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So why wouldn't we start the first RZD thread on the new 1chan?

As usual: I provide you with stuff, you provide me with questions and topics for discussion on the subject. Something like this basically.
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File: 1500751075142.jpg (839.88 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215325.jpg)

On my 4 car InterCity to Pori an sr1 is to be expected.


File: 1500751309400.jpg (1015.09 KB, 2560x1440, 20170722_215102.jpg)

Also managed to get a sip of an edo face.


File: 1501097161581.jpg (561.6 KB, 1250x800, 192758.jpg)

Actually I'm not done with your question yet :)
As for RZD itself, I think the monocab (or steering car if you wish) concept is heavily overlooked here. Apart from DDB1 made for BCh there is even actual groundwork for these in the shape of Transmashholding's double-deck cars and I think some single-deck models (all product of TVZ) which are equipped with a digital bus which can connect all cars and the locomotive into the common network but as far as I know it was never used other than on tests or at least never connected to a locomotive (being used only between cars) but it looks like the main point of this whole system is to provide a technology for operation of monocabs (steering cars). But the main problem is there isn't any cars with cabs in the TVZ's lineup while it would be actually useful to have such trains as Moscow - Voronezh - Moscow express being able to operate in both directions without uncoupling from a loco. The other problem is that only EP10 and EP20 locomotives support this technology and other passenger locomotives do not have multiple unit sockets at all and cargo-passenger locomotives or road switchers which also work with passenger (only suburban in case of switchers) trains have hardware-based multiple unit technology so apart from using top-tier dual-system 7200 kW locomotives you would need to modernize a locomotives which are expected to work with monocabs. Actually that's basically the treatment that 2M62Us and 2TE116s got to be paired with the aforementioned "pseudo-DMUs".


File: 1501097228758.jpg (386.33 KB, 1200x800, 198651.jpg)


But I think in case of RZD it would be useful only for <400-km range trains with only places for sitting, the niche (if we are talking of intercity service) which is currently being taken over by Lastochka EMUs (Siemens Desiro modified and produced by Ural railway engineering works of Sinara Group), by the way a bad decision but that's not the point, so there are only a few trains like Bryansk of Voronezh express trains or also not a whole lot of regional suburban trains which aren't DMUs (which often use just random unused FPK's passenger cars and random loco) for which this technology could be used so it isn't much real perspectives. But still RZD could order from Transmashholding these 160 km/h double-deckers with monocabs for these Bryansk and Voronezh rapid trains (or also the upcoming double-deck express from Rostov-na-Donu to Adler) and connect them to EP20 locomotives which are already used with them and that's probably the only case which will benefit from this technology but… probably RZD have never even looked into this.


File: 1501286291580.jpg (447.81 KB, 1260x800, 200598.jpg)

Well I hope 1524 is satisfied with my as always overly complicated and boring answer.

> Long train is long

Oh, really? And here I am with >>4199 a 14-car double-deck train with one thousand three hundred sixty seats (that's the world record for the regular train as far as I'm concerned)…

*being sarcastic of course. If I would be really snobby about number of cars than there will come USA to crush my ego under their 32-ton axle load. Still we have longer passenger trains than them:)


>Still we have longer passenger trains than them:)

Longer bread lines too… I kid!





I really like these two pictures!

Fantastic info here btw. While I may not comment often, your Russian train threads are a source of interest to me. My curiosity also extends to Russian far east, from about Lake Baikal to the Kamchatka Krai region. Beautiful country around there.


File: 1505992898088.jpg (536.96 KB, 1250x833, 205725.jpg)

I'm still here by the way.


File: 1507545608157.jpg (621.32 KB, 1280x870, 207113.jpg)

A bit more than two weeks and this thread turns one year!


File: 1507545623477.jpg (645.92 KB, 1300x877, 207164.jpg)


Eleven cars? Does that mean the EP20’s driver can move the hyperspace lever to Plaid? (hoary old “Spaceballs” joke)


File: 1507664071313.jpg (469.45 KB, 1200x741, 203959.jpg)

EP20 with its 7200 kW and 129 t of adhesive weight can do SOOOO much more than that… IN FACT this beast is equipped to haul (up to) 60-car rapid container trains (ie it can easily move about 4000 tons being officially considered a "passenger" machine) yet this practice is only planned.

Actually Transmashholding have updated EP20 series in late '16. Shame on me, for a long time have I planned to do a small overview of this and EP20 in general but still haven't done it yet.


It will be interesting to see how the EP20 manages to outcool the ES64 Taurus.

>>4609 – And for the future reader that know nothing of Spaceballs, Ludicrous Speed or plaid hyperspace…



File: 1507669036175.jpg (884.26 KB, 1300x867, 200494.jpg)

> how the EP20 manages to outcool the ES64 Taurus

Is this about the new look?

