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File: 1595185450596.jpg–(73.71KB, 357x500, AECFDBAD-B2C1-42FE-97A4-977412E6F0B8.jpeg)
Growing up I loved lots and lots of trains, there’s about 3 40 minute movies
¨ No.2154
When I was a really little kid I know my family had some VHS of trains. It may have been this one, I don't remember.

Honestly though, anytime I wanted to see trains my granddad and I would go train watch in our local switching yard.
¨ No.2171
1595311305401.jpg–(553.62KB, 715x1024, FairbanksYears_dvd.jpg)
Not "lots and lots". I had a roommate years ago who had a collection of rail VHS tapes. The only one I liked was 'Kalmbach's First Generation Diesels".

Skip forward to present day, I recently watched 'Canadian Rails Vintage Scrapbook by Charles
Smiley' and liked it enough that i'd go buy it. It had footage from southern BC in an era I like.

But I have to say my favourite one is "The Fairbanks Years". I actually had a small hand in it's production. I never get bored repeatedly watching all that C-Liner action. :^)
¨ No.2197
My family had a VHS tape of the channel tunnel that I watched so often it basically wore out. It had weird 90s electro music. And was mostly Le Shuttle porn.

I should try and track that down online. Big mood.
¨ No.2200
Choo Choo Trains: Close Up and Very Personal–(YouTube)
My favorite train VHS tape from when I was little is on the YouTube now. I think what I liked about it the most is that there was NO narration, not adult narration or "HEEYYY KIDSSS LOOKY HERE AT THIS CHOO-Y CHOO!!!" garbage. Just 30 minutes of nonstop trains. Heaven.
¨ No.2203
1595816760218.jpg–(1.04MB, 1200x819, showimage[1].php)

Oh man, my parents bought me this 611 VHS tape by some obscure production company. They didn't have any voiceovers the entire 90-minute video but had scrolling text instead that just gave location and date info. It also had a lot of interesting original shots that you didn't see with the more professional companies. I'm pretty sure that video is what got me so into 611.

<<I'm 90% sure this was one of the excursions featured in the tape. It's from the 1994 NRHS convention excursion. Does NRHS still do those excursions anymore?

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