protection would probably be a good idea. I know I feel safer I had mine on me.
¨ No.2218
I can't even... Ham why do you think you need a gun as a volunteer trolley operator?

Train robberies in 2020 aren't masked gunmen riding up on horses and demanding money. It's people stealing cargo off the trains. What would you rather do in that situation? Use your gun and make sure Uncle Pete doesn't have file an insurance claim, or just call the cops and let them deal with it.
¨ No.2219
Ham, are you fucking retarded? Don't you work for a museum? I can't think of a single railroad that [i]allows[/i] employees to carry firearms(besides special agents), and for good reason. It's a tremendous liability. Now, what people do is their own business, and you'd never be caught carrying one if you didn't run your mouth, but knowing your stupid ass I'd advise against bringing one to work.

Shit, are you even allowed to legally possess a firearm, Ham? When you fill out a 4473 you have to say you're free from any mental disease or defect.
¨ No.2220
Holy shit, I don't even know where to begin with this. Nobody in their right mind is going to discuss carrying weapons while working on the railroad, except to say that both the GCOR and NORAC both explicitly forbid it.

I'm not using you as an example to pick on you, but just as an FYI to everyone, I don't think there's any functioning text modifiers on this board. Mike will have to confirm, but I haven't seen anything that would support it.
¨ No.2221
You guys don't have reading comprehension do you, IF I worked on the railroad and I had to do switching jobs in dangerous places I would want mine. I feel for the railroad workers the work in dangerous places. I've heard them say but they know if people who carry firearms even though it's not allowed because they don't feel safe. So no I absolutely do not think I need to carry while volunteering at the trolley museum that would just be stupid.
¨ No.2222
I have my license it says nothing about mental defects. It only ask if you ever been institutionalized or deemed mentally incompetent cort of law. And again if I did work for the railroad but I want to carry amp as he mentioned the rules forbid it. I know how much you want to bet those rules would change if management had a ride along and help cut out cars in Detroit.
¨ No.2223
People robbing cargo call the police from the head end. What gets me is shot like this https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article3792585.html and I have heard numerous stories a redneck you can train as target practice.
¨ No.2224
I thought there used to be a text modifier at least. It was worth a shot. :^)

Ham, you're a clown. If it's really that dangerous, and there are issues, you get one of the special agents to come out there with you instead of writing tickets to school buses.

>It only ask if you ever been institutionalized or deemed mentally incompetent
Well, haven't you?
>I know how much you want to bet those rules would change if management had a ride along and help cut out cars in Detroit.
I know it wouldn't. Nobody complains more than railroaders, so if it was going to change it would have already changed.
¨ No.2225
I've never been deemed mentally incompetent in the cort of law, Nor have I ever been institutionalized Massachusetts is very strict and they go through a background check with criminal and to The Institute of Mental Health. And although I do next to no railfanning there is a section of street running somewhat near by in a city called Holyoke. Just say last time I was wandering around there I was immediately singled out and a guy started calling out "hey what do you need I got it? what do you need I got it?" Probably a good idea to concealed carry if I am railfanning that area. I just think the railroad should allow it if the person responsible enough to run a train the responsible enough to carry Heat. Yeah we don't think our crew is responsible enough to own a firearm.. now go run this oil train down Cajon Pass.
¨ No.2226
>I was accosted by a garden variety dealer/punk trying to rob me.
>Better start packing some heat
Just let your mother know where you're going to be if you're that worried.
¨ No.2227
¨ No.2228
What is this supposed to show? 1 assault and largely petty crimes?
¨ No.2230
1596228881974.jpg–(10.67KB, 215x234, locoface.jpg)
>Now, what people do is their own business, and you'd never be caught carrying one if you didn't run your mouth,
>but knowing your stupid ass I'd advise against bringing one to work.

Since it's Friday imma tell you an anecdote of sorts.

Back in the old place where I used to live (let's call it "projects" even if this is not America) there was a fairly tight community with plenty of intermingling. We even held multiple "tailgating" parties with barbecue and sauna. Anyway, bunch of people would end up bringing knives to such an, mainly for opening packages. There was this one kind of recluse person and he had some kind of ultra-tactical combat knife with him and the conversation started around it. It turned out that he was a collector of sorts. In a moment he brought some more for the people to observe. Well, another guy, a recluse also, but a _different_kind_ decided to bring his some of collection for display, but he on his turn was given a hefty scolding and told to pack his knives and leave.

Let me also tell another anecdote. When _I_ was conscripted bunch of folks would brings knives to doodle, what was affectionately known as "camp dicks", to pass time in multi day exercises. Well, long story short - only me bringing a knife was seen as an issue by the barrack as a whole and it ended up being confiscated :(

In short, what little I've observed, I fear HAM with a gun would receive a similar judgement of character and end up into a serious trouble.

ps. I don't want to bully. I envy HAM quite a lot actually, he's financially stable and doing the thing he loves. Heck, I wish I could date hot motor ladies, drive historical trolleys myself and tinker with dumbwaiters and stuff. Instead I'm stuck with a substance issue in a worse kind of projects with itinerant dock workers and depression.
¨ No.2231
I'm locking this thread, because at this point it just seems to be Ham trying to justify carrying a gun regardless of context. This is a forum based around rail/transportation, there are far better places online to have this discussion.

Remember how I talked about putting us on standard forum software and requiring a login? This is one of the reasons why, shit like this not only makes us seem insane it also creates possible legal liability.

You're correct we don't have text modifiers with this software. Although our old software did. I'll add it to the request list, but tbh I haven't had much time to devote towards coding the site.
¨ No.2233
I'm not bullying Ham here for having a gun whole everyone else is showing their own. Rather, the fact that this sort of thing is explicitly forbidden by the two major US railroad rule books, yet he asks if any of us do it is what gets me. It's akin to a cop asking "do you know why I pulled you over?" It's snitching on yourself.

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