> And for the future reader that know nothing of Spaceballs, Ludicrous Speed or plaid hyperspace…

Ohhh, yes, only now I've remembered this scene! Didn't seen the whole movie but this scene once made me want to watch it.
Actually, this is very true. EP20 with anything less than 1000 tons makes (rather gently nonetheless) your vestibular apparatus believe you are in a metro train.


>>4625 – The look isn’t bad, but I was thinking more of works. It is already more powerful, but learning how well it deals with heat and cold and all that will be interesting. You do, after all, have just about every known kind of weather in the Really Big White North.

And Spaceballs… it is a Mel Brooks movie. It is this loony from first fade-in until last fade-out. Their radar jamming is something to savour.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVRjvhnZOXA and


File: 1509083481016.jpg (844.95 KB, 1280x800, 208561.jpg)

Hey, today this thread turns whole one year! And also it is in bumplimit now. Let's honor the oldest thread on this site (almost as old as this site itself since it changed the owner).

Also I've cheated a bit. I have deleted one my post for this thread to pop up on the front page one last time.


Top quality thread, Parovoz. I love these cooky russian machines and the goregous places they run. Here's to the next bunch!


File: 1509368531869.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1440, railtractors2.jpg)

Thanks for the quality content.


File: 1509708786242.jpg (987.2 KB, 1279x841, 209223.jpg)

Thank you. If only there would be a little more interaction…
But wait, why does this thread still go up?

What are these anyway?


File: 1509744228870.jpg (1.06 MB, 2560x1440, whatisthis.jpg)

Nice that you asked. These are the rail tractors I mentioned in June >>4169, copy of German Breuer design. They have been chilling at the end of a stub track in Turku rail yard (freight side) for the whole summer, so it wasn't that hard a spotting job, I've just been busy/lazy. They have been sold to Haapamäki rail museum, the beaten up Tve1 shunter is still a working unit in Turku roundhouse- since 1964.

39 units Mmde by Valmet in 1956-1959 and given littera "Trr", but usually known as "kisko Kalle" meaning "track Carl", by royal name translation convention… Wow, we actually still do that - the Swedish kung is know as "Kaarle Kustaa" in Finnish. (By cartoon character name translation it'd be "popeye".)

But enough rambling, the idea with these is to be short and light enough to fit into a turntable with their load. They are only 3.5 m long and weight 6 t and had 80-105 hp engine, Tampella 504A / Deutz F6L-514 / Volvo MD 67C. There is also a hydraulic lift for gaining extra traction by raising the other end of a pulled vagon. With tailwind they can move about 400 tonnes 20 km/h. People say it is earplug loud in the cab, as it is directly above the engine.

Also took a picture of "porduck" statue, far and with shitty phone camera, but it counts - there's railway too. (This is between Turku station and Kupittaa, from university's parking lot.


File: 1509745238467.jpg (395.04 KB, 1200x776, d1f0c9aa315a9d07f535b28d61….jpg)

And I kept digging a little more. The Tampella engine actually ran on petrol. And these were made by Tampella, not Valmet.

Here some stolen pixels again, pulling estimated 186 tonnes.

Maybe the bump limit is 200 hidden posts.


>>4768 – Breuer? No wonder it reminded me of something. The Danes had some Breuers, too. Found a pic of one, FFJ M1207, now serving on the Limfjord Railway. It’s nicknamed The Wardrobe. Rumour has it that it hauled passenger trains at times during WW2.

Driver’s Manual for the critter (all ten pages of it):




Taken care of. As a reminder, you all are encouraged to send a text message giving us a heads up on anything you feel needs our attention. The number is (512) 953-3619. The phone number is also posted underneath any reply box.


File: 1509907977296.jpg (430.43 KB, 1200x871, 20160410_554437.jpg)

So essentially they are what we would call a motovoz (Kleinlokomotive as known in Europe apparently) but man, I didn't know they can be THAT small. I would never thought this thing can move on its own. First I assumed this is some non-motorized maintenance thingy.
Our TMV-2 hyrail traction module by the big scary Uralvagonzavod, which is essentially a small Chetra (Chelyabinsk tractor works) tractor chassis with the hyrail equipment, is even bigger.


File: 1509909569647.jpg (331.3 KB, 1200x723, 168529.jpg)

In fact here in Russia the definition of the motovoz, auto-draisine and railcar have kinda merged into one kind of apparatus which looks mostly like this.
Even though the names (and even corresponding Wiki pages) are still different, it looks like it is mostly up to the manufacturer how to name its another cute little creation.

