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So why wouldn't we start the first RZD thread on the new 1chan?

As usual: I provide you with stuff, you provide me with questions and topics for discussion on the subject. Something like this basically.
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File: 1492636755286.jpg (480.49 KB, 1250x854, .jpg)

I can only add that the lighting seems to be not as bad as it looks on the picture. The security men seem rather comfortable to be there and I myself was here for about half an our without any significant discomfort. Though it indeed very unusual but not painful.
Sounds like a good topic for the SciShow, can being on the light of only one basic color be unhealthy.

P. S. I know, this is not Lastochka yet there are only two main tracks. It has been spotted that two-track stretches, while can't be used for the freight traffic at daytime, are used to pass some passenger consists from carriage depot on Moscow-Kievskaya to different stations terminal to their according routes. Try to guess what the cars are or which route they are used on.


I love the look of those big russian pax cars - slab sides, somewhat angular roofline, loads of underfloor gear and complex gangways.

And it's all topped off with bright LED tail markers. Genuinely a good looking end.

I might have an odd fetish for coaching stock.


The CIS is one of the last bastions of old school long distance loco hauled passenger trains.


File: 1492876680944.jpg (361.19 KB, 1200x744, .jpg)

> those big russian pax cars
Wow, these are big to you? I thought you will figure out comparing them to the first car in the consist that these are RIC loading gauge mod. 61-4476 cars by Tver Carriage Works (Transmashholding) http://tvz.ru/catalog/passenger/item_detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=186, you can say these are the smallest passenger cars in operation on RZD.
And… >>3717 The funny thing that these are actually designed to work on EU routes and this particular consist would become a Moscow - Warsaw train in the next few hours. They use some Siemens parts, naturally, it would be almost impossible to certify them in the EU without some big local player, but the drawback is that Siemens actually tried to promote these carriages as their own, you may heard of Siemens Viaggio Classic, this is, as far as goes my research, the "false name" of TVZ's 61-4476. Though not a big deal actually, I guess. SNCF even started the test operation of these cars on their internal routes about a year ago.
> Yeah, Russia is bad, sanctions and stuff, but nobody will notice if we buy from them some rolling stock… right?

Now to be clear, if you speaking of BIG CARS, you wanna consider these. http://tvz.ru/catalog/passenger/item_detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=190


File: 1493184483316.jpg (494.62 KB, 1200x659, .jpg)


Not quite. There's plenty of (relatively speaking) loco-hauled trains in and around the UK, including*:

- ECML (London - Edinburgh)
- GEML (London - Norwich)
- Cumbria Coast Line (Carlisle - Preston(?) via Barrow-in-Furness)
* HST services do not count, as they form a fixed consist

In fact, loco hauled services look set to increase in number when TransPennine Express introduce loco-hauled services from Manchester to Glasgow and Edinburgh.


>TransPennine Express

You must pictures!




Have a read of this. The first bodyshell has been completed and the locomotives (Class 68/88) are being constructed and tested. The first loco hauled service is due to enter service in a year's time.


I'm doing the Arriva Trains Wales posh train next week. 67+4. Anyone want pics?


File: 1493757798897.jpg (308.15 KB, 1300x800, 20170501_589621.jpg)


File: 1494357376752.jpg (379.52 KB, 1200x800, 20170505_589917.jpg)

By the way today is the Victory Day in some countries (72th anniversary of the Third Reich capitulation in the WWII) so happy Victory Day if you're into that. If you're not, then just enjoy a couple of photos of cool steam-hauled thematic trains.


File: 1494357405988.jpg (358.29 KB, 1249x749, 20170507_590117.jpg)


My favorite contributions thus far.


File: 1495780596860.jpg (378.71 KB, 1296x872, 20170521_591389.jpg)

Do not forget about the oldest thread on this board.


File: 1495780796960.jpg (340.25 KB, 1250x804, 20170524_591613.jpg)

"We are eternal. A pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before Us you are nothing…"


File: 1495992232118.jpg (294.18 KB, 1200x711, 20170527_591826.jpg)


File: 1496270058607.jpg (648.7 KB, 1250x832, 196671.jpg)

So it's summer already.


File: 1496346939596.jpg (509.62 KB, 1300x830, 197071.jpg)


File: 1496407470206.jpg (343.97 KB, 1200x840, 20170601_592308.jpg)

And this is the first two days of summer in a nutshell…


File: 1496414911994.jpg (428.87 KB, 1280x768, 20170531_592179.jpg)


File: 1497397051203.jpg (356.58 KB, 1200x755, 20170613_593353.jpg)


File: 1497482591124.jpg (617.99 KB, 1268x860, 20170601_592264.jpg)

By the way, guys, always wanted to ask a question on the topic that seems very discussed here.

Just honestly, what do you think of the RZD's unified red-grey paintscheme?

I really want an outside opinion as on ex-USSR space it is largely disliked but mostly for nostalgic reasons and that many don't like one unified livery replacing many different ones. Also, do you have some livery on Russian rolling stock you like better than RZD's red&grey?


