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File: 1595085940095.jpg–(227.75KB, 800x600, 9739472675_65d6bf6fe6_o.jpg)
Why can't we have a high-speed rail in America?
¨ No.2139
Were in the process of getting it. Areas linked close together have high speed service. EG: North East Corridor, Texas, California.

As for why it’s not as prevalent as Europe? We focused on planes while they focused on trains. We’re playing catch-up now.
¨ No.2182
Large population centres are generally closer together in Europe and Japan than they are in much of the US. HS rail has thus a better chance to survive and even thrive in EU and JP.

Also, the faster you want them, the more you need dedicated HS lines with no lumbering freights holding up the super-expresses.
¨ No.2184
Money and politics.
¨ No.2185
This is really it. There's not enough money to be made by installing it, and there's not enough people who car enough about getting it to raise a fuss.
¨ No.2186
We can, when the economics and market support it (Texas, Florida). When it's a political pork project (California), it's doomed to fail.

¨ No.2189
Probably happen when gas hits $6/gal.
¨ No.2190
I don't like the implication that you think Florida is anything other than a shithole.
¨ No.2192
1595561875985.jpg–(405.38KB, 1024x684, 427-97631v0_20181115[1].jpg)

There was a window until the 1980s where building superinfrastructure in the US was feasible and we spent all of that effort on building freeways instead of railways.
¨ No.2193
Florida has some absolutely gorgeous beaches, my man. World class, honestly. If you want to be negative you can call any country, state, or city a shit hole.
¨ No.2194
Happened in the 70s, 90s, and 2000s as well. More so with intercity rail systems, as opposed to interstates but you get the idea.
¨ No.2195
If you want a shithole, try going to a big corrupt city run by little fascists who want a police state for honest law abiding folks but no rule of law for actual domestic terrorists going around smashing windows at local businesses and politically correct race riots.
¨ No.2196
1595633379909.jpg–(63.42KB, 640x480, Mr. Hilter's trusty assistant.jpg)
Cool it, Furher cat.
¨ No.2198
Methinks the fash doth protest too much. Shoo shoo.
¨ No.2199
Politics that have no direct relation to trains or railroads have no place here. Spew your inciting bullshit somewhere else.
¨ No.2201
1595800934545.jpg–(124.54KB, 1500x790, 35273372832_7a78475246_o_southwest-airline.jpg)

There would already have been HSR in Texas since the 1990s, if a pissbaby passenger airline didn't somehow feel threatened by it to sue it out of existence. Pic related.
¨ No.2202
This is a good example of the kind of politics that is welcome on 1chan. SWA absolutely lost their shit over the idea of having to actually compete with someone else over one of their core routes. That being said, now that the Wright amendment is long gone, HSR seems to be off their radar as they haven't said a single thing about the Texas Central effort. It's almost as if they were fighting the wrong fight that entire time!
¨ No.2208
Florida's a beautiful place, but it's also the state that literally banned a man from making comics because they were too offensive.

Oh shut up.
¨ No.2209
For what it's worth, Billy Brownshirt up there got banned.

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