So what are the buplimit now? It looks the thread still goes up like the immortal Lenin.
By the way the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution anyone?


File: 1509909844412.jpg (492.43 KB, 1280x870, 106011.jpg)

Or like this. You got the idea.

Oh. And I forgot to say officially on RZD they are all known as SSPS or special self-propelled rolling stock if translated.


File: 1509910613811.jpg (649.8 KB, 1200x800, 204617.jpg)

And even this 82-ton 500 HP monstrosity by Remputmash is still known as railcar (avtomotrisa).

By the way this thing is very unique. It is a freakin' LEGO on the rails, both working modules and cab modules are detachable and can be swapped literally on the go by the included crane (you can see on the farther side) and yes, farther to the crane module is on some moving platform so the crane can reach it too or some other crane and it seems it's the regular fittings so you can even load here a 20-feet container by some strange reason. Thus, this thing can do literally anything you want to from moving people and cargo to repairing catenary, digging, dragging, drilling etc.

I'm actually curious, does any country have something similar to this or is it our original design? Never seen anything similar before, not in the railcar form anyway.


I've certainly never seen anything like that before. That's wild!


>>4790 – A two-axled locomotive is also referred to as a ‘tractor’ in various places. A ‘switching tractor’ is a small switcher that may be driven by a yardman with the proper ticket.


File: 1510251927616.jpg (963.92 KB, 1200x817, 209380.jpg)

On Space-1520 every vehicle created with the sole purpose of moving cars is designated as locomotive (a teplovoz which usually refers to a diesel locomotive if it has ICE as a prime mover), regardless of how small it is. Like this TGM23B for instance.

By the way forgive my limpy English, I just gave up doublechecking my messages for mistakes before submitting (whether for saving time or because of excessive self confidence, I'm not sure myself). Because of fast pace of typing and a shitty keyboard I make a lot of grammar mistakes and typos in both languages, they are just much harder to spot in a non-native one.


You've been making typos? News to me.


File: 1510363735434.jpg (448.55 KB, 1920x1080, tka7.jpg)

That's pretty rad gear. In microcosmos-1524, it's all Tka6-Tka8, called "rail lorries", even if, as dissected little below, show a wide pedigree of origins.

I can't find the exact number in service, but 29, 80 and 25 were manufactured. Tka6 by a little company "Saarlahti" based on refurbished freight truck bodies and they also made the only Tka9 around in 2007. Tka7 was inhouse job by VR, Tk8 too, but based on an earlier light shunter Tve4. (Not unlike >>4768) The usual rules of outsourced motors, electronics etc. anything but black iron welding really, probably apply.

These were originally based on real lorry bodies and designated as the errand engines in the least of the lest stations, to shunt only few cars at the time. Somewhere on the line it started to mean this specialized track maintenance vehicle.

Tka7 was nicknamed "Simo", after the supervisor in the workshop (in Kuopio) that assembled these.

Does it have a nickname equal to "wanker?"

It went by name "outhouse" as well.

Nice reading, this weird Swedish. Thanks for sharing.


File: 1510364956257.jpg (374.09 KB, 960x647, tka1.jpg)

>These were originally based on real lorry bodies and designated as the errand engines in the least of the lest stations

To clarify, some units were, but most went straight to track maintenance duty. By experience with these, as tonnages grew, it became clear that a "light shunter" was a dying breed.

Here's a real rail lorry, by Sisu.


File: 1511279148368.jpg (625.09 KB, 1200x848, 210271.jpg)

I see. So as usual it seems our gear is somewhat more of a "heavy duty" than in Europe.
I can't recall us having any converted avtomotrisas other than hyrail vehicles which are, by the way, pretty new to the Russian practice.

All of the SSPS (except >>4793) is initially designed for a single maintenance purpose, sometimes a couple of them at a time (like transporting workers in a 8-or-so-seat cabin and having a crane or a hydraulic arm) and are produced largely by the Remputmash group (this name should be actually familiar even to some non-cheekibreeki countries as they - by some - are believed to be "second after Plasser&Theurer" both technologically and by their market share), also by such enterprises as Muromteplovoz or Tikhoretsk engineering works.

Well sometimes I skip some letters with this atrocious keyboard but I think most mistakes happen when I, while typing one sentence, compose another one in my head, so some of the words or meanings might bleed to whatever I'm typing. Not such a big deal after all I think.


File: 1511280212624.jpg (540.74 KB, 1280x870, 126058.jpg)

> like transporting workers in a 8-or-so-seat cabin
Not in this case obviously, more likely like this AGS30P. And DO NOT ask me to sort out these names for you, because there is no unified system in their designation unlike with locomotives or multiple units (mostly because of what I mentioned earlier, that there are multiple ways you can name a railcar in Russia).