I really don't mind it at all. I like the contrast.


File: 1497655731321.jpg (314.91 KB, 1300x860, 20170615_593497.jpg)

Yeah, so that's how you guys treat important questions…

Thanks for answer. I can see that even on the seemingly beloved topic of paintschemes nobody actually cares about any rolling stock except for North American and a bit Japanese :)


File: 1497758477529.jpg (362.43 KB, 1024x508, 29975170455_6268c2a5b2_b.jpg)

They actually don't look bad at all with the red ends. It probably works well for safety reasons too. It reminds me of the colour scheme used by Western Forest Products logging railroad here in Canada, and I like it.

Replacing the red with a dark blue would look good too.

I understand the nostalgia bit, i've witnessed it over the years with CP Rail. I got in during the multimark/Pacman era of the mid-80s & can remember oldtimers complaining about it while voicing their preference for the tuscan red scheme from the 1950's. I actually know people who stopped taking colour pictures during the change. When the multimark scheme was dropped in the 1990s many younger (than me) railfans liked it while I thought they looked funny. I suspect they liked it as it made modelling easier. Then the messy Canada/USA flag scheme, the "Canadian Pacific" w/ beaver scheme… blah! I'm like those old farts, I prefer the earlier stuff. :^)


File: 1497910325081.jpg (391.98 KB, 1200x859, 20170618_593867.jpg)

For safety reasons there are these orange spots of special reflecting paint.

And that's, by the way, how it would probably look without the red ends. This is NEVZ's E5K series livery before they started to paint locomotives for RZD in their new scheme.
What do you (any of you actually) think? Compared to RZD's scheme.


Some interesting looking switchers. But with all the mods done they might as well be geeps.


(Sorry for the thread jump)
They were custom modified and the engines replaced with Cats. Shop guy told me years ago that they ran into a problem during the rebuilds when they found a lot of sheets of lead in the locomotives floor boards. I believe they were 1 inch thick. Considered a hazardous material they had to have special personal protection in place and then a safe disposal plan. I forgot how much they actually found in each locomotive but I do remember it was a lot. An extra expense they did not expect.
(We now return to our regularly scheduled Russian train thread)


I prefer the RZD scheme like in #4028. I like the way the stripe jogs upwards and then to the back.


File: 1498592820393.jpg (362.74 KB, 1296x864, 20170622_594156.jpg)

The site is dormant…


File: 1498861773788.jpg (519.82 KB, 1200x883, 199442.jpg)

What's up with your weather?


File: 1499083898688.jpg (61.28 KB, 960x720, GreenCounty-tornado-damage.jpg)


45 m/s winds


File: 1499271788643.jpg (176.48 KB, 850x537, 20150626_522792.jpg)

Yeah, something similar also was a thing about three weeks ago. 16 fatalities and a few delays on Moscow railway due to fallen trees. The winds were 30 m/s though.

But this is way more spectacular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU3sRrMKK5Y - The long one (the speeds are probably limited due to water)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvojYYXYhuQ - The short one (they don't really care. Probably because this isn't a station)


Damn. Got any more?


File: 1499400319890.jpg (422.75 KB, 1300x820, 199973.jpg)

Sure, but not as vivid as the first two. There aren't even really other decent photos of flooded tracks. Apparently not many fans of being outside in such weather, especially with a camera.


File: 1500063474990.jpg (523.85 KB, 1260x840, 20170708_595640.jpg)



File: 1500733007002.jpg (41.08 KB, 288x512, 1495276952992.jpg)

I wonder if there are steering cars in Russian trains. I know you've used dummy locomotives in consists.

Hi. So I don't need an excuse for a blog post because at least someone's missed me :)

So Last year I was unemployed, happily hauling around junkies on pizza pay with my junk car, sucking state tit and doing whatever. Lovely people. Around February I applied and got into this apprenticeship program, a really good one, in a ship yard as pipe routing AutoCAD guy, properly through the unemployment agency, so at least the paperwork has been a breeze and, ehm, the size my state tit almost doubled too :) But Still, I needed to move into a new city (from Pori, Vähärauma, 28600 to Turku, Perno, 20240) under three weeks notice, I was on a 50-day fast at the time (to have a break from the junkie friends). That was fun.

So the spring and early summer has been busy settling down time at the evenings and weekends, driving around listening to the google bitch moan to my ear in a "big" (it's relative!) new city, trying to locate various knick-knacks. The most frustrating feeling by the way in that is knowing exactly where to get the things in the old city. Also few the of my raggy social relations have been pulling me around.

Managed to snap this pic while on quick babby's first bike tour with my pal, early June (One thing I needed weeks worth of evenings to locate everything). Sober guy. About the only thing sober in summer I fear, alarming amounts of pot has burned. Yeah, I was about to promise to go to take a pic from an old rail tractor, but but that same guy is urgin me on a fucking bike tour again. We'll see, if I come across any railroad relics or anything.


