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Trains or GTFO. Please and thank you.
¨ No.2137
This plus no NSFW. Enjoy your stay!
¨ No.2140
1595089865530.png–(641.85KB, 1684x1122, USRA2662.png)
guess we're all a bunch of mundane weirdos; i for one wear this title with pride
¨ No.2143
I think we might have succesfully navigated the weird-smelling redditor drive-buys. Would love to see the traffic stats for the last 24 hours though.
¨ No.2147
1595119489612.jpg–(162.84KB, 1156x867, IMG_20200309_225719.jpg)
Oh that's hilarious. Although I don't think obscure imageboards qualify as dark web. Didn't the origins of this site have something to do with moot?

Enjoy this crappy pic I took of the last time I rode an R32.
¨ No.2148
1595132449595.png–(15.03KB, 776x134, Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 11.15.09 PM.png)
¨ No.2150
1595168384394.jpg–(224.19KB, 892x649, 2674980.jpg)
Now I can certainly see why many people hate Reddit: not as REEEE NORMIES but as a collection of the most boring and narrow-minded people the Internet has to offer. That or (and?) the general American population is much more at odds with American railfans then in Europe (even here in Russia, for that matter)...

Also, come to think of it... seems like despite all the friction which occasionally arise due to, mostly, the process of making photos/videos, the railway workers as a category are the ones most appreciative of what the railfans do, no matter how much they consider us slackers. Pic obviously related.
¨ No.2151
Yes, see >>1840 and onward
¨ No.2165
it makes me very sad to see that thread. People saying "adults who are really into trains are so creepy" and things like that. I think it's a fairly obvious fact that trainfags skew pretty heavily autistic. So posts like that are just neurotypicals saying very proudly "aren't autistic men so creepy!" You know they all think that, but it makes me sad to see them so proud of it. And so quick to hate on a completely innocent hobby.
¨ No.2166
And this is why there are about a half dozen people at most that I work with that know how much I like trains.
¨ No.2167
1595290060504.jpg–(495.47KB, 1220x817, 247682.jpg)
Isn't "iF uR LiEk DrAiNs Ur aUtIsTiCcccC" just another form of bigotry, tho? Again, I can't say for US, but in both Russian and EU context, I know dozens of people who are deeply appreciative of trains being just complete and utter "normalfags": regardless of generation, from literal boomers to teens (remember the Soviet/Russian "children's railways"?), both guys and girls, some having families, plenty of other "conventional" hobbies - and only SOME actually showing any at all signs of being "different".

Looks almost like it's a purely American stereotype. The questions are, why it could be that different and whether it's even based in reality to any large extent - or may it possibly be that in the Old World people just give less crap about people with mild psychosocial disorders...
¨ No.2168

Cripes! All that over train buffs in a 48 hr period? Weird.
¨ No.2169
>Isn't "iF uR LiEk DrAiNs Ur aUtIsTiCcccC" just another form of bigotry, tho?
I understand what you mean, but that's not what I said. Of course I don't mean that everyone who's into trains must be autistic. I think you can admit the percentage of train enthusiasts who have some form of autism is higher than the percentage in the general population. Hobbies which involve or cater to cataloging and databasing tend to be that way. I have diagnosed autism I don't see autistic as an insult or anything.
¨ No.2179
1595357393023.jpg–(270.58KB, 1920x1200, fer102.jpg)
I too kind of feel like rail fandom is indeed seen "I wanna be a train driver!" -phase stuck on. Like it would be super awkward for me to go for some heritage steam ride, I would need kids to act as a beard :(

Should have continued with those gun books instead. That would have been completely socially acceptable but I figured they are machines made to killing things as opposed to machines moving things on land efficiently. Maybe it then makes one cringe and awkward.

Those were the total comments, which is still ridiculous. That's your reddit experience on average though, there aren't any coherent conversations, just a pile-up of drive-by comments in strictly time-determined fashion because despite the balloon algorithm, stuff just keeps sinking and the window when any relevant conversation is to be had is narrow, narrower the bigger the sub is. The snapshot one get of the conversation is random depending on the time when one stumbles with a post and revisiting it later is a pain without paying gold (or installing RES) to distinguish new messages since their last visit. All this makes it fairly addictive because one has to be present just at the right time to have any relevance in a discussion, the same reason also discourages any research before commenting. There's this sickening sense of urgency to get done with reading the present waste of time so the other wastes of time don't get irrelevant in face of new wastes of time posted in the meanwhile.

In short: Reddit is okay as a news aggregator, it's a terrible platform to converse on. For that it's even more ephemeral and disoriented than the imageboards are.

Some subs are better than the others, just like chans or boards on specific chans are. I'm going to pull the old two sides of a same coin platitude, because the differences are minuscule. Both are massive echo chamber generators but through different mechanisms. On imageboards the topic that creates the most conflict are the ones that stay on top the longest until the conflict dries out and one side emerges victorious and from then on it's incorporated into the culture of the place. Meanwhile on reddit the main currency is attention and up and down voting wars between different circle-jerks. Reddiquette forbids down-voting for opinion reasons and when that breaks a community is shit and hard to restore, though so are chans. The same thing is also true in chans as well as subreddits: the best tend to be smallish and issue focused with clearly defined mod policy and mod team big enough to enforce the local rules. That's the things what I dislike in this "muh free speech" argument because sadly, it's usually muttered bu the people, whose main concern is to just wreck things for their own amusement. Frankly, I like to frequent myself in places where that kind of thing is discouraged, chan or subreddit or otherwise.

Both reddit and chans tend to form mean hate circle jerks, but remember kiwifarms is a bbs. It's super weird that you can put on google site:kiwifarms.net : your favorite youtuber or online community and and you can bet their fucking Sauron-gaze has swept over it:

Reddit hate circle jerks kind of bubble slowly and brigade. Anyway, should I even so, all the people interested about the podcast itself went to r/BlackWolfFeed/ and lo, that's still there while whiner are going to whine and disperse a bit. Things are significantly better, than they used to be, but there are still many places where the toxic people gather. Like consider many of the "Drama" brand subreddit, r/HobbyDrama, pretty quickly one starts to notice that a significant portion of of the posts are essentially mudslinging and public smear towards individuals who have done very little to gain such attention.

Anyway, what I said about reddit above stands. Also see the embed. Am strongly considering to move my online presence mostly away from reddit to some more bbs like place. Too bad there aren't any good places in the Finnish internet, r/Suomi is the sivilized place.

"Thanks for reading my blog."

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