File: 1511281552652.jpg (486.81 KB, 1148x800, 20171005_603005.jpg)

And speaking of hyrails, I think only the hyrail-equipped UAZ Patriot SUV (yeah, that UAZ which makes their great vehicles in the same city where Lenin was born dunno why I even mention this, LOL) of all which rides our rails by itself can compare with this tiny thing >>4768 (by the sum of its dimensions I think).


File: 1511282802539.jpg (608.11 KB, 1200x800, 207459.jpg)

> Does it have a nickname equal to "wanker?"

Ummm… Is it the only association which the side rods on a locomotive bring up?

Actually, this is an interesting topic because the wheelslip on the locomotive in Russia is officially described by the word which roughly translates as boxing (боксование, probably shortened from боксирование which in its turn translates as boxing) so it is believed that historically this term was born as during the wheelslip on a steam locomotive the fast movement of rods can be perceived similarly to the intense boxer attack so essentially what was a joke 150 or so years ago now became an official term.

But no, I haven't ever heard this loco called wanker nor boxer and this makes perfect sence because with steam engines it would be too damn much different types to call with one nickname. Actually I don't even know any universally accepted nickname for it despite TGM23 is very popular series present throughout all 1520 mm railways.


>>4829 – It has to have been a drop-down-drunk that came up with ‘wanker’ for a side-rodder. Admittedly, I am far more likely to think of a salmon or trout.


Literal it would ba a "wank", but I don't English works like that.

It's not like "wanker" explicitly means what you seem to think it mans. But Dv16

But what can I say, it's 5 am and I'm desperately chugging beer for the slight sedative effect.


File: 1511322173222.jpg (967.83 KB, 1793x1200, aka beardog or simply bear.jpg)

Literal it would ba a "wank", but I don't think English allows that.

It's not like "to wank" explicitly means what you seem to think it mans. Apparantly, doing mostly shunting A "meadium heavy" version of a solid medium Dv15 (larger wheel diameter, intercooler), which had identical exterior, but was made and discarded a few years earlier. Plus, these were made about 50 each, while there also were About 250 mostly Identical "Dv" and "Dr" engines that looked very similar,

So small systems, it's like you'd spot a single class II for your entire life. We don't need too many more thread and I'd have the whole littera covered on engines all engines that have ever been.

But what can I say, it's 5.30 am and I'm desperately chugging beer for the slight sedative effect.


File: 1511323093520.jpg (317.11 KB, 1024x685, summer fashion.jpg)

They used to overheat a lot, often keeping the hood open preventively.

Also not that drunk, just typing in the dark. (Bed.)


I would say we'll still be here when you wake up, but on recent form that seems like it would be tempting fate.


Mind, here a ’wanker is a pump-action shotgun.


File: 1512682464882.jpg (980.24 KB, 1280x853, 210635.jpg)

> That overly complicated coupler

Pardon the extremely silly question but do you guys use SA-3 or the "shame-on-you-EU-this-is-21st-century-for-fuck's-sake-are-you-even-serious" coupling system after all?

Or are you in a middle of the transition (I hope so at least)? I never paid much attention to that. Sorry if you've already mentioned this.


File: 1512682833571.jpg (481.66 KB, 1280x853, 209657.jpg)

And speaking of size again, THIS is considered a small loco here. Despite it is being larger than a 4-axle KamAZ dumptruck.


File: 1512815621149.jpg (125.22 KB, 1024x680, ba8933ed79b0db213ac50a15e9….jpg)

No, new freight cars (for timber) with only chain hook have been bought to this day. Only engines have SA-3 and maybe some ore cars, ironically stuff that's most likely to be delivered in fixed rakes. I didn't manage to find a reference to pictures or which litteras even, just some vague talk there are such SA-3 cars.

The cars that are used for military trains apparently have SA-3. (like Rbnqss-v and Sdggnqss-w)

Modern DMU's and EMU's use Scharfenberg.
Helsinki tram uses Albert.

An argument which is always mentioned with SA-3 is "they have slack!"


File: 1512815789329.jpg (112.62 KB, 1024x768, f47b0d43c92e4d446d32a36674….jpg)

Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance - coupler.

Is that a "children's railway" -locomotive, by the way :D


File: 1512818440019.jpg (103.18 KB, 1140x712, sr3.jpg)

Also, the new electric "Sr3" has entered service.

Siemens Vectrons with last mile capacity.

Output 6 400 kW electric or 360 kW diesel. Top speeds: 200 km/h electric, 20 km/h diesel. Diesel range about 100 km.

This means some Sr1's will be discarded.

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