File: 1500737656853.jpg (358.21 KB, 1280x850, 196652.jpg)

If you mean non-motorized cars with cab which rely on locomotive, on ex-Soviet railroads there is a term (монокабина) for these which translates as monocab. Dunno if this is even a thing here but I may stick to it anyway.

Not particularly in Russia but in Belarus and Ukraine there are four types of "DMUs" which are using monocab cars (DRB1, DDB1 and DPL1 and DPL2), one type (DDB1) is made on Russian Demihovskiy engineering works. They have 3-6 cars including monocab and adapted unit of two-unit 2M62U locomotive. DPL2 is using 2TE116 unit, all of them now are on the Lugansk republic's territory so who knows what's up with them now. Maybe some of them are still used but for obvious reasons it is hard to keep track of them.
Oh, and also there is MDP type in Belarus which is a proper DMU but only one car is motorized so the other one is monocab… if this counts. I rode one of those.


File: 1500750193529.jpg (700.42 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_214850.jpg)

Follows shitty station platform pictures from Tampere.

An articulated car carriage.


File: 1500750612713.jpg (804.61 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_214901.jpg)

The train had one open car carriage, several of the closed articulated kind.

My camera is a potato.

"This is an InterCity train to Pori. Our following stops are at… Nokia, Karkku, Vammala, Kokemäki and Pori. This train has an minibistro trolley that sells hot and cold refreshments and little salties to the compartments (or something crazy like that) - Have a pleasant journey."


File: 1500750727916.jpg (863.17 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215400.jpg)

Long train is long, probably the mainline sleeper to north.


File: 1500750906113.jpg (806.75 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215308.jpg)

And these two hanging around in pair pull configuration could be its engines. Sr1:s in mainline are getting rare


File: 1500751075142.jpg (839.88 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215325.jpg)

On my 4 car InterCity to Pori an sr1 is to be expected.


File: 1500751309400.jpg (1015.09 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215102.jpg)

Also managed to get a sip of an edo face.


File: 1501097161581.jpg (561.6 KB, 1250x800, 192758.jpg)

Actually I'm not done with your question yet :)
As for RZD itself, I think the monocab (or steering car if you wish) concept is heavily overlooked here. Apart from DDB1 made for BCh there is even actual groundwork for these in the shape of Transmashholding's double-deck cars and I think some single-deck models (all product of TVZ) which are equipped with a digital bus which can connect all cars and the locomotive into the common network but as far as I know it was never used other than on tests or at least never connected to a locomotive (being used only between cars) but it looks like the main point of this whole system is to provide a technology for operation of monocabs (steering cars). But the main problem is there isn't any cars with cabs in the TVZ's lineup while it would be actually useful to have such trains as Moscow - Voronezh - Moscow express being able to operate in both directions without uncoupling from a loco. The other problem is that only EP10 and EP20 locomotives support this technology and other passenger locomotives do not have multiple unit sockets at all and cargo-passenger locomotives or road switchers which also work with passenger (only suburban in case of switchers) trains have hardware-based multiple unit technology so apart from using top-tier dual-system 7200 kW locomotives you would need to modernize a locomotives which are expected to work with monocabs. Actually that's basically the treatment that 2M62Us and 2TE116s got to be paired with the aforementioned "pseudo-DMUs".


File: 1501097228758.jpg (386.33 KB, 1200x800, 198651.jpg)


But I think in case of RZD it would be useful only for <400-km range trains with only places for sitting, the niche (if we are talking of intercity service) which is currently being taken over by Lastochka EMUs (Siemens Desiro modified and produced by Ural railway engineering works of Sinara Group), by the way a bad decision but that's not the point, so there are only a few trains like Bryansk of Voronezh express trains or also not a whole lot of regional suburban trains which aren't DMUs (which often use just random unused FPK's passenger cars and random loco) for which this technology could be used so it isn't much real perspectives. But still RZD could order from Transmashholding these 160 km/h double-deckers with monocabs for these Bryansk and Voronezh rapid trains (or also the upcoming double-deck express from Rostov-na-Donu to Adler) and connect them to EP20 locomotives which are already used with them and that's probably the only case which will benefit from this technology but… probably RZD have never even looked into this.


File: 1501286291580.jpg (447.81 KB, 1260x800, 200598.jpg)

Well I hope 1524 is satisfied with my as always overly complicated and boring answer.

> Long train is long

Oh, really? And here I am with >>4199 a 14-car double-deck train with one thousand three hundred sixty seats (that's the world record for the regular train as far as I'm concerned)…

*being sarcastic of course. If I would be really snobby about number of cars than there will come USA to crush my ego under their 32-ton axle load. Still we have longer passenger trains than them:)


>Still we have longer passenger trains than them:)

Longer bread lines too… I kid!





I really like these two pictures!

Fantastic info here btw. While I may not comment often, your Russian train threads are a source of interest to me. My curiosity also extends to Russian far east, from about Lake Baikal to the Kamchatka Krai region. Beautiful country around there.

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